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'American Hoggers'

Under Attack

for Ultra-Violent Pig Slaughter

10/22/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The gun-toting family on A&E's new reality show "American Hoggers" are under fire from an animal rights group for the gruesome way the pigs are "tied up and shot" on the show ... TMZ has learned.

In case you haven't seen it -- "American Hoggers" follows Jerry "Hog Boss" Campbell ... and his family as they hunt and kill feral pigs ... armed with hunting dogs and guns. It's pretty graphic ... even for A&E.

The show just premiered this week -- and it didn't take long for PETA to take notice. In fact, the animal rights org. has just released a statement saying, "the Campbells' show promotes cruel animal-control measures and gross mistreatment of wildlife."

PETA claims it acknowledges that feral pigs can be problematic in parts of Texas, but the group says, "If property owners insist on lethal control, then feral hogs should be cage-trapped and afforded a quick, painless death."

We reached out to A&E for comment, and so far haven't received a response.

** WARNING -- the clip is very graphic **



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pete knight    

what is misunderstood is that if the pig had stayed tied he would have been loaded and hauled to a holding pen to then be sent to a slaughter house and then donated to the poor but as it got loose rather than put the dogs on it again and possibly get them or themselves hurt they just shot it ,its a shame people blow everything out of proportion and dont even know what they are talking about as for the hogs you plant 40acres of corn in the same spot everyday for two weeks and see how much you like them.

1067 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with the clip. Weather or not these animals get trapped, tied up or shot they get cut up into pork chops anyway. There is no other cost effective way to get rid of them.

1065 days ago


I find those crazy Republicans running all over Texas more problematic than the defenseless pigs. How about roping some of them or those Texas broads at Old Country Buffet? There are better ways to take care of this problem. If you enjoy this show you are either a closet sociopath or have a single-digit IQ--kind of like the Campbells. I am ashamed of A&E for even coming up with this concept and actually filming it. Same with those two hillbilly sluts that do the same thing. Shame, shame, shame A&E. I thought you were a bit more educated with your programming than that.

1065 days ago


I don't feel it is cruel to the pigs. PETA states they should be trapped, I would think of anyone who loves animals would know pigs are somewhat intelligent animals. They would figure out the trapping system. I think they should let the people of PETA be locked in a room with one of these pigs. Also what about the cruelty that pigs do to other animals. We say that is the food chain, so what is a pig's predator? Humans.

1064 days ago

American Native    

Its the American way and the natural way of man to hunt and kill. If you dont like it dont dont do it,, don*****ch,, shut the **** up. It really wasnt long ago in the broad scope of time that all of you who found such awfulness in all of this blood thirst were left to starve.

1062 days ago

Lone Star    

You can't trap every hog in this state, doggin is the only way to go.

1062 days ago


I think our Texan friends in power should sponsor a state hunt some weekend and let us come hunt some of them f'n pigs. Make it a weekend contest thru out the entire state.

1059 days ago

Animal Lover    

Ok then have the people from PETA go live in Texas for awhile and see how many of their kids and animals get attacked by those hogs. Then we will see......

1058 days ago


If I were american I would be humiliated that this show even aired one episode. Shame on A&E for promoting animal cruelty and such unbelievable violence. The US doesn't have a very good international profile currently and shows like this only make your country look worse. Showing dirty country people with a vague knowledge of english is only perpetuating a stereotype of the ugly ignorant american. Shame on A&E and if you have a conscience, cancel your subscription to A&E and write letters of complaint to Domino's Pizza and any other advertisers. Please also copy with your complaint emails as the greedy animal toruture enablers need to know that this is unacceptable.

1056 days ago

Ryan Beatty    

What is wrong with the show. They didn't even show the hog being dropped by the shot. I am pretty sure there was nothing graphic about that show. If anyone wants to see graphic look up what hogs do to fawns. P.S. they eat them alive

1055 days ago


Torment Hummmm listening to propaganda from groups like PETA leads to addled brains, if you think this is torture you don’t know what torture is. It’s obvious that many of the animal rights defenders think they know what’s going on but in reality they have never dealt with a situation like these feral hogs. Most of these people are armchair Quarterbacks who have no idea what it takes to track & eliminate these hog populations. Hogs reproduce almost as fast as rabbits and rats Part of the reason that they catch and tie up these hogs is that by keeping them alive until they get to the slaughter house means that the meat is still good instead of possibly rotting in the heat. The hogs are humanely captured and handled, at the possible harm to the hoggers, as they take the chance of being gored by the live hog. Some times you have to get off your rear and experience where life comes from, where do you think our ancestors a hundred years or more ago got their dinners, they surely didn’t have a supermarket to go to, they had to go out and hunt and kill the animal then they had to butcher it and prepare it. I’ll bet that most of the people alive today (some of us and you know who you are excepted) if they had to live as the mountain men and the first settlers of this country, would die in short manner with out help form those of us that have dealt with hunting or raising animals for food. This Country was built on freedoms and you have the freedom to change the channel, it’s not like there is only one channel to view, Most of us have hundreds of channels way more than we need but if you don’t like a program change the channel.

1054 days ago


PETA these are the same people that think ripping a fetus out of the womb is a great thing, and I’ll bet they would be perfectly fine with Hitler style gas chambers for people thy don’t think are contributing to the greater good.
And the same people that would agree that all criminals are just misunderstood and with a little bit of talking they can be productive members of society ( murdering those that are a waste to society, the ones that are actually working and trying to provide for their families)

It’s interesting to see what the attitudes of people are, when they haven’t experienced the problems others have, when their lives haven’t been touched by robbery at gun point, or murder of a friend or family member. Most of the people involved with PETA have lived privileged lives, never had to worry about being able to pay the bills or having to live in a neighborhood where you fear for your life, every time you leave your home and sometimes even when you are at home. Must be wonderful to live the privlaged life protected behind family money

1054 days ago


Cage-trap them and afford them a quick death. What's the difference between Hog tying them and then shooting them? Dogs are used to locate them and to keep them in a spot. Peta ought to be cage trapped.

1048 days ago


this exemplifies the idiocy of hollywood and left wing radicals. the people from peta should go get a real job so i dont have to support their jobless asses. if they feel it is so bad the way the hog hunting is handled they should all move to texas and let their children run in the yards then we will see just how smart the braindead are. There is a difference between stupid and niave. naive is what you are when you are 9 years old

1043 days ago


Peta needs to find more worthy causes. So they shot a wild problem pig. The Hoggers are doing there job. Love the Hoggers!!!

1043 days ago
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