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Penn State President

I'm Appointing an 'Ethics Officer'

11/11/2011 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rodney Erickson
Penn State's new President Rodney Erickson claims he's appointing an "Ethics Officer" to oversee campus officials in a renewed effort to make sure his people don't pull a Paterno.

It's unclear exactly what the new Ethics Officer's duties entail -- but Erickson just sent an email to the entire PSU community, claiming he plans to "revisit all standards, policies and programs to ensure they meet not only the law, but Penn State's standard."

Erickson says the E.O. will oversee this effort and report directly to him.

In his statement, Erickson says, "Never again should anyone at Penn State feel scared to do the right thing" -- a thinly veiled shot at Mike McQueary, whose cowardly inaction seems not to have been "the right thing."

Erickson has not named a possible candidate for the new Ethics position.

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OMG @joe, please read the damn report, Paterno didn't see anything in regards to the rape, it was McQuery! Have you read any of the previous posts? If you're going to slam people get it right. So your comment about Paterno seeing it, reporting and "forgetting" about it is not quite right.

Seems people don't realize the basics of this whole thing and TMZ, calling it a Paterno is why some are confused on who actually witnessed the crime. There was definitely Some cover up by some at Penn state.Funny how the other two charged, schultz and the other one, are getting absolutely NO National media coverage, even though they completely failed by not taking what P and Mcquery told them and reporting it to any law organization, which was their responsibility and job. The media has the public confused as hell.

Why don't you find out what they are doing now TMZ, and also find out what Sandusky's wife knew.

987 days ago


Hopefully the first thing the Ethics Officer tells you to do is to fire McQuery! But will you listen or go with the Penn State policy of hoping it will all go away if you ignore it?

987 days ago

PSU Alum    

TMZ, you say this ethics officer is put in place so that his staff doesn't pull a Paterno. You should say so his staff doesn't pull a Schulz, Curley, or Spanier. As evidenced in the Grand Jury report Paterno spoke to Head of University Park Police (a state sanctioned entity with the same power and authority as any other law enforcement force in PA!). Since you haven't yet read it take a peek at the the important stuff:

"Schultz testified that he was called to a meeting with Joe Paterno and Tim Curley, in which Paterno reported “disturbing” and “inappropriate” conduct in the shower by Sandusky upon a young boy, as reported to him by a student or graduate student." (Page 8 of the Grand Jury Report)

"Although Schultz oversaw University Police as part of his position he never reported the incident to the University Police or any other Police agency, never sought or reviewed a police report of the 1998 incident (even though he was aware of it pg. 9) and never attempted to learn the identity of the child in the shower in 2002)" (Pg 10)."

Please note...both Schultz and Curley spoke with McQueary at length regarding what he saw!

Additionally, Schultz testified that Spanier was apprised of the incident via a report at which time he also chose not to take any further action even though it was his legal duty to do so by Pennsylvania State Law, also as reported in the grand jury report on page 12 "Pennsylvania's mandatory reporting statute for suspected child abuse is located at 23 Pa.C.S. §6311 (Child Protective Services Law) and provides that when a staff member reports abuse, pursuant to the statute, the person in charge of the school or institution has the responsibility and legal obligation to report or cause such a report to be made by telephone and in writing within 48 hours to the Department of Public Welfare of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania."

Yes, in hindsight Joe Paterno AND Matt McQueary should have tried to do more once they saw no criminal charges or further investigations were taking place. But please, do not try to make this look like Paterno WILLFULLY covered up such a heinous act. By PA law he did what was required of him, State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan said so himself!

For more FACTS about this case, please feel free to READ the grand jury report. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/sports/do***ents/sandusky-grand-jury-report11052011.html

We understand as busy "reporters" you seldom have the time to actually check facts.

Our hearts go out to the victims, those identified and those not yet identified. If you would like to make a contribution to the Prevent Child Abuse PA, along with the PSU community please feel free to do so at: http://www.preventchildabusepa.org/donation.php

You all have a great day! Stay Blessed.

987 days ago


I don't understand how that man saw him raping a little boy and didn't proceed to beat his ass and call the cops.

987 days ago

Throwback kid    

Ethics? people knew about the sexual abuse and no one said anything. It took a teenage victim to finally say what happened.Penn State will be associated with words like Pedofile and phrases like "ahal sex with a boy in the shower" for years to come. Cancel the season next year and send all of the Penn State staff to classes on sexual abuse of children, it looks like right now they are unable to identify it? They need to become educated on the subject, send this Vice Presidemnt too, they all need some work on the subject

987 days ago

david saint    

pull a paterno? Lets examine what joe did shall we? He went to his immediate boss, and said "hey, something inappropriate is going on here, you need to look into this". He didnt bru***** off. For all we know, Curley and the bunch could have been shining him on the whole time. And if one of the victims moms got Sandusky to make an admission of sorts on the phone with the cops listening in 98, and they didnt have enough to charge him at that time, whats to say Joe telling the cops would have done anything? People need to remember the many years of dedication he has had to many students, and quit making assumptions. If anyone failed, its the Penn st police chief back in 98 who told the detectives then to close the case.

987 days ago

jimmy d    


987 days ago


All of these Paterno apologists make me sick. People like them are exactly why people like Sandusky continue to victimize young children. Paterno is as guilty as anyone and everything good in his life that he has ever done is not good enough to trump this one really, really, really bad decision.

987 days ago


Kinda freaky how much alike Erickson and Sandusky look.

987 days ago


9 years late and a dollar short ya pinhead

987 days ago


That poor slob will really have their work cut out for them. Guess they will be importing someone from outside of Penn State since the administration seems to lack decency, or at minimum a freakin clue. Good luck with that. PSU will now stand for Pedophile State U.

987 days ago


little dam late isn't it

987 days ago

For Sooth?    

Hey Penetration State, your "Ethics" officer can eat dust. You small town folks exalt these sports guys to a God like position and now you look back in wonder at what went wrong with the chain of command.
I say we give these perps revolvers and have them pace off in the middle of town and shoot. The last guy standing goes to prison and never, ever, ever, has a stitch of clothing to his name, and his cell is an open door policy, if you get my drift.
Eat dust, Penetration State!

987 days ago


Cowardly inaction? Really? McQueary is the ONLY one who actually told anyone. Read the Grand Jury statement. He went through the chain of command, but I probably would have too if I were just a lowly grad assistant on a team led by someone who'd been coaching twice as long as I'd been alive.

987 days ago


gate shut = pasture = horse already gone..........too little too late

987 days ago
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