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Charlie Sheen

Mocked on 'Two and a Half Men'

11/8/2011 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It wasn't enough to kill Charlie Sheen off in "Two and a Half Men" -- last night, creator Chuck Lorre took a personal shot at the Warlock on the show ... mocking Sheen's famous "winning" catchphrase.

During the episode, Jon Cryer's character was impersonating Charlie Harper  -- pretending to order scotch and hookers ... before uttering Sheen's favorite word, "WINNING."

Harper's dead ... maybe it's time to finally bury the hatchet too.


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I gave it a shot, 2 episodes, but it's not the same without Charlie. I miss the old show.

1078 days ago

Pam Adams    

I'm tired of watching Ashton Kutcher over the years, in "That 70's show" and now in "Men". The guy acts the same way (stupid) and has not changed his role over the years. I love the reruns, but with Kutcher, this is not the quality show it was. Need to see more of Evelyn, Judith, Herb and bring back Rose. We need to see less of Kutcher. He is so overrated, and will eventually bring the show down. The show was great before, but now just run of the mill show.

1077 days ago


First time I comment on a sitcom. Charlie was Charlie good or bad, actually sometimes reminds me of me. CBS made a fortune on him playing himself. I loved him for his skills and his ability to "play" his role. The show is nothing without him. Waldon ending up in his mother's bed, pathetic. Alan pretending to be him, poor choice but a testimony to the fact the show misses Charlie and the writers and producers recognize that. You turned something great in something, at best, mediocre.

1077 days ago


The new two and a half men just sucks!


1077 days ago


A continuing of the feud between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre could generate a lot of buzz for future projects. Good for Charlie; hope it doesn't work for Chuck "Losing" Lorre.

1077 days ago

Eddie Cabrera    

The show sucks now, and they can't go an episode without mentioning Charlie in some way. Kutcher is horrible, he seems like a guest star on the show, not a main character. They ruined two and a half men. Rather watch the old episodes with Charlie. I'll be shocked if it last after this season.

1077 days ago


bring charlie back please....and get rid of all that gay ish

1077 days ago


This was the funniest episode I've ever seen on 2.5. I laughed throughout the show. Hope they keep it up. So glad the writers knocked it off with making Cryer so creepy!

1076 days ago


Don'*****ch Two & Half Men now. So who cares? Let me know when Charlie Sheen's new series is ready to air. Chuck Lorre needs therapy what a patheti*****tle man. Sheen was right about this piece of &$(#@

1076 days ago


without Charlie 2 1/2 sucks. first good episode this season was the last one. and i laughed because i"ve remembered Charlie Sheen. I was watching the reruns this week and i realised that Charlie Shen brings out the best of Jon Cryer. They were a fantastic couple.

1076 days ago


Sheen out, and Two And a Half Men out also

1076 days ago


I tried watching the debut episode. boring. since then I've tuned in here and there for a few minutes, see if it was funny enough I could star*****ching again. Every Joke is about Charlie. It's like Chuck Lorre wants to remind you every minute of the show how much beter it used to be. i don't get the logic here. Kutcher hasn't been funny since the second season of That 70's show. Somehow he is even more annoying now. Whatever. Good luck

1073 days ago


Lorre grow up. You had the number one show and now you have a show that will be canceled. Charlie Sheen will still be rich and famous and Lorre your 15 minutes of fame are gone!

1073 days ago


Congratulation Chuck, you ended up with the our series favorite

1072 days ago


The show sucks! The only time I enjoy watching is when they talk about Charlie or when the show revolves around Alan! I'd rather watch reruns ! Bring Charlie sheen back or cancel the show!

1071 days ago
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