Michael Jackson Death Bed Up for Auction

11/9/2011 8:03 AM PST

Michael Jackson -- Death Bed Up for Auction

File this under creepy -- You can wake up in the same spot where Michael Jackson didn't ... because his death bed is officially hitting the auction block.

The queen-size bed is just one of the many items from the Holmby Hills home where MJ died that will be included in a Julien's Auctions event next month.

We're told the bed is still in good shape -- but linens have been changed, since MJ's death.

Other items included in the auction are a mirror from Jackson's "inner sanctum -- a private bedroom in the home where NO ONE else was allowed to enter.

A rep for Julien's says the mirror contains an inspirational message Jackson scribbled on the piece for himself regarding his This Is it concert tour -- which says, “TRAIN, perfection, March April. FULL OUT May."

The auction is scheduled to take place on Dec. 17.