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Michael Jackson

Death Bed Up for Auction

11/9/2011 8:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Death Bed
File this under creepy -- You can wake up in the same spot where Michael Jackson didn't ... because his death bed is officially hitting the auction block.

The queen-size bed is just one of the many items from the Holmby Hills home where MJ died that will be included in a Julien's Auctions event next month.

We're told the bed is still in good shape -- but linens have been changed, since MJ's death.

Other items included in the auction are a mirror from Jackson's "inner sanctum -- a private bedroom in the home where NO ONE else was allowed to enter.

A rep for Julien's says the mirror contains an inspirational message Jackson scribbled on the piece for himself regarding his This Is it concert tour -- which says, “TRAIN, perfection, March April. FULL OUT May."

The auction is scheduled to take place on Dec. 17.


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Are there any limits to what people will do for money?

1046 days ago


Wow, just when you thought the Jackson family other then Rebe and Janet, couldn't sink any lower. Wrong, they found a new low.

Got to remember, Michael Jackson didn't leave his $$$they were so close, so tight knit, loving family$$$ a penny.

Jackson was very heavily in debt. What ever was left went to his estate. His family can't touch. Still can't. How many times did LaToya badmouth her brother to make a buck.

All of this BS of what the Jackson family must be going through, so devistated (yeah, right) this family was never close. Wanna bet they will pimp out his kids to make a buck.

1046 days ago


"inner sanctum -- a private bedroom in the home where NO ONE else was allowed to enter.

inner sanctum?
In other words the child molesting room.

1046 days ago


why all the people blame the family about the bed? REMEMBER Michael only rented the house with all the furniture inside. Blame the house owner not the Jackson family.

1046 days ago


wow how disrepectful, on the people holding the auction and whoever wrote this piece..

1046 days ago

Dennis Copson    

Leave to the jackson family....nothing is beyond thier greedy selves.

1046 days ago


I wonder home many different male DNA is on that bed.
Is there Jesus juice stains on the bed?

1046 days ago


To make things worst, he died and played with little boys buttholes on that bed.

1046 days ago

moe l.    

Complete with black light to find all those "trace elements"!

1046 days ago


Oh boy! A bed that a dying man emptied his bowels on. Where do I sign up?

1046 days ago


What about the doll?

1046 days ago


LaToilet has the nose. That's next

1046 days ago

Michael Jackson: Can You Handle The Truth?    

Michael Jackson molested and raped many children. He was a serial child rapist that abused many, many children. He not only hurt the children, but broke up their families through his ritual abuse. Anyone who knows the REAL MICHAEL JACKSON, knows what a big satan worshiper he was and all the criminal activity he was involved in. A MASTER MANIPULATOR, MJ knew human psychology very well, and used it to confuse and prey on innocent boys.

Erecting an amusement park in his backyard. Textbook pedophile. Everyone around MJ knew how he loved his "boys." He bought his boys new clothes, toys, took them on expensive trips. Anything for his boys. Ask anyone who was close to Michael and they tell you that Michael always had boys over, and showered them with expensive gifts. He went everywhere with his boys. He loved his boys, he even slept with them in the same bed. Took showers with them. Touched them. Kissed them. He even had sex with them. MJ loved his boys. He would go to great lengths to wine and dine the boys's parents to make sure they would look the other way. He rewarded the boys that stayed quiet. And punished the ones that didn't. This sick perverted sh*t bag molested scores of boys, he was a real inspiration for all the NAMBLA pedophiles all over the world. This man was their God. Any self respecting human being can see this sick man for who he was. He was sick, mentally and physically. The more boys he molested the harder it became for MJ and his enabelers to hide the evidence of his sickness. Just call Brian Oxman, he will go on TV and make things alright by lying. Call up Howard Weitzman, he can stop it all from crashing down. Hey, this isn't just any child molester, this one has lots of money. Lots and lots of money to pay off people and pay people to do his will.

In many pedophiles inner circles it is well known that Michael Jackson was a big pedophile and distributor of child pornography. It's also well known that MJ frequently paid out bribes to officials and organizations to avoid prosecution for his crimes. MJ knew the game and played it well. He didn't want to get caught. He didn't want to go to jail.

If any of you fans really cared about anyone involved in this, including Michael Jackson's kids, you would see this for the truth it is. Take off your blinders and stop covering up for the dead monster. He was addicted to drugs for over 20 years. Serious drugs, hard drugs. If you go Downtown and look at the drug addicts in the street, you're not far off from the state Michael was in. Michael was far worse. Michael had serious psychological problems. No use denying an obvious fact.

Drugs made the pain easier for Michael. He could live with himself and his reality for one more day with the high from the drugs he took. All the pain and emotions he felt, all the guilt that was pent up in him, the guilt and hurt he had would briefly pass with the high he felt when he shot up and took those pills. Michael just needed a little, um, milk. Nothing unusual here. Doesn't everyone have 20 different aliases they use to get all their drug prescriptions filled?

MJ used people, used them. Used them and ditched them. There are many, many people that were hurt by this pedophile maniac. MJ did everything he could to silence and destroy his victims. Molesting them wasn't enough. MJ destroyed entire families. This man hurt people and laughed as his music career gave him a free pass in the media and with his "fans." Well, it looks like God did humanity a favor and silenced this drug pushing, child molesting, corrupting piece of flesh. Amen.

Jermaine, La Toya and the rest of these disgusting, unrepenting, and vile filth are just as bad as their deceased brother. You'd think they would learn by the death of their brother and change their ways...
Nah. They are much too stupid for that. After all, all they wanted was the money.
Just blame Dr. Murray, just like you blame everyone else for all your problems. That'll really help things, wont it?

Shame on his family and fans for not stopping his horrible behavior and for helping him live in a drug-enduced state of denial. His family, fans, and inner circle were his enablers. Kudos, you guys really helped him live a healthy lifestyle... right.

Deaths like these:
Really makes you wonder...

These lyrics from one of his song's says it all:

Michael Jackson - Money
Anything for money
Would lie for you
Would die for you
Even sell my soul to the devil" - Yep, he sure did. Freak.

1046 days ago


I heard they were selling the used bloody syringe that Dr. Murray used to inject the fatal dose of propofol to Michael Jackson. That is even more disgusting.

1046 days ago


Complaint filed with the FTC.

1046 days ago
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