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Conrad Murray

You Decide His Fate

10/30/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Los Angeles jury will probably decide next week whether Conrad Murray is a felon. So we gotta ask ...


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Would any other doctor leave their patient while under the influence? do they do this in hospitals? it's easy to see that this was neglect and this doctor did not have the necessary equipment to monitor the patient, a PROFESSIONAL doctor would not have done this...wait is conrad really a doctor? wheres the evidence?

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Just say no!

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sasha: 4 hours ago
How can MJ be partially to blame for his death? The doctors made him a drug addict. He admitted he had problems with demerol in 1997 in the song Morphine.... Arnie Klein should also have his medical licence revoked for getting MJ addicted to demerol.
Michael is partly to blame because he refused to get help and go to rehab. He tought Dr. Klein was his real friend but Dr. Klein was an enabler and a user. Michael made a huge mistake by trusting all these doctors and allowing them to feed him dangerous drugs.

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Prosecutors ridicule Jackson self-injection scenario

An expert defense witness suggested on Monday that Michael Jackson could have risen from his bed, picked up a syringe left by his doctor and given himself a fatal dose of a powerful anesthetic in 2009.

But the testimony by Dr. Paul White in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray was ridiculed by prosecutors in an aggressive cross-examination of the final witness for the defense.

In a damaging day for Murray, who has pleaded not guilty to the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson, White was forced to acknowledge he would never agree to give propofol to a patient in a bedroom to treat insomnia, as Murray has admitted doing.

Propofol, normally used to sedate patients before surgery, was ruled the chief cause of Jackson's death.

"It's something that no amount of money would convince me to accept or take on as a responsibility," White said.

Administering propofol for insomnia is "a complete off-label use" of the drug that "had not been studied," White said.

White, an expert on propofol, said that after Murray gave Jackson a relatively small dose of 25 milligrams of the drug, he might have walked out of the room and left a syringe with another 25 milligrams of the agent that Jackson called his "milk." Neither side in the case has said where a syringe might have been located.

Murray's attorneys have argued during the five-week-old trial that Jackson may have "self-administered" propofol, but they have until now provided few details.

But an incredulous prosecutor cited prior testimony about how Jackson was lying in bed on June 25, 2009, wearing a urine-collecting device called a "condom catheter" and having taken several sedatives.

"And so Michael Jackson is walking around, wheeling an IV stand, attached to a condom catheter and Conrad Murray is somewhere else on the phone?" prosecutor David Walgren asked White. "It's a possible scenario," White responded.

The singer might have self-injected through a port on an IV line that Murray had installed for him, White said.


Prosecution witnesses last week presented a scenario under which Murray placed Jackson on an intravenous drip of propofol after the initial injection, as he had done in about two months of prior nightly propofol treatments.

White also cited phone records that show Murray was on the phone for about 45 minutes after the time he told police he gave Jackson propofol. Murray told police he was only out of the room for two minutes.

Prosecution witnesses have testified that Murray was not properly monitoring Jackson, in a bid to bolster the charge of involuntary manslaughter, or gross negligence, against the physician.

White himself admitted on Monday that he would have not left Jackson's bedside since, as Walgren said, the singer had confessed he liked to "push the propofol" into himself.

In a further blow for White, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor fined him $1,000 on Monday for violating an order not to mention his discussions with Murray, which were not entered as evidence in the case.

White also told the court that he had been paid over $11,000 for his testimony by the defense team.

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Michael had as many as 4 or 5 medical diagnosis throughout his adult life. Yet people call him an addict for taking prescription medications as recommended??? A dermatologist cannot treat complications of the respirtory system. There's a difference between a rheumatologist and a dermatologist. Need I get into that fact that he was a burn victim. I know people say those scars healed years ago........perhaps......but one thing is for certain. With all Michael endured with his health prior to the onset of being a burn victim was a traumatic life changing experience for him.
The unique physical and psychological aspects of his health required the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of providers. Consisting of specialist surgeons (plastic and reconstructive burn surgery), intensivists, nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists and psychologists.
I know everyone has a right to their opinion but some of these asinine remarks and conclusions are beyond fatuous.

btw: please do not say he used aliases......we all know that celebrities often use aliases to protect their there's no proof that all those old unused meds belonged to michael in the first place..........
a drug addict who "maintains unused meds"......for months?.....pleaszzzz!!!!

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Truth: 1 day ago

Murray did the world a favor...

-Michael Jackson was thrice accused of child molestation (Chandler, Francia, Arvizo)
Kiana and Truth are!

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White himself admitted on Monday that he would have not left Jackson's bedside since, as Walgren said, the singer had confessed he liked to "push the propofol" into himself.
What????? No recording of the confession???? Give me a break with this BS!!! Bring doctor on board at $150K per month so that you can perform his job?????
Walgren, lay off that chet you takin'!!!

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Murray still undecided on whether to testify in his trial

Jackson's doctor will let judge know on Tuesday, says he needs more time to talk to his counsel

With his trial nearing completion, the doctor charged in Michael Jackson's death told a judge on Monday he had not yet decided about whether he will testify in his own defense.

"I will still need more time to talk to my counsel about it," Dr. Conrad Murray told Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor when asked whether the doctor understood his options to testify or remain silent.

Murray said he would let the judge know his decision Tuesday.

His comments outside the jury's presence came at the end of a day when he heard his own expert witness say that he wouldn't have accepted payment to do what Murray did for Michael Jackson — administering a hospital anesthetic in the star's bedroom.

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"I wouldn't even consider it," Dr. Paul White said. "It's something no amount of money could convince me to take on."
Video: Jackson's doctor didn't follow Protocol, says witness (on this page)

The use of the drug propofol to treat Jackson's insomnia was "a complete off-label use of the drug," he said. White also acknowledged that the drug should never be given outside a medical facility because of the need for proper lifesaving equipment.

White, a highly regarded and now-retired anesthesiologist, is sometimes referred to as "the father of propofol" for his early research on the drug. But on Monday he was a less-than-respected figure, drawing criticism from the prosecutor and censure from the judge who threatened to fine him $1,000 for contempt of court.

White came under a bruising cross-examination by prosecutor David Walgren, who attacked the expert's recent claim that Jackson caused his own death. Walgren questioned White's scientific calculations and noted he once led the defense to think Jackson drank an extra dose of propofol.

White acknowledged he had done no research on that theory when he posed it. A study later showed the theory to be unsupportable, he said.

While stopping short of blaming Murray for the singer's death, White blurted out during cross-examination that he believed Murray had loaded a syringe with the drug propofol and left it where Jackson could have gained access to it.

That scenario had not been offered before and it could explain how a groggy Jackson could have awakened from sedation, grabbed the syringe and injected the drug into his IV line.

Defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan tried to repair some of the damage by having White justify Murray's delay in calling 911 for help when he found Jackson not breathing. White suggested by that time, Jackson was probably dead and it would not have mattered if paramedics were called quickly.

Murray has said he delayed calling 911 while trying to give Jackson CPR.

White also said it would not have helped if Murray had disclosed to paramedics or hospital workers that he had given Jackson propofol. Murray didn't mention the drug until two days after Jackson's death, when he was interviewed by police.

Pastor had told White outside the jury's presence to stop trying to sneak in references to private conversations he had with Murray. The witness had suggested his opinions were partially based on what Murray told him, but those talks were not submitted as evidence.

At one point, White said he had been told by Murray that Jackson had his own stash of propofol beyond the hundreds of bottles of the drug that Murray had purchased and shipped to his girlfriend's apartment. Pastor warned White not to try to bring up the conversations or other excluded information again.

"It's deliberate and I don't like it," Pastor said. "It's not going to happen again."

But by the end of the morning, the judge said White had violated his order. He chastised White for telling the jurors at one point: "I'd like to talk to you about this, but the judge told me I couldn't."
Story: Witness: Jackson gave himself fatal injection

He said he considered that remark direct contempt of court but would allow White to explain at a contempt hearing on Nov. 16 before he imposes the $1,000 fine.

White was repeatedly questioned about the ways in which Murray had broken guidelines and rules governing propofol use. Walgren confronted him with excerpts from his own writings in textbooks that set down rules broken by Murray when he administered the drug in Jackson's bedroom.

He also challenged a series of charts presented to the jury by White, who said he had not prepared them and had another expert do the work. The defense said that expert would testify Tuesday before the defense rests its case.

Murray, who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter, has acknowledged he was giving Jackson doses of the propofol in the singer's bedroom as a sleep aid. He told police that he left Jackson's room for two minutes on June 25, 2009, and returned to find the pop superstar unresponsive.
Slideshow: Michael Jackson's changing looks (on this page)

White said in forming his opinions, he assumed Murray was out of the room much longer, making phone calls. The retired anesthesiologist said he would not leave the room if he were treating a patient who had indicated he liked to inject propofol into himself, as Murray claims that Jackson had told him.

White said he has been paid $11,000 for his work for the defense so far.

White's testimony put him at odds with his colleague and longtime friend, Dr. Steven Shafer, who testified for the prosecution. Shafer said White's self-administration theory is not supported by the evidence in the case, in his view, and he called the theory "crazy" during his testimony earlier this month.

White and Shafer were colleagues at Stanford University and conducted research on propofol before it was approved for use in U.S. operating rooms in 1989. Both help edit a leading anesthesia journal, and until White's retirement last year, both were practicing anesthesiologists.

Walgren said Shafer will return as a prosecution rebuttal witness Tuesday.

1087 days ago

patrice venrooy    

dr murray is gulty on al things
hi is a monster i dont belive michael put hinm self propofol
im angry whit dr murray nothing is good about this man michael is the king of pop and dr muyrray not its so sad shem on dr murray i love mj very much i stil do michael is dead and that is a sheme its so sad i dont like murray

1086 days ago


Quickly said, the media manipulates everything and they are controlled as well by.... anyway I dont like to form an opinion based on manipulated information.

I'll say this though, the way it is presented to us YES Dr. Murray was very negligent and it led to someone's death and he should be convicted. BUT do I believe things are as they are being portrayed and that all involved were 100% truthfull? Not so sure.

Just to be clear here I am on Michael's side. So please no hate replies... I probably wont check back anyway so I wont know if there are hate messages... dont matter..I just wanted to get my point of view out there.

1086 days ago
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