Dr. Murray Defends Actions I Didn't Kill Michael Jackson!

11/11/2011 8:12 AM PST

Dr. Murray Defends His Actions -- I Didn't Kill Michael Jackson!

Dr. Conrad Murray says he doesn't feel guilty about the death of Michael Jackson ... insisting, "I didn't do anything wrong."

The "Today" show is finally airing an intense sit-down interview with Murray that was conducted before the guilty verdict was handed down in his manslaughter case.

During the interview, Murray COMPLETELY CONTRADICTS the story he told police about what he was doing when Michael Jackson was dying on June 25, 2009.

Murray told NBC, he put MJ to sleep that fateful day ... and left the room to talk on the phone, because he didn't want to wake Michael up.

But when Murray spoke with cops, he told them a different story -- that he left the room to use the restroom ... and he was only gone for two minutes.

Murray's admission seems to change the timeline -- the NBC report says Murray was outside talking on the phone for "far longer than the two minutes he acknowledged."  

When asked if he regretted leaving the room that day, Murray thought about his answer and replied, "I regret that Michael has passed."