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Powerful Catholic Org.

Slams Susan Sarandon

You're Ignorant and Obscene

10/17/2011 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The largest Catholic civil rights organization in the United States is lashing out at Susan Sarandon for referring to Pope Benedict as a "Nazi" this weekend -- calling the comment, "positively obscene."

TMZ spoke with Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, who told us, "Susan Sarandon's quip about Pope Benedict XVI being a 'Nazi' bespeaks unparalleled ignorance."

Donohue adds, "Joseph Ratzinger (the pope) was conscripted into the Nazi Youth the way every other 14-year-old German boy was at the time. Unlike most others, he not only refused to go to the compulsory meetings -- he actually deserted the Hitler Youth! Which is precisely why Jews today regard him as a friend, not as an enemy."

"In short, what Sarandon said is positively obscene."

So we gotta ask ...


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As a young man he went through the Nazi Youth Crop! Of course he is a nazi. You don't recover from brain washing like that!

1069 days ago


@boomer: Hell does's having to sit through a Susan Sarandon/Sean Penn movie.

1069 days ago

fioo hoos    

hollywood is full of plastic fake faiths and for the fake hollywood bitty group to be the voice of the americas is goinfg 2b a FN raocka road for ourt troops and DOD.Like 1billion of 1% trying22 bossa nova the rest of the world is DOA SOS carzy.The smallest guy in the bar walks up to the biggest guys in the bar and says I`am kick yourt tasses forever and always DREAM WORLD antics tic tic tic MADD vs MADD boom boom boom,Smit yea defend Dah JJ`s but bb smamrt bout itOTAH?

1069 days ago


Funny Hank Williams Jr. loses his job over a Hitler remark, yet, she is cheered for saying this about "THE POPE", hope she never works again!

1069 days ago


He was in the Nazi youth but didn't inhale

1069 days ago


The church was wrong with everything they did but that doesn't make Susan's comment ok. Just another big mouth liberal thinking people care about their stupid opinions on anything. Didn't Hank Jr just loose his job over comments like this I really wish she would never make another movie they all suck anyway. Susan you're an old bag nobody care what you think just do us a favor and go away.

1069 days ago


This is what good ol' Billy said about the Priest Sexual Abuse scandals.
"The vast majority of the victims are post-pubescent. That's not paedophilia, buddy. That's homosexuality."

1069 days ago


Susan Sarandon probably thinks ALL Germans are Nazis. Your nationality is an accident of birth and I'm not going to blame a 14-year-old for doing what was required by law at the time. Hitler was clever in that he took kids at that age, when they want to be with their peers and break away from their family, and attempt to brainwash them into his twisted philosophy. Castro does the same thing. It looks like the current Pope didn't buy what they were selling and I don't consider him a Nazi at all.

1069 days ago


@ Steve, that would be an interesting statistic. Care to show where you are getting that statistic?

1069 days ago


Susan you may be a celebrity and you may think you can just say whatever because you are. Fine I get it you don't agree with the Catholic point of view...but for being such a liberal celebrity where you just have all these beliefs of love and oneness, you are sure quick to slam others. I am part of a large population of catholics in the U.S. You have offended alot of people both here and abroad.

1069 days ago


I am so completely disgusted with the anti-catholic retoric that is being spewed here. If any of these statement were being mace against any other group Hollywood would be going crazy. This is such hypocosy. Yes some priest were pediphiles and yes some in the churh coveered it up. That is completely wrong and unacceptable. But the churh has done so much good an is so much wrong that its worst moment. But htat is all these ignorant fools cn say. THe church stands up for killers on death row and illegal immigrants but no one gives the church credit for that. I am a Catholic and proud of it. there are pediphiles everyhwere and many people not just the church have covered for them including wivesd, mothers and fathers. Hollywood are you arfraid of the church ? Or is it you can not sand anyone who thinks there is someone bigger and better than your ego like a GOD whether he or she is catholic or jewish or Muslim. What is next for Saradon. sluring other religons with her bigotted ignorance. TMZ this is above you . Take a stand and say this is anti catholic Or do you only take the side of only some and not others. So some deserve your protection andrespect not others. Now that sounds like the principles of Nazism.

1069 days ago

A J    

So, a person who was a member of the Hitler Youth (for whatever reason) and then fought in uniform under Hitler for two years can't be called a Nazi? Why exactly not? He may not have believed in Nazi idealogy, but he certainly was part of supporting it.

1069 days ago


It looks like 25% of the people who who have taken this poll are just as ignorant as Susan Sarandon.

1069 days ago


I don't believe Sarandon meant nazi in the literal sense, I believe she was referring to his narrow minded world views and condemnation of gay people. The man is, in fact, a hate monger. The fact that he belonged to Hitler youth is, I suspect, just a coincidence and quite beside the point.

1069 days ago


Even her own mother knows how ignorant SS is cause she keeps telling her to shut up.

1069 days ago
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