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Conrad Murray in Documentary


11/10/2011 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The controversial Conrad Murray documentary debuted in the United Kingdom tonight -- and in it the doctor emphatically states that AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips told him Michael Jackson does not have a "f**king cent!"

Murray claims Phillips pulled him aside after a meeting about the "This Is It" concerts and angrily said ... "What's this bullshit all about? Listen this guy is next to skid row. He's going to be homeless. Nine security guards? Why does he need that? I'm paying for that s**t. I'm paying for the toilet paper he wipes his f**king ass with."

Phillips took the stand during the manslaughter trial and -- under oath -- denied that conversation with Murray ever took place.

"Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" also shows strategy meetings between Murray's lawyers -- Ed Chernoff and Michael Flanagan ... as well as Flanagan's wife, Susan.

During one pow wow Susan says, "Explain a 50-year-old man who sleeps with a baby doll and has pictures of basically infants to 2-year-old children looking at him every night."

Chernoff then says, "I think the media made him appear weirder than he is." Michael responds, "You gotta be kidding me, he can't be any weirder than he is."

In the docu, Murray claims Michael "always had a chamber that was exclusively his. The bedroom that he slept in ... I had to persuade him, eventually to have it cleaned. Because ... one, he peed the bed. It did not smell good. It was mildew, and I had to get it clean."

"Who would ever believe that a man his age would still be wetting his bed?" Murray added it wasn't medication that made MJ wet the bed ... he claims it was psychological.

The documentary airs in the states, Friday night on MSNBC.


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Illinois person    

First off, it's really no big secret that Jackson was broke but, so? Well, he went through all of his wealth - that in itself is not a crime. Just ask any number of actors, athletes in such. Most, especially the famous live way above their means. As for bed wetting well into adulthood, isn't this a medical condition when an adult can't control their bladder? So what's the point? Be thankful it's not you. What DR closes up shop and drops all others for the sake of one client? Simple, the so-called good DR knew a cash cow when saw one. What all of these people seem to forget including Dr. feel good, is that there would have been no This Is It tour without Jackson since he's the star of the show, right? Heck yeah, Jackson may have been a creep who likes to sleep with dolls but I noticed it didn't bother these people too much not to sign-up for the ride(s) of their lives, right? Talk about a hypocrite? Oh yeah, had he not died and assuming the concerts were a go, bet any one of these people involved would have happily cashed their checks (bed wetting, doll sleeping or otherwise).

987 days ago


Is Randy Williams suffering from memory troubles ? I clearly remember that being interviewed on Sky News, immediately after MJ's passing, being asked if he knew Conrad Murray, he declared he had never heard of him ! He didn't look or sound convincing at all.

987 days ago


I SO HOPE that Michaels children are at the sentencing for the VICTIMS impact statement.

He needs to know what he's done.

He may stay only 3 weeks in jail but every single day is hell there.

He will spend Thanksgiving eating cold grissel turkey.

Michael was wonderful.

After all that was said about him his fans stand beside him 100%!

We love you Michael. Forever.

987 days ago



987 days ago


It's strange - in death, Michael has become a hero, and people forget he was a pedophile. An unbelievably talented musician, but a pedophile. With the Penn State scandal, it is obvious that people in powerful positions, have the "privilege" of having enablers cover up their crimes. With all the special concerts and Cirque De Soleil shows honoring MJ, the King of Pedos, it makes me sick. Will Penn State have concerts honoring Sandusky???

987 days ago


Gee, are there some ignorant people here?! All of those pictures of kids you've seen around Michael's room where gifts from his fans. There's nothing weird about being nice enough to receive and keep a gift.

987 days ago




IT'S ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$$$$$!!!!!

987 days ago


His bedroom pics were pretty disgusting so this doesn't surprise me. He lived in filth and was a horrible role model for his kids. This whole propofol business was his way of committing a painless suicide. The only reason he agreed to the tour was for the personal doc to give it to him every night. He probably took a handful of valium himself before the fatal dose was administered.

A lot of people don't have childhoods but don't cry about it all the time the way he did. His life as a child star couldn't have been all that bad. It was an excuse for the pedophilia. Since there's no cure for that - no big loss.

987 days ago

Joanna A Alisio    

for those of you who hate on Michael have no idea who God is. and Murray will burn in hell and you with him all of you mother*******. for the love of money would put this man down even in death and his children see this. look at yourselves ******** before you judge him your no better.

987 days ago

mo monk    

I watched the do***entary, last night, it had been re-titled The Man that Killed Michael Jackson. CM came across as arrogant, a liar and self absorbed. At the end he shed a few tears, they were dry ones. If you watch it look at his eyes and head movements, you will then see when he is lying. No matter what you think, or thought of MJ he did not deserve to die at the hands of an incompetant doctor.

987 days ago


This is not news, it's crap.

987 days ago


Sometimes I ask myself if I have lived too long. After reading the unsubstantiated lies being told by MC in his do***entary airing tonight, anyone who watches it is a puppet of MC. Michael Joseph Jackson was acquitted of all charges, remember? If he was incontinent in bed, don't you think the propofol and all other drugs caused it? Please, people, have a heart for his family. They lost someone special to them.

987 days ago


Let us not sully the image of the golden idol of Micheal the Jackson anything , to protect our money making machine....this is not about Conrad Murry really...its about protecting their bank accounts...Micheal Jackson in a ordinary world would have been comitted to a mental institue for the mentally insane for being a addict and a perophile years before his death.. he was a nasty pervert....They do not want anything and anyone knowing the real Micheal Jackson because if the true comes to light for all to see their income off of his memory would disappear....the whole dam family lives off it ..Germaine is right now doing the rounds of talk shows showing off cloths and personel items that will coming up for auction like a snake oil sellman on his wagon...and how many tribute shows are we going see for goodness sakes..
So sick of these money grubbing jumped up Jacksons ....

987 days ago


Dr. Drew and the Rabbi both said that MJ was traumatized in childhood. On a recording with the rabbi MJ said after a long day at the studio Joe would threaten to kick the door down in the middle of the night when he was trying to sleep. Imagine how horrific that would be for a child. It's no wonder he had trouble relaxing after performances. It's difficult for most artists but he was especially sensitive and suffered childhood trauma which was left untreated. He may seem weird to people because his experiences made him that way. His life was far from ordinary. It's time for money grubbing people to move on and let MJ rest in peace. He was a commodity to so many people when all he wanted was to be loved and treated like everyone else.

987 days ago


Oh Well, why isn't your sorry a*s posting all over the actual child molestation case at Penn State instead of coming on here with your ridiculous avatars and posts. And the idiot that is cutting and pasting the same thing over and over -- you need to be posting on that site as well. It's very telling that you choose Michael Jackson stories where there is no proof - but you're not all over the stories where there is concrete proof, where the mother actuall went to the police rather than a civil lawyer first to get money. She wants justice for her son! That is the appropriate response of a parent -- not to get money. Even if she sues civilly at a later date -- she still went to the police and reported the incident first! Very telling to me!

987 days ago
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