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'Real World' Producers

Call BS on Rape Lawsuit

10/29/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tonya Cooley Real World
The "Real World" is firing back at Tonya Cooley's lawsuit ... claiming she was raped by a tooth brush during filming ... calling her accusations "completely baseless."

TMZ broke the story ... Tonya filed the suit against MTV, Bunim/Murray Productions, Kenneth Santucci, Evan Starkman and others ... claiming two guys used a tooth brush rather inappropriately on her while she was passed out and cameras rolled during filming of "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins."

Cooley claimed producers knew all about the incident and never told her.

A rep for Bunim/Murray, the production company behind the show, tells TMZ they actually "a thorough investigation" into the allegations -- but "found Tonya Cooley's claims to be completely baseless."

Cooley is suing for unspecified damages.


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Get a life Tonya, no one cares! You dirty porno hooker

1092 days ago


That show is a joke. Wanna be's whose 15 minutes of fame is long over.

1092 days ago


On her Real World season she was scamming some guy back home that she had some sort of "relationship" with. She's always been really strange and sketchy. Wouldn't you file criminal charges?

1092 days ago


Not an overly huge fan of MTV these days, however, in regards to this claim, I think "shena****ns" is in order. MTV is a multi-billion dollar company who has always taken any over the top behavior from cast members very seriously. So I tend to side with MTV on this one and believe this girl needs to re-think your supposed claim of publicly coming out with a story of being "raped by a toothbrush".

1092 days ago


Really coming from Tonya???? come on, have you watched all the MTV shows she was in??? she is nothing more then a drunken HO. seriously, not that I doubt something could have happen, but knowing her she begged them to do it. she was a solid freak. Never would I believe she was raped and not in front of the crew, someone better get her to rehab, good luck with that crap Tonya, bet MTV wont be inviting you back anymore, burnt bridges cant be built back,

1092 days ago


"claiming she was raped by a tooth brush"
- Sounds like a theme from a "South Park" episode . . .

1092 days ago


Is it true, that the toothbrush started out as a "Soft" bristle type, but quickly changed to "Firm" after a little bit of movement and rubbing???
- Just curious . . .

1092 days ago


Man-Children (the biggest of turn-offs evah) hate and whore-ify women that in their tiny hearts are recognized as unattainable. Specifically the MTV execs who lack values and common decency. Y'all are the new out of control freaks.

1091 days ago


A simple google search of this young woman's name, with the safesearch mode turned "OFF", will tell you a whole lot about the environment that she has chosen to live in. Anyone who has been photographed and filmed having random s*x, with random people, at random intervals, on that many occasions, can't simply "cry" out of being a victim of cir****tance. Her general chosen lifestyle has directly led to this type of a situation being possible, if in fact, it "actually" had occured as described. People who are this carefree with their "partying" and s*xual habits, surely should understand that these type of peculiar results are possible. Does this make it "okay" if it happened, . . . certainly not, but Tonya definitely has some significant responsibility to bear in this situation. It's not as if she was a church girl walking home from sunday school, and happened to be "blindsided" by an attacking toothbrush rushing her from behind the bushes. That would have been genuinely tragic, and leads us to wonder as to whether or not we should start a national toothbrush registry program to lessen the number of incidents. Also, given what is readily searchable on google, it's entirely likely that this young woman has had a variety of objects far more peculiar than a toothbrush inside of her at some point. Hopefully, everyone involved can come to a swift resolution and understanding, and move forward with their lives.

1091 days ago


"Sarcasm" and "irony" help make life's challenges bearable . . .

1091 days ago


This chick has always been such an attention seeker. I wouldn't put it past the crew to have some fun with her but judging her past behaviors, she's more than likely trying to get PAID!!

1091 days ago


Well does anybody remember the Producers covering up the rape in "The Real World: San Diego" (2003). It involved the cast member (Randy)'s friend and this drunk girl. That's why there's so little footage of Charlie (replacement castmember) even though he was there longer than (Frankie). The producers destroyed all that footage.

1090 days ago


You commenters obviously didn'*****ch these seasons of the Challenge...cuz Kenny and Evan (and Johnny, etc.) did harrass her non-stop when she was drunk...which yes she's a self-admitted drunk, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have basic human rights. These guys show every season that they have lame senses of humor and more just piss everyone off. I don't doubt for a second that they would crack up laughing doing that with a toothbrush. I don't have an opinion as to their being camera guys watching, but I wouldn't doubt that a couple of them caught it and didn't say anything. They didn't want to risk their job if the allegations became false (Maybe they saw it but weren't recording it)...they would just end up being hated by the cast. I'm not saying this is definitely the case, but I don't think it's a craaazy story as many of you think.

1018 days ago
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