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Lindsay Lohan on Therapy

I Totally Phoned It In

10/15/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
is telling friends she did NOT blow off her court-mandated therapy sessions when she traveled to Paris last month ... insisting she talked to the shrink over the phone instead. 

Lohan says she cleared the two-week trip with her probation officer ... allowing her to travel to France for a modeling job.

Lohan claims the P.O. and her therapist BOTH gave approval for Lindsay to complete her therapy sessions over the phone ... and she did ... twice. Lohan claims each phone session lasted 45 minutes.

Lohan has been warned by Judge Sautner ... she is not allowed to miss even ONE therapy session, or her probation would be violated.

Lindsay doesn't know why anyone would argue that she didn't complete her requirements -- but she strongly believes the probation department is out to get her ... and desperately wants to make an example out of her.

We're told Lindsay "can't wait" to go to court on Wednesday to tell her side of the story.


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"Blow off"? What is that in English?

I thought TMZ was an English-language site.

1074 days ago

Lynn M    

I sure hope she got permission in writing, lol. Really, phone therapy? Mind you, she didn't say she was on a computer. It's only a half- a**ed counseling session is the therapist cannot observe Lindsay. Sounds like, once again, she is pushing the envelope. She has managed to get out of be held accountable for doing things as ordered in the past. My guess is that the judge is all bark and no bite when it comes to Lindsay. Besides, it apparently pays to have an expensive attorney. How she pays for it is beyond me.

1074 days ago


Lohan, should be thankful for professional make-up, bleached hair, dyed hair, wigs, hair extensions, photo shopped photo's. clothes she didn't steal. The paps called knowing every move and where Lohan will be. With out all the professional make-up she looks like crap. The oversized sun glasses don't cut it.

Lohan may get away again for probation violations and not have jail time or another mug shot.

Lindsay Lohan reads all of these posts, she knows the public can't stand her. Hollywood for sure. That's a giving. Her acting career has been over. Lohan is modeling. Nothing in the states. Hell she got thrown out of fashion week. She's such a big star.

Cut the crap. Lohan proove it. Per Lohan, The Probation department is out to get me. Very old.

Lindsay Lohan, proove you got a shrink. Proove you were going once a week per court ordered. Proove with reciepts dates and times that will coinside to court orderd probation. Can't.

This is always the time Lohan pulls the everyone is out to get me garbage. Proove the shrink calls from Paris, 2 weeks 2 calls 45 minutes each call. Proove it. Just another misunderstanding? Oh, the phone records prooving what Lohan says, isn't any. Right up with Lohans lost, stolen, stole, passport that never happened. There probally is no phone records. Another misundersatnding? Lindsay Lohan has alot of misunderstandings. Sure Lohan does.

According from Lohan she had permission from her shrink and probation officer to go to Paris for 2 weeks for a photo shoot. Proove the 2 calls for 45 minutes each to the shrink.

Lohan has pulled this before espically when a court date is coming up.

Lohan is caught photographed partying, wasted on a yacht. Lohan knew damn well she was to be in court the next day. She couldn't care less. Lohan expecting a private jet to get her back to LA. No one even came close. Such a big Hollywood star. So Lohan comes up with the I lost my passport, no my passport was stolen. The French police have no record simply because Lohan never reported her passport lost or stolen. Excuse for missing her court date. Lohan was working overseas. No private jet, commercial airline. Amazing, how Lohan finially goes to court and her passport was never lost or stolen. A misunderstanding. Just like when she stole the necklace, had no problem throwing her friend under the bus, who did nothing wrong. Lohan threw him under the bus to cover her ass. Lohan then blamed her so-called associate who became her stylist and blamed her for not returnig the neckless Lohan stole. Another misunderstanding.

1074 days ago


this girl is really sick!!! she is gonna die if the court doesn't do something...this is no joke..I know a lot of people don't like her but she is a life worth saving and if she can kick this once and for all we will have a GREAT actress back on screen...she is a great talent..just wasted right now!!! Don't be hateful on here...we all have issues!!

1074 days ago


wow... these people are all pethetic on here.. this chick has gone through more **** than ayone would ever go through that got charged for the same thing. anyh normal person would have been sentenced to 30 days in jail or something like that, wich audamatically gets translated to work release, wich the judge tells everyone that has court that day, that noone will go to jail unless convicted of a violent felonie or multiple dui, because of california crowded prisons and jails. and , work release programs usually will just sighn off your sentence after completing 10 percent.. and lindsy lohan has already done house arrest. and you people dont think there was any truth to the women at the red cross getting her out of there cuz of just not liking her? poor people work and the red cross, im sure they hated her, and the all that she braught with her, wich she didnt really bring, just the people that follow her everywhere and take pics of her.any normal person, unless they had commited a new crime, would not go through all of this stuff.. what the hell does it matter if she does her community service somewhere else? because of that your gonna waste our tax dollars seeing her in court or housing her in jail!? some of you people are just narrow minded or in the case of whoever wrote all thhese linday articles in the past couple days, just plain pathetic, and semms very jealous for some reason...

1074 days ago


wow.. didnt tmz just run a story of how dr. murray probably wonthave to serveany real jail time because of californias decicion to only lockup violent affenders that area risk to the public.. even though the dr.isaccused of causingsomeones death ofwho he was hired, wel.. hewashired byjackson to prettymuch be his personaldrug dealer. to get imhigh. but tmz just ran thatstory and day after daytheyrunstorys ofhow lindsey will bein HUGE trouble for not getting along with the poor people that work at the red cross.. and is that even work release? i thought she did house arrest? isnt it justthe community service hours she owes?? OH! and for while working out of town doing her court mandated councling over the phone..I wonderwhat they would be saying if she just said she couldnt do them because she was working..regular people in california in this kind of trouble dont even get talked toby probation for these kinds of things..people are so amazingly crazy. It really sounds like thesame peron haswritten these lastcouplethings abouther too, acting like lindsey is havinga twitter war with her even though shedidntmention tmz andprolly has no ideawho theperson writingitis...And all these people saying shes horrible...andthatshe is doingsobad.. is she really? cuz i seem to rememberabouta year ago this girlwas drunk evrynight fightingherex and her whole career/life crumbling. And now she looks like she has it together,shesworking, shes sober at least most ofthetime ifnotall. ahell ofalotbetter then she was.. thats what we call progress.. betterthan mostin the california court system. And trustbe.. being rich young pretty and in the VIP/famous way of life in LA it isvery easy to be tempted,i just wish people would usecommon used tobe that famous peoplewould getcut a break incourtandwithpolice. that aintright either, butnow its theopposite, they gettreated way harsher andnotlikeevryoneelse justbecause that whoever the d.a. or the posecuteror judge orwhoever knows itwillbe in media and new and is there chance to show how good of a prosecuter or howhardthey are sothey can get into higher offices.. everything isaidmight not be thecaseand I know is nottruefor places like Arizona,theyhave to serve there long rehabilitionlessjailtimein full even forthins drivingwith outalicense orhavingalittle marijuanaonthem..because theythinkjailwillhelp?? helps bring the inmates back and put eventhe least harmfullnotso bad guys right next tothe realbad guys and helpthenotsobadguysgetintothe ganglife.. Andmostimporant ofall, itensures that every correctionofficer will have a job and that deaa millions ofstate andfederalemplyes andtac dolars are needed to fight a war on drugs,just like they did with alcohol a whole 75 years ago.. and now look at alcohol... there are not to many places you can gowhere you cant buy it..our country isgoingdown down down, and were using punishment methods from the 1800s still... forviolent crimes andpeople whostealor cause harm to others than YES LOCK THEM UP< THAT IS WHAT A CELL IS FOR

1073 days ago


When The Court of Law Judges rule out a decision, you must obey by it. When the Judge orders you to go to therapy, you must appear in person. You can't turn around and tell the Judge "I did my therapy over the phone." When your court case come up let me see if you try calling the Judge that will be handling your case over the phone, instead of appearing in person. Maybe a misunderstanding on how the Judge made his ruling in your head. Why your not getting it? You can try to overcome on some situations but never try to overcome a judges orders. Now your gonna see what happens when you disobey a Judges ruling. Your not in any situation to do things your way right now that's why your standing before a Judge. The Judge is gonna make sure that you get the help you need. You still try to overcome the decision and do things your way. It just doesn't work that way. Lindsay Lohan get the help you need. You must do what you must do. You can't keep putting it off. Get The Help!

1073 days ago
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