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Conrad Murray

You Decide His Fate

10/30/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Los Angeles jury will probably decide next week whether Conrad Murray is a felon. So we gotta ask ...


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According to the ( California Penal Code Section 190.2 )

The penalty for a defendant (Conrat Murray) , who is founded quilty of "MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE" is death or imprisonment in the State Prison for life without the possibility of parole, if one or more of the following special cir***tances has been found under (Section 190.4 of the California Penal Code) to be true.

(1) "INTENTIONALLY and Carrying out the Murder of (Michael Jackson for FINANCIAL GAIN"! ($150,000 per month x 12 = to $1,800,000 million per year salary from AEG ...),this proves that "Conrat Murray" really should've been charged by the DA's Office with (Murder in the First Degree)!! He should've not been undercharged with "Involuntary Manslaughter"!! (IMO)

NOW!! Is the time for "EVERYONE" who believe in "JUSTICE for MICHAEL JACKSON and the World" I'm asking that you,Please! contact: California Governor "Jerry Brown" and the District Attorney "Steve Cooley" requesting an answer from them on, Why the DA's office Undercharged "Conrad Murray" (2 YEARS AGO BEFORE HIS MURDER TRIAL STARTED) with "Involuntary Manslaughter" and not "Murder in the First Degree", for the Murder of "The Great Michael Joseph Jackson"? (THE CHARGE DON'T FIT THE CRIME of PREMEDITATED MURDER!!)

I'm not buying into this (ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSE ARGUMENT) BS that the "PROSECUTION" claiming how Conrat Murray murdered Michael Jackson!!!

Mailing Addresses:

Governor Jerry Brown
State Capital,Suite 1173
Sacramento,CA 95814

Phone:(916) 445-2841
Fax:(916) 558-3160...............

LA District Attorney Steve Cooley
210 West Temple Street,Suite 18000
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3210

Phone: (213) 974-1484
Fax:(213) 974-1484
TTY (800) 457-7778
8:30am-5:00pm M-F

1056 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray Shopping Do***entary Film

Just hours before closing arguments in Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial, a do***entary about the embattled physician is being shopped to networks.

Murray, who faces up to four years in prison in the death of Michael Jackson, has been a part of filming the do***entary since being charged earlier this year.

Dr. Murray, as we know, has decided not to take the stand at his trial, but has given long in depth interviews to the film crew ... for whatever that's worth.

"This project has been in the works since Murray's arrest," says a source. "It was originally conceived to help him get his reputation back following the case."

"However, another primary driving force of it is to generate money so that Murray can pay his lawyers and experts," the source close to Murray confided.

The N.Y. Post broke the story and says Dr. Conrad Murray is hoping the do***entary will earn at least a million dollars. That may be wishful thinking.

Our source says, "Dr. Murray and his lawyers were hoping it would sell for a million, but it looks like the max a network would pay is around $250K."

If Dr. Murray is convicted, that price could go up ... or down.

Closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow morning at 9.***entary-film/

1055 days ago


If you want to make this about race, then Conrad Murray just exemplified the stereotype that is linked to Blacks which is basically being lazy and wanting to get paid a lot of money for barely doing any work to earn or deserve it. All Blacks are not like this. But, that's what Conrad Murray saw with Michael Jackson, easy pay making lots of money for doing very little to earn it or even deserve it. Conrad Murray's actions with Michael Jackson, and even with those patients that testified on his behalf, demonstrates to me that he was lazy and looking for an easy pay day. And, I am a Black American.

1055 days ago


I'm a big fan of Michael's music and have been for years.

I'm only 19 but even I know that Murray was negligent. He should of said no to MJ's demands for drugs. Michael was a human being, celebrity status shouldn't make a difference. Unfortunately it does.

After Murray found MJ he should of done the proper procedures i.e Performed CPR on a hard surface. Not worry about his reputation or cash problems.

Murray was negligent and the jurors needs to keep this into account.

Yes Michael was partly to blame but he clearly needed support and help. None of which he received from his family or Murray. He trusted his life with Murray and Murray took advantage of that.

So I sincerely hope that Murray does get what he deserves for his negligence.

1053 days ago
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