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SLAMS Lindsay Lohan --

You're Full of Crap!!!

11/8/2011 7:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pitbull and Lindsay Lohan
Pitbull's legal war with Lindsay Lohan is getting straight up NASTY -- 'cause now, the rapper's filed new legal docs calling out LiLo for being a liar with a rap sheet longer than her movie credits.

Pit just filed a response to Lindsay's "Give Me Everything" lawsuit -- in which she claims the hip hop star owes her money for using her name in the song ... when he rapped, "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan."

Lohan filed the original suit in NY State Court, stating she was a resident of Nassau County -- but Pit is calling B.S., claiming she's been living in California since 2004 ... and "given her frequent legal troubles, Ms. Lohan possesses irrevocable ties to California that are likely to keep her there for the foreseeable future."

Then, Pit spells out why she's full of crap ... noting every, single one of her legal problems in California ... including her multiple stints in the slammer ... the house arrest ... her problems at the Downtown Women's Center ... and all of the community service she's required to complete in the Golden State in the near future.

Pit concludes, "Thus, in light of Ms. Lohan's continuing obligations to the State of California, as well as the foregoing facts, Ms. Lohan is a citizen of California, not New York."

Pit wants the case transferred out of NY State court and into federal court -- where he thinks he'll have a better shot of taking Lohan down.

The drama continues ...


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old grandma lindsay will burn you with the oscar. she is beter from drugs and i can get her pipe to burn youre oldass

1082 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Lindsay Lohan's father appears in Sarasota court
(AP) – 1 hour ago
SARASOTA, Fla. (AP) — A judge in Florida has ordered Lindsay Lohan's estranged father to permanently stay away from his on-again, of****ain girlfriend.
The Herald-Tribune newspaper in Sarasota ( reports that during a court hearing Tuesday, Michael Lohan and Kate Major agreed to a permanent injunction to keep Lohan at least 500 feet away from her and unable to make contact with her.
Circuit Judge Rick De Furia signed off on the injunction.
Lohan will face another court hearing in Hillsborough County on Wednesday, where he was arrested on Oct. 25. His bail was set at $5,000 and a judge warned him not to make any contact with Major. Two days later, he was accused of violating the terms of his release by making a harassing phone call to her.

Gues MiLo is still in lock up. It doesnt specify.

1082 days ago


Sorry Lola
I'm all out of peanuts so you need to go beg for attention somewhere else......

1082 days ago

AGENT smith    

As soon as Mi Lo gets his smart phone back he will will be posting. He was posting from his hospital bed until the cops took da Rock's phone.

1082 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

According to ROL he is still in jail

1082 days ago

Ellie G    

If Milo and Kate want to beat the crap out of each other I say let them. They are both a waste of space.

1082 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Has there been a DNA test on Kate Majors? She sure acts like a Lohan. Just a thought.

1082 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Rip her up, PITBULL
Pitbull is the hottest Cuban since Ricky Ricardo!
Lindsay is lucky he was trying to help her stay relevant, and look how she repays him! I hope he counter-sues for damages

1082 days ago


Every one in a why I will call my younger daugher up really late at night and when she answers I whisper as menacinly as possible :" Precious...Precious...I want to hold you, touch you caress you....MY Precious One." LOL... she still screams just like when is was 6......Mothers remember and mothers find ways to get even too..LOL

1082 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


Better not to feed the tween anymore. She is getting grumpy and it is way past her bedtime. Parents probably never thought they needed parental block to TMZ. No worries. She is well on her way to getting her happy a$$ banned. Either by TMZ or her parents.

1082 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

GC, I so agree about Pitbull. Major Hottie. I was all WOW when I saw him on the Latin Music Awards singing "You Know You Want Me", a few years ago.

1082 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

All the long term posters on here know that I am a real honest to goddess WITCH. I dont just play around with silly screen names. Just food for thought.

1082 days ago

Ghost Rider    

There can only be one Lola Burns, and I doubt this Lola could make a poem with proper spelling,lol.

1082 days ago


About time to shut this mountain homestead down for the night..Got a long day tomorrow , wish I knew there was so much work involved in being retired...I spend more time working now(10 hrs a day providing childcare for my grand children)plus my various other projects then I did when I was working...LOL
Well like my old granny would say
" Don't forget to latch the screendoor afore going to bed, or you might wake up with a bear/panther asnoring in your ear." and Lord for years as a child I was afraid to go to sleep without check every dam door in the house........twice.....LOL

1082 days ago


One last thought
I think the people/citizens of the state of California should petitions the governor of California to order the courts to sue Lindsay Lohan and the Lohan Ince for all the expences incurred in the last 2 years of using the states courts and resources for her own media promotion. They did Casey Anthony in Florida so they should in California becsuse her deliberate repeated breaking of her probations rules running the expences up to high heaven....Of course she will claim shes broke but they can tell her to ask her money man in high places to for her since hes paid for everything else.........

1082 days ago
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