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Katherine Jackson

'Justice Has Finally Been Served'

11/7/2011 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

and Joe Jackson are "ecstatic" about the guilty verdict in the Conrad Murray manslaughter case ... telling TMZ, "Justice has finally been served."

MJ's parents just released a statement ... saying, "We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and we couldn’t hold back tears of joy in the courtroom.  Even though nothing can bring back our son, justice has finally been served!"

The two added, "We can’t wait to go home and share this day with Michael’s children.”



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Mebrat if you wanted to do drugs could your Mommy or Poppa stop you ? Get real

1050 days ago


The Jackson family are just out for money.
I don't think he's guilty. MJ was a long-time drug addict and that is what killed him... he was too weakened by the years and years of drug abuse, as well as his eating discorder, and it just happened.....

1050 days ago


Joe abused MJ and Katherine stood by!! They don't accept the fact that MJ along with the doc. was responsible for his death!!The Jacksons are a despicable lot!!!!

1050 days ago


What a great Mom...all she wanted was his money....why not help her drug addicted son?...she is just as guilty as dr Murray

1050 days ago


What justice? All he's gonna do is no more then 2 years and maybe not all that ! Where as Michael Jackson is gone forever and ever!''

1050 days ago


Glad to see justice was served. This doc was so blinded by his greed , he forgot his oath. To do no harm. All that was needed was a few monitors, a defibrillator, oxygen, and MJ would still be walking around today, for you all to ridicule. His family loved him, and they did what they could. But you can't force a grown man to do a thing. A doc on the other hand CAN say NO to performing treatment they know to be dangerous. And that's why we are where we are today. May MJ continue to rest in peace, may his family find consolation in today's justice, and may this doc learn from his very costly mistakes, which cost a man his life.

1050 days ago

Alan Carver    

It just seems to me that JUSTICE was not served here today, because at the end of the day WHO WON?

Katherine Jackson can say JUSTICE was served, but to whom? Her addicted son Michael? Uh, I do not see it. She can say this because she wants to continue to see the best in her son, but the reality is that MJ found a yes doctor that would administer this anesthetic to him as HE wanted. So at the end of the day, Justice was NOT served.

Murray - he was a fish in a very vicious cycle that was not going to be broken, and MJ was already addicted. Whatever HIGH or whatever 'relief' MJ received from using this anesthetic Murray should have known better and he violated his oath. MJ was a victim of his own abuse .... he knew what he was doing when he chose to have LIVE NATION continue to pay this man to be his doctor, because he knew he found the YES doctor and wanted and needed.

In the end MJ was a victim of his own 'weird' celebrity. He choose to abuse this anthestic and it continued to go unchecked. So today this verdict was NOT JUSTICE, all it did was HIGHLIGHT the abuse of narcotics used by so-called celebrities and how they can cir***vent checks and balances.

MJ is dead and to me all he will ever be known as NOW is an addict. He killed himself with his abuse of this anesthetic.

Murray - a victim of his own greed.

In the end - they are all LOSERS! They got what they got cause it is what they wanted ... one way or another.

1050 days ago


Katherine is 'semi' correct . . . the Doc is certainly guilty of administering the fatal dose, but her son is guilty for being a drug addict and using his money and 'entitlement' to manipulate weak people into doing improper things for him. I say this as a 'recovered' addict myself for over 20 years. The addict and many times the families want to blame everyone else so they don't have to look at their part, but the truth is, Michael (seemingly) would just seek these hanger ons to enable him. Add a father who is a real SOB . . as well as the many other family members who lived off him and putting undue pressure on him (you get the idea). So take a look at your family Katherine as well as the Doc, THEN you will find the truth in who REALLY killed Michael. Family members (and a Father) addicted to Michael's money and living a life they can't afford on their own and a seeming unwillingness to work (along with Michael's own addiction), there you have it! I certainly mean his Mother no harm in saying this btw.

1050 days ago


I agree with all the comments, that it all goes back to the family dynamics and the abuse Michael received, and now the mother is going to go home and "share the day with Michael's children?" (her quuote) Great example to the children, teach them how to hold resentments!!! Instead of telling the truth, they were to blame in the end!!! Yes, Dr. Murray was the fall guy!

1050 days ago



1050 days ago


Joe and Katherine lost their son, have any of you who are parents lost a child? the Jackson are not perfect and have issues like every other family but Michael was a loved one. RIP MJ

1050 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Justice isn't finished... the jackson gang are still running loose.

1050 days ago


Conrad Murray is going to prison for manslaughter and MJ is burning in hell for all the little boys he molested. That's justice indeed!

1050 days ago

Linda Brown    

Makes me want to puke to see how much pleasure this whacko family feels as a result of the verdict!! Granted, Murray probably gave him way too much of the drug, but that pedophile had been a JUNKIE since the 80's!! And what about all the other Dr Feelgood's over the yrs? How come none of them are being sent to prison? That dermetolgist that got him hooked on Demerol and since when does a skin condition to be that painful to warrant Demerol? I have severe RA and I don't even take Demerol!! SO I think that Murray is guilty of one thing. Losing his sense of judgement when it came to this whacko!! Like he dug the prestige of being his DR? Like the moola he was getting paid? Star struck comes to mind? And do I believe that whacko might have blasted himself causing his own death? Quite possible, but we will never know for sure? Also, what Murray did afterward was not cool, he split and that is why he was convicted today, he was CYAing himself because he KNEW Whacko was dead? SO yeah, he is guilty but not in the way the Jackson family thinks? ALl they have been to him all these yrs was a money maker, his father is enough to want me to puke at the thought of him? And mama ain't no better! Some of them leeched off him for yrs except for maybe Janet? None of the brothers ever did well with a solo career so how was it they all live well? Now I gave Whacko the benefit of the doubt on the 1st molestation charges because even thought I thought he was a weirdo, it appeared that he really cared about kids and I thought the mama of the accuser was going in for the big bucks and that is exactly what happened to the tune of 20 million, kid never saw a dime of it, but the 2nd charges? No way he was innocent and I suspect he molested McCauley and maybe even Gary, but would you come forward after he was aquitted? Not a chance! When he died, to me he was nothing more than a child molesting junkie!!

1050 days ago


Ahhh shut up ya greasy old bag!

1050 days ago
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