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Nic Cage

Drops $2k on Mammoth Ivory


11/10/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems Nicolas Cage is finally over that whole "financial ruin" thing -- 'cause dude just dropped TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on a steak knife in Alaska ... TMZ has learned.

Nic was chillin' in Anchorage Wednesday -- when he rolled into a bad ass custom blade shop called Northern Knives.

We're told Cage fell in love with a Don Dezarn original -- which featured MAMMOTH IVORY in the handle and a patriotic bald eagle engraved onto the 4-inch blade.

The knife is primarily used as a decorative piece, and one knife expert tells us it's common for people to wear similar blades as a holstered accessory with a "nice suit."

Knife experts tell us ... $2,000 is pretty reasonable for a knife of that caliber. But the crazy part ... Nic told people inside he plans to use his fancy shank to cut his steak!!!

Chew on that.


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What the heck is wrong with this man's brain.

1081 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

What a dumbass. Still.
Sadly he also BREEDS THEM.

1081 days ago


What are you people crapping on him for?? Celeb's drop thousands for a bottle of wine all the time, just to urinate it out an hour later. Nic's buying a cool, handcrafted knife and he's an a55 for it? Sweet jeez people.

1081 days ago


Knife collecting is huge and there is a lot of money in it. You can buy one for 50 bucks all the way up to 50k. For the most part its a good hobbie to get into and if you dont detroy the knife it should keep its value or go up..

Hell I just bought a custom made knife for 150.00 a few months ago and already worth more than 200.00. I expect it to top out about 500 or so in two years..

1081 days ago


I'm glad to see he is cash-flowing again.

It's his money, he can spend it on whatever he wants.

1081 days ago


BTW, I ate two bison burgers the other day. I suppose I am now somehow responsible for the demise of the Plains Buffalo in the 1800's.

1081 days ago


Hey, . . . as silly as this may seem, at least he's refraining from buying extra homes and castles!!!

1081 days ago


I know the guy who used to own that shop. Years ago he had a picture of OJ Simpson hanging on the wall holding a knife he purchased there back in the early 90' was removed on June 12th 1994. I think he still has it.

1081 days ago


i see it this way he works hard for his money so he can get anything he wants-i love him its must be so hard living a life that everyone looks so close at the things you do -i say live and let live-you go for it nic---------

1081 days ago


Him buying a knife for 2k is like us buying it for $30. No big deal for him. Besides, it's probably a work of art.

1081 days ago


Nic Cage is an a.....hole. Doesn't he know about animal rights. I'll never go see him in a movie again. Hater.

1081 days ago

Jack Steen    

Of course this classless greasy ginzo would buy a piece of trash like this and think it was the ultimate of COOL.

He's a mook.

1081 days ago


Nic did nothing wrong. It is HIS money and he is at this time working for it. He bought a Mammoth Ivory knife. So what. He did nothing illegal. It would not be in that store if it was illegal. Mammoth's have been extinct for many thousands of years. Elephant ivory is illegal because they are still around. I think what he bought was cool. I would love one myself.

1081 days ago

Mr. G    

After nearly being in financial ruin he goes out and spends two grand on something no one needs. You would think he learned his lesson about spending money frivolously. I guess you just can't fix "stupid"!

1081 days ago


That is an expensive knife. I wonder where they got the ivory. It has been illegal to get ivory from elephants for at least 20 years.

1081 days ago
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