Abby Lee Miller Clarifies High School Crush Comment

Sofia with an F

3:49 PM PT -- Abby Lee Miller just took to Instagram in an attempt to clear the air on her comments ... saying she likes jocks, always has and always will. She also says her kinda guy must be able to go out to clubs, party in Vegas, rent ADA-accessible vans and have a bank and business of their own.

Instagram / @therealabbylee

Obviously, she doesn't flat-out say it, but those are all qualities high schoolers just can't possess. Abby again highlights "All the Right Moves" where Tom Cruise plays a high school student, and mentions her own high school reunion is coming up soon.


Abby says she hopes the high school hunk from her days will attend the reunion, but if not ... she'll settle for Tom Brady.

Abby Lee Miller went on a bizarre tangent, claiming she's got a thing for high school football players in an interview that's raising plenty of eyebrows online.

57-year-old Abby took the odd stance on a recent episode of Sofia Franklyn's "Sofia with an F" podcast. At the very end of the show, the 2 started talking about Tom Cruise, causing Abby to bring up his 1983 flick, "All the Right Moves" about a HS football star.

Abby says those guys are her "downfall," claiming she's still into high school dudes today. Already a little odd, but Sofia notes that she's more into the coaches. Would be a great place to drop the conversation, right?

Well, Abby doubles down -- saying she isn't talkin' about guys that used to be in high school ... she means ones that are currently still in school.

It's a pretty wild thing to say, especially considering her former reality series, "Dance Moms," was all about running a studio full of kids ... and as you can imagine, she's been getting burnt online.

Many have been pointing out the obviously disgusting implications of her comment ... one person even pointed out, "The fact that she went back and clarified is crazy."

BTW, Abby's new show, "Mad House," begins airing at the end of September -- a series that takes young adult dancers and pins them against each other in the hopes of making it onto her team.

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Abby Lee Miller es criticada tras dichos Hacia los futbolistas universitarios

ellos son mi debilidad
Sofia with an F

Abby Lee Miller se fue por la tangente afirmando que se siente atraída hacia los jugadores de fútbol de la escuela secundaria en una entrevista que está levantando muchas cejas en línea.

Abby, de 57 años, adoptó esta extraña postura en un reciente episodio del podcast de Sofia Franklyn "Sofia with an F". Al final del programa, ambas empezaron a hablar de Tom Cruise, lo que provocó que Abby mencionara su película de 1983 "All the Right Moves", sobre una estrella de fútbol americano.

Abby dice que esos muchachos son su "perdición", afirmando que todavía le gustan los chicos de instituto. Todo es un poco raro, pero Sofía dice que le gustan más los entrenadores. Este era el mejor momento para finalizar la conversación ¿verdad?

Bueno, Abby redobla la apuesta y dice que no está hablando de los chicos que solían estar en el instituto, más bien se refiere a los que todavía están en la escuela.

Es una cosa bastante inadecuada para decir, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta su antigua serie de realidad, "Dance Moms", que era acerca de la gestión de un estudio lleno de niños... como pueden imaginar, las criticas en redes sociales no se han hecho esperar.

Muchos han señalado las implicaciones obviamente repugnantes de su comentario, una persona incluso señaló: "El hecho de que ella volviera atrás y remarcara su postura es una locura."

Por cierto, el nuevo programa de Abby, "Mad House", comenzará a emitirse a finales de septiembre. Será una serie que tomará a bailarines de mediana edad y los enfrentará entre sí con la esperanza de entrar a un equipo.

Guess Who This Minnie Mouse Turned Into!

Before this cutie pie with space buns turned into a dancer and YouTuber, she was just decking herself out in Minnie Mouse attire, going to dance practice and growing up with her older bro, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Most notably recognized for her side pony and hair bows, this famous 20-year-old first showcased her dance moves on "Dance Moms," and years later it would come as no surprise she placed in the top 2 on "Dancing With The Stars." She's also released a couple of songs ... one being "Boomerang."

Need one more clue? North West on her YouTube channel!

Can you guess who she is?

JoJo Siwa Home Ransacked Suspects on the Loose

JoJo Siwa's swanky home was the subject of a terrifying break-in ... and those allegedly responsible are still on the loose as cops work to track them down.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officers responded to a call around 2:40 AM Monday from an alarm company about the break-in at JoJo's San Fernando Valley home -- but by the time they arrived, the suspects had already taken off.

We're told cops found an open door at the property, which is believed to be what they used to get into JoJo's house.

The total value amount of what was taken is still unclear, as sources say no one was home at the time -- we're told investigators are still waiting to hear from JoJo on what's missing.

The dancer shared the scary incident with her fans Tuesday, claiming the alleged suspects were armed when they got in. Police didn't confirm with us if the suspects had weapons.

Snapchat / @itsjojosiwa

She also showed some footage of the suspects, saying it "makes me sick to watch." Luckily, she adds no one was hurt, including her dogs.

Abby Lee Miller Auctioning Off 'Dance Mom' Items Come Get What's Left!!!

Abby Lee Miller is getting rid of her final ties to the "Dance Moms" franchise ... auctioning off a ton of memorabilia from the series on the heels of selling her famous dance studio.

The "Dance Moms" maven is teaming up with The Clean Out Krew to auction off iconic items from her hit reality series. She announced it was simply time to close out the chapter, as she expands all over the world.

And, there's some really cool stuff up for grabs, like Abby's infamous bench ... given to her by Kendall's mom in season 2. Its starting bid is $1,000!

Some of the other items include ... Abby's necklace and silver scepter used in promotional pictures for Season 8, her chalkboard from season 2 and the Broadway Baby's sign ... prominently displayed in several seasons.

Of course, this all comes after Abby sold her Pennsylvania dance studio for $300k back in December. Right after that, she listed her house in Davenport, FL for just under $400K.

Ya can spend way less, and score some sweet gear when the auction begins Friday, Jan 26 and bidding will be open till February 8.

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Proceeds will benefit Dancers Against Cancer.

Abby Lee Miller I Got a Deal for Ya in Florida!!!

Abby Lee Miller is all about making big changes these days ... she's putting her home up for sale on the heels of unloading her iconic dance studio.

TMZ has confirmed the "Dance Moms" maven listed her house in Davenport, FL this week, and she's hoping to get at least $399k for it.

The 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom pad has some charming features ... including a pool, a 2-person bathtub in the master bedroom and 2 living rooms.

It's inside a gated community that offers amenities like a clubhouse and tennis courts.

Of course, what's most important in real estate is location, location, location -- and Abby's crib has that covered, especially for buyers with kids. It's in close proximity to central Florida's famous theme parks.

We're told the home is only 20 minutes to Disney World, and 30 mins from SeaWorld and Universal Orlando.

The listing comes just after she sold her famous Pennsylvania dance studio for $300k in December ... ending an era for her Abby Lee Dance Company.

Fans will remember the studio from the hit reality series "Dance Moms" ... which Abby shot there from 2011 to 2017.

La Rosa Realty broker Efreen Garcia Rodriguez and the property manager Carmen Rowe hold the listing.

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!

Don't let these two nearly synchronized images of "America's Got Talent" coach JoJo Siwa throw off your mojo. In order for the golden buzzer to go off, you must quickstep your way to nailing the changes in these two shots.

The pro dancer recently grabbed some Starbucks to-go before heading to the 'AGT' studios, and of course she was rockin' her group, XOMG POP, on a bedazzled tee. So, go ahead and grab your cup of Jo and see if you can capture the differences in these two similar snaps.

**HINT: There are THREE differences in the above JoJo Siwa photos!**

Abby Lee Miller Crushed Maddie Z. 'At Peace' without Her ... 'We Became Family'


6:46 AM PT -- Abby posted a Youtube video detailing her relationship with Maddie. In the video, Abby says she put her job on the line to help Maddie be apart of the Sia "Chandelier" video.


Abby Lee Miller is devastated Maddie Ziegler says her life and career are going just fine without Abby's involvement.

The "Dance Moms" maven tells TMZ ... unfortunately, relationships don’t always last and it breaks her heart. She says, she and Maddie made beautiful art together that was captured on camera for all the world to see.

Abby says, "Spending hours, days, weeks and years together in a crazy reality TV show environment, we became like family."

ICYMI, the dancer turned actress finally spoke out about her strained relationship with Abby. In an interview, she said she hadn't talked to her former coach since leaving "Dance Moms" back in 2016 -- and added, she's "at peace" without their relationship and the show ... which she called a toxic environment.

Clearly, it's a hard pill for Abby to swallow. Abby tells us, she's proud of all her students' accomplishments, but ... "Sadly, it’s always the ones you do the most for that kick you in the can-can."

Despite that jab, the former coach wasn't shy about singing Maddie's praises, calling her a "perfectionist." Abby also says, Maddie "paid attention to everyone else’s corrections, she wanted to be good, she got it and I thought she got me too."

Guess time doesn't heal all wounds. 😕

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Abby Lee Miller Sues Your Door Pinned Me in Wheelchair!!! Goes After Hampton Inn for Millions

Abby Lee Miller endured a painful nightmare when a hotel door fell over on her, crushing her for nearly a dozen minutes ... according to the lawsuit she just filed.

The "Dance Moms" maven says she was staying at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Santa Monica back in August 2020 when she wheeled herself into the bathroom of her room. Remember, Abby's been in a wheelchair since 2018 due to her lymphoma battle.

In docs obtained by TMZ, Abby says she was leaving the bathroom when her back left wheel got caught under the sliding bathroom door -- and when she attempted to free herself, the more than 300-pound door came crashing down. She says she was pinned in her wheelchair and trapped in the doorway for 6 to 12 minutes.

According to the suit, Abby screamed for help until 2 hotel staffers came to lift the door off of her. She was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, and Abby says she's still going through physical therapy for the injuries she suffered to her head and shoulder.

The alleged falling door would've been more than enough trauma, but in the docs, Abby says she endured other hardships during an extended stay from March to October 2020. For instance, she claims the laundry room was not accessible to wheelchairs, her hallway was often blocked by housekeeping carts ... and she was unable to open doors to the pool or gym areas, presumably due to her disability.

Abby is suing the hotel's parent corporation for negligence, emotional distress, discrimination and false imprisonment ... and she's seeking compensation of at least $8.5 million.

We've reached out to Hampton Inn & Suites, but no word back yet.

Abby Lee Miller I Love Britney ... Just Wanna Help!!!


Abby Lee Miller says her dancing tip for Britney Spears was well-intentioned, and she thinks Brit would understand ... and Abby's offering more advice if she wants it!

The "Dance Moms" star tells TMZ ... she loves Britney and just wants her to be her best, which is why she critiqued the singer's video with "Close your rib cage!" ... a recommendation she says is pretty basic stuff in the dance world.

Abby explains she had much more to share, but decided to keep it simple because she knows Britney's going through a lot ... but she couldn't resist trying to help her a little bit.

Of course, Brit's fans didn't see it that way and went after Abby for her unsolicited advice ... but she insists she meant no harm.

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In fact, Abby says she might reach out to Britney privately to offer more guidance ... or if Britney's interested, her dance door is open.

Britney Spears IG Dance Form Shots Fired!!! Abby Lee Miller Talks Smack

Britney Spears is now the target of one of the harshest dance critics in the world ... Abby Lee Miller.

As you know, Britney posts lots of Instagram videos of herself dancing, but a clip she put up Thursday crossed the line ... at least it did for Abby, who couldn't hold her tongue, and commented, "Close your rib cage!"

The real shocker here? Plenty of people seemed to agree with Abby ... but yeah, lots more are defending Brit and coming for ALM.

For what it's worth, a closed rib cage is said to help dancers with movement, making transitions more fluid and with less effort.

While her approach in critiquing Britney might've been off ... it's hard to argue with Abby Lee's success when it comes to producing dance talent. Miller was certified by Dance Masters of America in the '80s and opened her own studio which later became "Dance Moms" ... which, of course, gave us JoJo Siwa and Maddie Ziegler.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Britney hasn't responded to Abby's comment ... but we'll see if she takes it into consideration during her next dance video.

'Dance Moms' Dancer Arrested for Sexual Battery On Underage Students

A dancer who once appeared on "Dance Moms" has been arrested for sexual battery on 2 of his underage students.

25-year-old Kevin Cosculluela was arrested on multiple counts of sexual misconduct last week in Orange County, FL ... including sexual activity with a 16 or 17-year-old child. He's also facing charges of solicitation of a minor and lewd and lascivious conduct.

According to the arrest warrant, the guy allegedly abused 2 underage dance students in 2020, one of whom he's accused of engaging in oral sex ... and allegedly exchanging nude photos with the other.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, cops say the alleged victims met Cosculluela at a dance studio called Peaches Dance and Music in Orlando -- where they claim he took them under his wing for private lessons.

Police say one of the girls claims things escalated between them -- they started talking more, and eventually moved things over to Snapchat. The girl claims he got her to his apartment and talked her into performing oral sex. She claims that happened twice.

The other alleged victim says things never got physically sexual with Cosculluela -- but does allege he solicited nudes from her, and that one time ... he got on top of her while they were clothed on his bed.

Both alleged victims claim he would become angry and verbally abusive whenever they refused his demands, and they were afraid of him.

Cosculluela was booked and processed Friday and entered not guilty pleas.

JoJo Siwa Comes Out ... Confirms She's in LGBTQ+ community

this is me

Child star JoJo Siwa just confirmed she's part of the LGBTQ+ community -- but isn't quite ready to label herself with a letter just yet.

The former 'Dance Moms' star published a lengthy video Saturday, which pretty much hit the point home that she had, in fact, come out after much speculation these past few days. She says she's gotten tons of support, and has never been happier in her life to be her true self.

At one point, one of JoJo's fans asks how she identifies in terms of sexual orientation ... and she says she doesn't know yet. That's interesting to note, because everyone assumed she'd come out as gay ... mostly due to her own wardrobe, which literally had the word printed on.

JoJo showed off a shirt she received the other day, which reads ... BEST. GAY. COUSIN. EVER. Many took that as signaling, not to mention her lip-syncing to Gaga's "Born This Way."

It's a big deal, BTW. JoJo -- who's 17 years old -- has a massive audience with kids, so this is gonna reach them in some shape or form. Many think it'll help children be more comfortable with owning their sexuality, since one of their on-screen heroes now has.


Abby Lee Miller Prison Tip for Felicity? Befriend Inmates, Beware Guards!!!


Abby Lee Miller's spent enough time behind bars to write a celeb prison survival guide -- so Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin might wanna pay close attention here.

Abby was on "TMZ Live" Monday for the first time since she was sentenced to 1 year in prison after her conviction for bankruptcy fraud. She got out in March 2018 after serving 8 months ... so we asked her what Felicity -- who already pled guilty -- should expect on the inside.

Check out the vid ... Abby admits being a celebrity had its benefits for her -- and says inmates ate up her Hollywood stories, and she suspects they'd do the same for Felicity.

The downside of fame while in prison? Abby says it's the corrections officers, and it's a major downside ... based on her experience. Watch, you have to see her vivid description of one particular run-in.

As you know, prosecutors want Felicity -- and also Lori, if she's convicted -- to do hard time for their role in the college admissions scandal. Of course, it's not like either woman would end up in a maximum security prison.

Then again ... neither was Abby, and her experience is memorable, to say the least.

Abby Lee Miller Let's Roll ... I'm Kicking Cancer's Ass!!!

Abby Lee Miller's not letting her battle with cancer slow her down ... or keep her cooped up inside.

The "Dance Moms" star got some fresh air outside her rehabilitation center on a hot summer day in L.A. Tuesday. She recently completed her fifth round of chemotherapy to treat Burkitt lymphoma ... which she was diagnosed with in April.

Abby's not been shy about keeping fans posted on her progress, either ... including recovery updates and photos from her back surgeries.

She's also revealed she's due for 6 cycles of chemo to fight the rare form of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma ... so she's approaching the finish line.

Keep it up, Abby!!

Ex-'Dance Moms' Star Soap Opera Acting Pays My Bills Now

Former "Dance Moms" star Nia Sioux's crossover into scripted TV on "The Bold and the Beautiful" is keeping her pockets deep now that she's no longer on the dance competition reality show.

We got ahold of her minor's contract for the soap opera and Nia, who's 16, is making $2,500 per episode. She's already appeared in 6 episodes this year.

Unclear how long her story arc will run but, if she does return next season, her rate goes up to $2,800.

She's no stranger to the camera, having appeared on 7 seasons of "Dance Moms." TV experience aside, she still only gets 2 weeks vacation, according to her contract. Just like the rest of us.

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