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'Dance Moms'

Banned From Dance Competition

10/21/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The producers behind the Lifetime reality show "Dance Moms" have been banned from one of the biggest children's dance competitions in the country ... after event organizers complained about the way the event was portrayed on the show last year.

"Dance Moms" is a show about intense mothers who enter their young daughters into dance competitions ... and during Season 1, the second episode focused on a HUGE competition in Pennsylvania called StarQuest.

TMZ spoke with SQ associate producer Michael Ian Cedar who claims producers did not air the true results of the competition ... and edited the footage in a way that misled viewers into believing certain dancers were competing against each other .... when in fact they were not.


Cedar also claims "Moms" producers misled him into thinking the show was about young girls in the competitive dancing world -- not about their catty foulmouthed mothers.

Despite SQ's grievances, Cedar tells us "Moms" producers once again reached out to SQ ... hoping to feature a StarQuest event on Season 2. Cedar claims he shot down the request.

TMZ spoke with "Moms" producer Jeff Collins ... who brushed off Cedar's editing allegations as "nonsense" ... adding, "We're sorry he feels misled ... we'd love to work with StarQuest again."

Collins also insists the show has not had any problems with any of the other competitions featured on "Dance Moms" ... claiming the show has been welcomed back for Season 2 by every organization except StarQuest.


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What a bunch of big fat cow moms, Maybe they should take up dancing to lose the big gut, and leave their daughters alone. FIRST.

1100 days ago

Jeff Becker    

These little girls are so sweet and talented. Their moms range from strong willed to despicable, especiallt the teacher. It is obvious why this women never had children because there in no man alive that would help her!

1100 days ago


"claims producers did not air the true results of the competition ... and edited the footage in a way that misled viewers into believing certain dancers were competing against each other .... when in fact they were not."

Well, welcome to "reality TV". Nothing is real, except Chlamydia.

1100 days ago


every reality show is the stupid TMZ show on tv.....

1100 days ago

There's a problem here    

Flipping channels I've seen these shows where mothers exploit their children because they are usually sows or washed up high school beauties who have to live vicariously through their spawn. This dance woman is amazing. She's the size of a wild boar and has about as much class as one. Disgusting.

1100 days ago


The girls are very good dancers but other than that no one around them has any self-control. I mean, shouldn't the dance teacher have some control over her eating habits and not get as big as she is? And the moms are just ridiculous. Hopefully these girls won't end up like Lindsay Lohan but I don't feel too good about it.

1100 days ago


The "dance" teacher should try a little dancing herself. What a fat cow. And arrogant on top of that.

1100 days ago

sweet sue with an attitude    

Thank God Starquest stood up for these young girls. Lifetime TV should be charged with exploitation of children and the moms and dance teachers should be charged with child abuse. Horrible show! I will never watch Lifetime again! I expected more from them.

1100 days ago


Absolutely hate this show.The dance instructor is a bitch, and the mothers really suck at being Moms. Bring back the Roseanne show 'Nuts' Much more entertaining, and always good for a laugh...and who couldn't use that these days?

1100 days ago


I was at a Starquest competition they filmed at last year. I can tell you that the large majority of the dancers there are serious and although the girls the film crew were following were good at dance they stuck out like sore thumbs due to their young age and their provocative attire. My 9 year old still talks about their 'bra tops'. No other dancers dressed like this. Additionally the moms were like Amazons. Completely overdressed, over made up and overly bitchy. The dance competitions are not portrayed as they are. Additionally, many of the segments with the dancers are staged by the film crew. We made sure to stay as far away from them as we could as I did not want my daughter portrayed in a negative or untrue fashion. Shame on these moms for exploiting their kids and kudos to Starquest. May we have our dance competition without them this year!!!

1100 days ago


David, not ONE of the featured moms is overweight. If you are referring to the lady in the picture, that is the dance company director, Abby Lee Miller. She's an awesome dance instructor.

1100 days ago


I wish all of the other "competitions" would follow suit, and not let them film, then that would be the end of that crappy show.

1100 days ago


Good for Starquest!! I was at that dance competition with my students and it was not portrayed correctly on the show Dance moms. We also received notification of the show being filmed at the competition and it was definitely not what Starquest thought it was going to be!!

1100 days ago


I would still love to know how this obese woman teaches anyone to dance.

1100 days ago


The instructor is a fat pig and the moms should be arrested for what they say in front of their children. You are all hags and are pathetic POS people and AWFUL mothers. Take this garage off the air.

1100 days ago
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