TMZ Live Lindsay Lohan Enough Rope to Hang Herself

11/2/2011 12:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan -- This Time I'll Follow the Rules

Lindsay Lohan's sentence might seem light on the surface ... but Harvey thinks Judge Stephanie Sautner's strict probation schedule might be just enough to land LiLo in the pokey for another 270 days.

Plus, new math with Kim Kardashian! Why she really believes she didn't profit off her wedding ... and why most of us ain't buyin' it. And, Herman Cain's sexual harassment claims -- will voters blow them off ... and Herm, please make up your mind.

(0:35) The good news for Lindsay Lohan...
(2:01) ... and now the bad news.
(3:22) A caller asks great questions: Why the heck was Lindsay available for early release ... and why did Sheriff Baca say he had room for her in jail last week if there's overcrowding?
(12:10) Sheriff PIO Steve Whitmore is on the phone to explain why Lindsay will only be in jail for one night.
(20:15) It may not look like it, but the judge "stuck it" to Lindsay ... by hanging 270 days over her head.
(28:10) Time to argue ... Mike actually believes the Kardashians didn't profit off the wedding.
(34:00) Fun fact: Gary has already used the doughnut maker he got for his wedding.
(35:47) Why is Mike so pro-Kardashian?
(40:02) Will the sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain hurt his bid for the presidency?
(47:10) Herman's ever-evolving stance ... is comical.