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Studio 54

Reopens for One Night,

Old People Flock in Droves

10/19/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone who was anyone hit Studio 54 in NYC last night for a special ONE NIGHT reopening of the club that defined the '70s ... athletes (retired), porn stars (retired), rockers (ok, still awesome).

With stars like Keith Richards, Susan Lucci and Clive Davis ... the only white stuff on the tables this time around was probably metamucil.

The event was sponsored by Sirius XM Radio -- and everyone who rolled in and out of the place told us the party kicked ass.

Check out the photos -- looked pretty fun.


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Those "old people" could party you under the table. So why dont you snot nosed kids take your beer pong and special K and go jump off a pharmaceutical bridge.

1101 days ago


There are very few times that one gets to relive their past, that is unless you are Shirley Maclaine. Let’s just say that last night was a reboot of my youth when I was one of the original club kids at Studio 54

1101 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

What a time that must have been. Watch the "Behind the Music" do***entary (bots set up by the tmz idiots probably censored that) on Studio 54. Very cool. More of a communal feeling than now. And even disco sounds better than the obnoxious vaccuous 'house' crap that pukes out of the speakers of today's clubs.

1101 days ago


Chase, you poor misguided child. "Old people" are having more fun than young people these days --- and have a hell of a lot more money!

Joke's on YOU.

1101 days ago

Lynn White    

Went there several times in the early 1980's. It was always a blast. Must have been a great night when it re-opened with a whole bunch of memories.

1101 days ago

The Love Sponge    

OMG! That's when you had homosexuality and cocaine. It was the sign of the end times back then. HA HA

1101 days ago

Ken DiIulio    

Please tell Harvy that my BFF is BFF with Patty Herst and she knows how highely he speeks of her!! so if he would like to have a chat with her I think I can make it happen!!
I love your show and have you on my DVR every night.Ken D. DiIulio

1101 days ago

Stephanie Zellhoefer    

I was there, it was magic, the walls were talking, dancing and singing. Here's to opening the girl for good!

1101 days ago


meth inks that coke is so over

1101 days ago


Disappointed in your coverage, TMZ. I know these pics don't represent patronage "back in the day". Lame.

1101 days ago


Real funny sh*t on "old" people, tmz. But let me get this straight, Harvey is actually calling somebody else old? Really??? Now that is funny! By the way, Harv, those were the days when people actually had talent, unlike you and your bunch of slackers and the reality bunch you love.

1101 days ago

Ken DiIulio    

Please tell Harvy that Patty Hearst knows how highly he speaks of her!My BFF is BFF with Patty if he would like to chat with her or mabe lunch I think I can make it happen! I love your show and DVR it every day and you and your staff always make me laugh!!Thanks,Ken DiIulio

1100 days ago


i was there tuesday night and work there with everyone in 1977 78,79 until they where cloded by the feds.they reopened in 81 but the club did not last but a few years after that. i had agreat time and it was like old time without the drugs all my co workers look great including my brother patrick who was abarttender/model. he was or is the most famous bartender that was there and went on to films please do not talk of the people being old we are wise buddy

1099 days ago

Sonny Ammons    

I heard about the blowout but even if I could have made it I wouldn't have gone.I want my last memory of Studio to be saying goodbye to Steve Rubell & the walk out of the club onto 54th st. ready for the next phase of my life. :-)

1094 days ago

Sick and tired    

Your metamucil joke and other pejorative references to older people are not funny; they're offensive, really.

1044 days ago
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