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'Dance Moms'

Banned From Dance Competition

10/21/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The producers behind the Lifetime reality show "Dance Moms" have been banned from one of the biggest children's dance competitions in the country ... after event organizers complained about the way the event was portrayed on the show last year.

"Dance Moms" is a show about intense mothers who enter their young daughters into dance competitions ... and during Season 1, the second episode focused on a HUGE competition in Pennsylvania called StarQuest.

TMZ spoke with SQ associate producer Michael Ian Cedar who claims producers did not air the true results of the competition ... and edited the footage in a way that misled viewers into believing certain dancers were competing against each other .... when in fact they were not.


Cedar also claims "Moms" producers misled him into thinking the show was about young girls in the competitive dancing world -- not about their catty foulmouthed mothers.

Despite SQ's grievances, Cedar tells us "Moms" producers once again reached out to SQ ... hoping to feature a StarQuest event on Season 2. Cedar claims he shot down the request.

TMZ spoke with "Moms" producer Jeff Collins ... who brushed off Cedar's editing allegations as "nonsense" ... adding, "We're sorry he feels misled ... we'd love to work with StarQuest again."

Collins also insists the show has not had any problems with any of the other competitions featured on "Dance Moms" ... claiming the show has been welcomed back for Season 2 by every organization except StarQuest.


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somebody please call CPS (child protective services) on these mom's and this dance teacher! I have been a studio owner, artistic director of a children's youth dance company, and now a preschool director and under no cir***stances should a dance teacher or mother treat their children in such a fashion. Even though the mother's say they are fed up with Abby Lee, even though they 'stand up' to Abby Lee, they still send their children to her for training week after week, day after day. I have no doubts that Abby Lee produces good dancers and performers, but there is no need to go about it the way she is. Our studio probably only trained 100 or so dancers seriously, meaning we had more dancers but only 100 over 10 years actually 'trained' for dancing ... and ... approximately 10 - 20% of them are still 'in the business'; from Broadway shows to an artistic director of a major ballet company to a simply neighborhood dance teacher ... and not once did we ever belittle our dancers!!!! Beyond the former dancers who are working 'in the business', all of our dancers are successful with their chosen careers and lives. I contribute this to the positive influence our dance instructors had over our dancers. I'll sum this comment up by saying ... Way to go STAR QUEST... I knew there was a reason we always enjoyed your competitions ...

935 days ago

Patrice Beck    

I have only one thing to say about the Dance Mom's show...So much talk about bullying these days RIGHT? This show is the worse kind of bullying by the teacher Abbey Lee!! These are very young girls and the verbal abuse from this teacher could ruin these girls permanently. It is child abuse!! The mother's that allow this are just as guilty! Take your little girls out of the Abbey Lee Dance Company and let them be little girls. What's wrong with you people???

935 days ago


Good for StarQuest!!!!

932 days ago


It sound to me like a lot of jealous people who can't compete with Abby lees girls .Why is that when a female sport does good we can do nothing expect find ways to complain about I see shows about football teams all the time where players are yelled at and we just say that's football why is it that girls sports are treated this way

927 days ago

Glenda Willis Allen    

I have totally fallen in love with these girls. I love the mothers as well. Kelly , Holly and Christy are awesome mothers as well. I can't wait from one week til the next to see them. I am so proud of the progress they have made, sunshine

921 days ago


It is OBVIOUS that this show is staged and exaggerated for the benefit of reality tv. I understand from a competition directors viewpoint of wanting to avoid it. I do not think, though that StarQuest was presented in a bad light in this show.

920 days ago


The producers are lying through their teeth about not being banned from other competitions. If you check out the Cancel Dance Moms facebook page there is a list of all the competitions that have banned them from coming. They even had a fake competition under the fire & ice logo in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago because they didn't have anywhere to go. The show is a disgrace to the competitive dance industry and if they run out of competitions that will accept them maybe it'll get that train wreck of a show off the air.

920 days ago


I saw this flipping through the channelsand am apalled at the sheer repugnancy of these women. The dance instructor may be large, but she sure is smart.If anybody besides these kids is being exploited, it's the money being made off of these psychotic, ugly, (well, the black dance mom isn't half-bad), wanna-be somebody, washed out, blown-out hags. Hey "Dance Moms"! There's a place you can go to spend thousands of $$ be heard AND the center of attention-It's called a therapist's office! Why do TV stations air this crap? Usually, when you encounter an absolutely insufferable and repugnant women, if you're smart-you run. Thise dolts at Lifetime thought this type of sheer idiocy needed a national platform? I think a better idea for a show would be to tape what these women's husbandsare doing-if any of the poor men out there actually are married to any of these 'things'. I've seen more class at 3am in the Hill District on the 29th of the month! Ugh!

915 days ago

k sharkey    

I find it disturbing that so many people here are making cracks about Abby Miller's weight. Surely as a society we can get past judging people by their appearance. Isn't that a lesson we should teach children? If you are so concerned about children being abused or exploited, why not be concerned about what they are learning about mockery and being superficial. To answer the comment of the person who wondered how Abby would be able to teach dance, I've worked with many choreographers who were large. It's not their ability to dance, it's their ability to concieve the dance and coach the dancers. Do you think every football coach can still play along with his players? Personally, I love Abby. She doesn't coddle the kids and she's teaching them life skills about how to make it professionally. The world won't coddle them either.

913 days ago


i cant help but think that tis show is not reality. the girls are amazing dancers, but it seems so fake, well i hope it is, these moms are unreal, they cant actually behave like that in real life! what about "its all about having fun", might try to teach these girls this, definatly way over the top

912 days ago

Denise Ilaria    

I just saw that hippo teacher with a white dog... Forget her big mouth and insults to kids...she should have that dog taken from her it's tears and face were so dirty on tv...she should pay more attention to the poor dog.

893 days ago


ALM is not a teacher, nor is she a choreographer. If you watched and listened closely to the one show the girl Gianna taught and choreographed Kendall's number. Also, don't buy her baloney that the dance Kendall did was her choreography and her costume and she couldn't do anything about it. Dance teachers have the right to limit when and where you can do their choreography and can sue and Kendall would have been eliminated if she had notified the competition she used choreography she was not entitled to use and could prove it. The world of dance competition is hard enough without someone like her and these parents involved. She has lost her membership in Dance Masters because of the negative light she has put on the dance community. Most reputable teachers and studios do not want to be compared to her or put in the same breath, very sad what she has done to the dance world. These kids would be so much better off without her. Also, dance studios have rules about attire, and I have never seen a stuido where the students dress and wear their hair like these kids, especially in ballet class. Most reputable teachers want solid color "leotards", tights, and their hair secured in buns; but wait these kids don't ever take technique classes they just learn new competition dances every week but she is not making competition kids, she is making employable dancers. Yeah what a joke.

891 days ago


I LOVE DANCE MOMS!!! I think that maddie is an amazing dancer and she is my favorite! CANT WAIT FOR TONIGHT'S EPISODE!!

879 days ago


You have got to be kidding me. These poor little girls were exploited beyond belief. The moms are a very poor excuse for mentoring/coaching. Abbey Lee was an absolute abomination. Her breakdown shows that she should not be a teacher, coach or mentor. Anyone who teaches by calling competitors awful names in front of the children should be banned from teaching young girls. Cathy from Candy Apples is also a very poor excuse for setting good examples.

872 days ago

Kelli Kampff    

Reading I am FLABERGASTED at you nasty nasty people! Picking on Abby Lee because of her weight????? HUH?????? Is that what is wrong with the show? Cows....Sows...... You have shown absolutly NO HUMANITY WHATSOEVER! Karma is a bit**....and I hope and pray you NEVER have a fat grandchild or child or ANYTHING.There should be laws and people who speak 'trash' about others are 'TRASH' themselves.And of course she can teach.....she KNOWS the moves...the girls know the moves...the only stupid one is the idiot who made the remark'How can a fat cow teach dance' Your worse than a MORON!

871 days ago
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