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Charlie Sheen

Mocked on 'Two and a Half Men'

11/8/2011 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It wasn't enough to kill Charlie Sheen off in "Two and a Half Men" -- last night, creator Chuck Lorre took a personal shot at the Warlock on the show ... mocking Sheen's famous "winning" catchphrase.

During the episode, Jon Cryer's character was impersonating Charlie Harper  -- pretending to order scotch and hookers ... before uttering Sheen's favorite word, "WINNING."

Harper's dead ... maybe it's time to finally bury the hatchet too.


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John dowser    

Chuck Lorre and scab boy Ashton are little piss ants, and I agree I have no*****ched the show since Charlie left and never will...they are losers and Charlie is a winner :)

895 days ago


Charlie was bipolar and not taking any medication when all of the crazy behavior happened. He was mentally ill. But what is Chuck Lorre's excuse for being such a ********? Getting upset at someone who has an untreated mental disease is very immature. Actually maybe has a mental problem too -- a clear case of assholism.

895 days ago


2.5 Men has become pretty pathetic. I watched the first few episodes, and quickly and decisively lost interest. Took it off my Tivo list. Ashton is just horrible and the show is not funny at all.

895 days ago


"I guess this just goes to show that you can't keep a good warlock down."

895 days ago


This show is like a bunch of lost little lambs and ashton krybaby kutcher is their downfall.

895 days ago


The best new episode I've seen. And why? It was all about Charlie. I didn't see it making fun of him, but realizing AK is not funny on this show and focusing on Charlie worked. They have managed to take the funny away from all the characters.

895 days ago

John Basedow    

How petty and childish can one man possibly be? It's been so long since Sheen and Lorre's feud. Time to grow up and let it go Lorre. You are making Sheen look better with every pathetic jab you take at him on your, what is now, garbage show.

895 days ago


this man is destroying the show with his personal vandetta it's not funny to watch anymore he needs to get a grip on his head or he will loose big time I have talked to several people in Canada and they say they have stopped watching it he has a good cast but poor direction it will never be the same after Charlie and John cryer is very sickening to watch now so they need to straighten out

895 days ago


Not cool.

895 days ago


Huh. I thought it was hilarious. And well-deserved. But maybe that's just me.

895 days ago

Charles Van Meter    

The poigency of last nights episode would have had greater effect had they written it 7 weeks ago at Charlies's funeral. Even after trying to placate viewers by FINALLY mourning Charlie's passing, Chuck Lorre just couldn't restrain himself; he had to take the cheap shot at the end with the "winning" comment, a phrase Charlie HARPER never used. Sheen ought to sue Lorre again; given their history, I don't think Lorre could hide behind laws that protect satire.

895 days ago

Ron Page    

In my opinion, it is pretty damn stupid to constantly remind the audience that the actor who made the show number one was fired and written out of the show forever.

895 days ago


Chuck Lorre obviously still needs Charlie Sheen for any good material, ASHTON SUCKS!!

895 days ago



895 days ago


The Charlie Harper character may have been mocked a little bit. Jon Cryers, Alan Harper character, nailed it.

895 days ago
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