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WWE Hottie Torrie Wilson

I Don't Believe Stacy Keibler

is Dating George Clooney!

10/25/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Stacy Keibler's former WWE wrestling partner Torrie Wilson was shocked when we told her that Stacy is now dating George Clooney ... telling TMZ she simply doesn't believe it.

Wilson was partying in Hollywood last night when we broke the news to her ... you gotta check out her reaction.

We gotta ask ...


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I do not believe George is this generations Rock Hudson. If he were gay, every gay-oriented magazine in the country would feature him...they don't. And with Harvey being gay and surrounded by young gay men who are out and about in the community, he would also be clued-in to George's activities.

1097 days ago


I'm really not too sure, i love Torrie. she's so sweet, beautiful. my fave diva. She did look suprised? but ive seen Vacation pics on torries website, with stacy and george so i dunno.

1097 days ago


I think Clooney and Rock Hudson have a whole lot in common. Dating many girls, keeping the playboy image alive in order to keep their career alive while along they have a secret passion for the same sex. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

1097 days ago

I am Spartacus    

why would she be jealous she's dating Clooney? Media attention? But i honestly don't think she gives a rats ass about Stacy & George dating.

1097 days ago


Ah! Every wrestling diva fan knows that Torrie Wilson is the sweetest girl on the planet. Deff not jellin. Her and Stace are bffs!

1097 days ago

torrie is happy for stacy. george clooney is even happier since he will soon have both of them in his bed at the same time. that george is living the life.

personally i dont care for him. he is smug and causes smug alerts on a regular basis wherever he goes. probably drives a Prius.

1097 days ago


Personally id rather be with torrie than stacy but thats just me

1097 days ago


TMZ you guys are morons.Torrie Wilson has not been employed with the WWE since 2008.So I don't get why you are calling her a WWE hottie.

1097 days ago


Torrie in reality is real good friends with Stacy. They were together for most of their wrestling career. So obviously she did know they were both dating. LoL, funny you got this interview yesterday from it being night, and today stacy and george came out as a couple lol.

1097 days ago

Icebaby... is back dude    

God, I can't stand WWE and your fellow TMZ WWE enthusiast; always covering that ridiculous "sport." But anyway, oh god... Torrie is so f__king hot! Damn, only good thing about that fake sport.

1097 days ago

Icebaby... is back dude    

Mother & Father: Okay, Junior. Is there something special you want for your birthday, pal?

Kid: Well sure! mommy and daddy!

Mother & Father: Well, what is is, honey?

Kid: It's sort of a wish too...

Mother & Father: Anything for you, buddy! We are your loving parents, and we'll make your wish come true! Whatever it is, son! So, what is it?

Kid: I want... I wish... that for ONE year AT LEAST! None of my favorite wrestlers would die.

Mother & Father: OH SH__T!... Something else instead!?

P.S. Torrie, oh my lord! Kiebler has nice legs, but overall she's a skinny tall whore. Torrie is all woman!

1097 days ago


lovee herr

1097 days ago


Whatever....I don't respect a man who sleeps around with thousand women...same goes to women who sleep with thousands of men. Clooney is a male slut and so is all his former women. Nothing in Hollywood is real.

1097 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

Okay, all you "Clooney is gay" experts, riddle me this: How is it possible that in today's media environment not a single male person has surfaced who (allegedly) had sex with him and could back that claim up with any kind of "cir****tantial evidence"? How come not one of his "beards" has turned on him and sold him out to the muckrakers after he dumped her? Must be them damn gay liberal Jewish Illuminati Commie Nazis who control the internet / press / media again, huh? Or women and gay men suddenly don't like money, attention and taking revenge on ex-lovers / former employers anymore as soon as they enter Clooneys "force field" because Magic George has some sort of mind control over them?

1096 days ago


Torrie is actually with her boyfriend in this video and she also went to Mexico with Stacy ,Clooney and other girlfriends,so yeah she knew and was simply pretending not to know (so obvious) .....why hate on people...why?

1096 days ago
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