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'American Hoggers'

Under Attack

for Ultra-Violent Pig Slaughter

10/22/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The gun-toting family on A&E's new reality show "American Hoggers" are under fire from an animal rights group for the gruesome way the pigs are "tied up and shot" on the show ... TMZ has learned.

In case you haven't seen it -- "American Hoggers" follows Jerry "Hog Boss" Campbell ... and his family as they hunt and kill feral pigs ... armed with hunting dogs and guns. It's pretty graphic ... even for A&E.

The show just premiered this week -- and it didn't take long for PETA to take notice. In fact, the animal rights org. has just released a statement saying, "the Campbells' show promotes cruel animal-control measures and gross mistreatment of wildlife."

PETA claims it acknowledges that feral pigs can be problematic in parts of Texas, but the group says, "If property owners insist on lethal control, then feral hogs should be cage-trapped and afforded a quick, painless death."

We reached out to A&E for comment, and so far haven't received a response.

** WARNING -- the clip is very graphic **



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Really? who pays for the cages? who pays for the drugs to kill them? instead of talking out their A$$ why don't they show us how to fix the problem and pay for it.
I am sick and tired of peta and other groups thinking they are fixing problems insteadthey make them worse, case in point horses and closing slaughter houses that would butcher and sell the meat. instead now there is too mant horses and they are worthless you cant give them away.

1063 days ago


I'm sure all of you eat bacon, so really you shouldn't be talking... **** now I'm so hungry after watching that vid.

PETA needs to grow a pair of balls. Oh boo hoo a pig died... when over a BILLION people in our world are starving!

1063 days ago

brenna lee roth    

For a second there I thought this was another Gadaffi video.

1063 days ago


People always take one incident and make it look so bad...I watched both of these episodes and that is the only one that they shot.....all of the others they caught and kept in a pin until they were taken to a processing plant to feed in need families....but you dont see that beings told by peta!!!

1063 days ago


No wonder the world is so ******* backwards. Ur all a bunch of retarded hicks. What about the way people **** up the lives of animals by slaughtering half their families, their homes etc and call it a sport. Honest to god, I hope some person takes the sAme attitude to you one day, deems u a pest and takes superiority over you and just hunts you down.... ******* idiots.

1063 days ago


How did this show even get on the air?????? WTF

1063 days ago


Okay, this clip may be graphic to some of you pauzzes with weak constitutions but you can sit there and watch Saddam talking then in mid sentence is hung and hair device wearing Gaddafi being murked then rolled around like a mexican jumping bean bleeding like a severely hot 18 year old on her monthlys? Waste your time watching so called reality shows that are fake. Okay, I feel for the pig but how about you replace the pig with Kim Kardashian and family?? Instead of bullets, use C4. Every episode, you would put a different fake reality show person. This would be a ratings boom! At this point, no one would rise any red flags, no Peta or anyone else accept for the trolls of hands they grease. Come on people, it has been 14:59 for many of these people a long time ago.

1063 days ago


The pigs are a problem but the way these morons set dogs on them, tackle them and then tie them up to shoot them is ridiculous. Dangerous for the dogs and people and certainly unnecessarily cruel to the pigs.. just shoot them.

1063 days ago


Cool. Can't wait to them them chase down members of Jersey Shore and do the same thing...especially snookie and the siteeeation!

1063 days ago


There's millions of feral hogs destroying millions in crops and livestock (yes, they east meat). Capturing them live and butchering them properly provides tons of free range pork that food banks use to feed people down on their luck.
This hog went the hard way.

1063 days ago


Who cares how they kill them. I always gut shoot mine so they run off and I don't have to mess with them. Buzzard feeding time. If you had packs of 30 to 50 feral hogs tearing up your fences then eating all they can while you are sleeping you might change your feelings. Wait until they kill and eat someone's child. They eat anything they can get there lips around.

1063 days ago


I think the half of you lot do not get it do you?? This creature must have been scared ****tless, dogs ripping into its flesh, its scared, doesnt know whats happening, 2 minutes earlier it was munching on its dinner and suddenly.... one shot to the head, ok, fine, they might be a nuisance, but it deserves to die fast and painless...not like this.Even Pigs have feelings. they feel pain !!!!! We humans are just the most horrible species on this planet. RIP little are in a better place now.

1062 days ago


I am sick to death of these shows glamorizing animal slaughter. The Men in the Wild shows or what not. Why has our culture become so obsessed with animals being eaten alive or children being dressed up like hookers. I am really starting to hate the human race.

1062 days ago


I think it depends on what part of the country you're from. Being from So. Cal. I've never been around hunting.

I'm not a PETA person but it's true people from many states are gun tot'n good ol' boys and gals and go out shooting like any activity we have (but they call it "sport" bahahaha). they also don't care if the first shot doesn't kill the animal, couldn't care less. (i've talked to them first-hand so I know this to be true)

1062 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

wow, that's pretty cool. they could actually take some of the captured ferel hogs and try to breed them back into domestic pigs, for character and variety nuances. because some of those wild hogs are pretty damn amazing. and unique, obviosly.

1062 days ago
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