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Dr. Conrad Murray

Why I DIDN'T Call 911 Right Away

11/12/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray says he didn't call 911 right away the morning Michael Jackson died because he is a "trained" cardiologist -- and he could do whatever paramedics could do.

Murray made that boastful statement during a strategy session, and appears in the documentary, "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" ... which first aired in the U.K. on Thursday night. However, this footage did not air in the U.S. version which aired Friday night on MSNBC.

Murray's delay in calling 911 was a key topic during his manslaughter trial -- but ultimately, his attorneys never put on any evidence to support the explanation Murray mentions in the documentary.

The doc goes on to say he would have quit working for MJ if he woke up that morning -- because Murray believes what happened to Jackson was the result of "his own hands." 


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KeeKee - enough is enough. Good Lord! You seriously need to go on over to the Penn State board and post about that mess where the mother of the victim actually went to the police and reported the crime rather than in Jackson's case where a civil lawyer was contacted first. I wish you people would do a little research.

1042 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..frig..I don't get it here..grrrr...and responding too this clip....he had NO way to intubate! = DEATH

1042 days ago


The more this SOB Murray open his disgusting murdering fly trap mouth, the more I'm convince he KILLED MICHAEL! I bet it will come out later that Michael found out Murray was nothing more then a money hungry greedy uneducated quack who didn't know jack about nothing and was going to fired his arse. Murray knew this and recorded Michael to blackmailed him into keeping his job. I bet that's what happened! He drug Michael and left the room, abandoning a patient after giving him propofol outside of hospital equipment and setting is a crime. It's FK'N MURDER I tell yah! MURDER!!

1042 days ago


Aren't Flanagan and his wife a charming couple. What an old fart Flanagan is. He told Chernoff to "F" off when he questioned his approach.

1042 days ago

Dr.Conrad Murray    

Did you guys enjoy my TV special?
Did my tie look good? Hopefully this will be the first of many of my TV specials.
Thank You for watching.

Free Me
Dr.Conrad Murray.

1042 days ago


Cheroff actually seem liked a nice guy, shame that he had to deal with Flan****n for six weeks.What a ********.

1042 days ago


TMZ can you please stop calling this freaking cold blooded murder Conrad Murray a doctor. There's not a competent doctor out there that would do what he done, try to cover up their crimes and then talk out the left side of arse practically confession to murdering a man in cold blood. HE'S NO FK'N DOCTOR TMZ! Doctors don't bad mouth their patient they killed and start spreading lies and garbage about a patient that can't fight back and defend himself.


1042 days ago

mac the knife    

HOHOHOHO.. Christmas came in early this year..

don't you all just love that analogy of 'David & Goliath'?! of course, Murray fancied himself as David who'll prevail no matter what the odds..

and that little m prayer.. how the Holy Spirit lifted him etc.. of course, implying he'll be saved.. win this case..


meanwhile.. WATCH SHOW BIZ TONIGHT.. some good comments there today.. even this defense lawyer found nothing good to say a bout Murray.


& I won't be surprise if even Chernoff.. jump ship for his appeal.. there's no way to defend this guy..

actually, this doc0mentarty is reticent.. ah.. t he Brits.. how quickly they will turn coat.. they are NO fools! I bet even Murray will be shocked they didn't paint him as a compassionate party.

1042 days ago


How was this allowed to be made? It is being filmed obviously while the trial is going on. I thought Judge Pastor everyday told jury, lawyers etc. not to discuss anything about this case? What is going on here? WOW I am so suspicious...something is NOT right here!

1042 days ago


Why was the US version different from other countries?? No bed wetting, no psychological damage from Joe, Randy Phillips talking about MJ not having a F**ing dime, and they didn't even talk about MJ's calloused feet.

1042 days ago


the gag order on the trial was lifted by judge the day of verdict, now every one is allowed to tell every thing that happened - even the jury

1042 days ago


trained cardiologist wold NEVER NEVER perform CPR ON BED.

1042 days ago


the reason for kim k divorced is so phony. people who do what she did..... do not have a heart. she is supposed to be an adult. she is getting a divorce because kris did not give in to her foolishness and greed. with all her money she would not allow her sisters to use her things. why? because she is selfish and greedy maybe if her mom would concentrate more on education then reality tv show her family would have more subtance....these girls appear very uneducated and all three of them have no morals what so ever. they really are no more then who.........and that probably will not change considering that is what there mom is

1042 days ago


He's had a good long time to make up an Excuse !

1042 days ago

the sea    

He also thinks he can do what an anesthesiologist can do--without any monitors!

1042 days ago
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