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MJ's 13-Year-old Daughter

RECRUITED by Lingerie Football League

10/19/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's 13-year-old football playing daughter is being recruited to be the face of an organization that swears it's helping break down barriers for women ... problem is, it's the Lingerie Football League.

TMZ has learned ... the LFL took notice when Paris Jackson became the first female in her L.A. private school to join the flag football team earlier this month ... and fired off a letter to the MJ Estate in the hopes PJ would be the spokesperson for the league's "youth program."

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, LFL Commissioner Mitchell S. Mortaza acknowledges a "lack of options for competitive female football" ... and says the league will "be introducing youth clinics across the country to introduce the game of football to young ladies at an earlier stage in life."

Mortaza adds, "We ... would like to invite Paris to become the spokesperson for the LFL's youth program and perhaps start training for a future football career in the LFL when she reaches the age of 18."

LFL officials tell us no one in the youth program will wear lingerie.

Mitchell makes a good point about the lack of football options for girls, but is a league that parades adult women around in their underwear really the right fit for mentoring KIDS????

We gotta ask ...

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@Alex I agree, I also think she should give this whole football (LFL) thing a shot, I mean why not? If she likes it, and does the job well!And it is not an adault porn industry, this was something they started on the freaking MTV people, who majority who watch would probally be about 13-24... besides they said this would not be in her cards till she is 18 anyways...

1102 days ago


Gross. That is all.

1102 days ago


I checked out a couple of games just to see how sexy the players were. However, when they played they were really playing football. Sure, the play action was not as polished as when boys play but even though scantily dressed the pads were really and the women were serious about the game. It looked like the players were good enough take on some high school teams and maybe even some small college teams. The NFL should take notice of the inclusion of girls into football if they want to increase audience if not actual participation of women into the sport. Someday there will be a woman who joins a pro football team in the near future.

1102 days ago


I wonder who really are the parents of this young lady..she is pretty and looks nothing like a Jackson.....anyone care to speculate? I think she favors Madonna a little...hmmmm

1102 days ago


This is ridiculous and as normal for Mitch Mortaza to try to grab any promotional advantages that he can..Not only is this not for GIRLS per say but for only a selecet group of hot, sexy girls..80% of the players are hot and sexy and the 20% pass to get his credibility that is is about football. No one likes to watch fat women BUT honest most are cut even with a tad of fat and no tanning and toning..Last I heard tanning was bad for you but it is required for this league. what a shame..this is about SEX not about football...LFL sells sex and SEX SELLS but please dont bring a 13 years old into the mix..Feb issue Playboy 2011

1102 days ago


Completely degrading and inappropriate.

1102 days ago

Tim in SanBerdoo    

There are too many narrow minded people in this world. IMO, I see no problem with them offering a popular young woman an opportunity to help further female sports. All they are going to have her do is help promote female teen flag football leagues. It has absolutely nothing to do with young teens wearing panties and bras. They would wear the same types of uniforms that they would at their middle/high schools. People here need to get their heads out of the gutter and start opening their minds a bit.

1102 days ago


What the hell TMZ can kids be kids for a while, my 13 year old still likes to wear regular pajamas sometimes the one piece with the footsies, leave this child alone...

1102 days ago


sounds absolutely crazy.... but Aunt Latoya might approve

1102 days ago


Why would LaToya approve?

1102 days ago


omg they are sick you dont ask a 13 year old girsl to talkt to people to say football is good in lingerie those people are crazy how dare they to ask it or ever think about it sick its sick and i will not happend NEVER.

1102 days ago


This is sick and wrong please shut those perverts down that crossed the pedophile line. Cant you horny pigs let our daughters get through their teenage years without offers for sex based carrears? You bastards. Vile disgusting bastards. **** football lingere shut that **** down. **** Rihanna and all you other sluts on stage that need to sell your bodies cus you dont have talent. And Rihanna says im not a role model...no but us old cougars sure as hell dont listen to your **** its our daughters your marketing to. I cover my cleavage...cus covering my tits is the only way left to rebell. Everyone else is naked. Enough already we've produced enough porn to keep shakespears room full of monkeys wanking in front of their typewriters for a hundred thousand years. Can we raise our daughters generation...to be something other then low grade prostitutes here in the age of technology?

1101 days ago


A little premature don’t you think? Besides her last name alone will provide her with plenty of
Opportunities regardless of her talent or lack thereof.

1101 days ago


The LFL will be a hell of a lot better environment than the Jackson household. Any reason to get away from those parasites and interact with honest, decent folks can't help but be a positive experience.

1101 days ago


Mitch?? haha Hell no. His real name is Mushtaba and he's an Afghan who grew up in Virginia. Dude has to change his name to make it in this Hollywood sex business. TMZ should do their research.

1101 days ago
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