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'Bachelor' Winner Gives Birth

It's a 'Dirty' Little Girl!!

11/11/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Bachelor" winner Shayne Lamas is finally a mommy ... after giving birth to a bouncing baby girl today, Press Dahl Lamas-Richie ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Shayne's hubby -- honcho Nik Richie -- was in the room for the planned C-section. Press was born at 12:01pm ... weighing in at a healthy 6 pounds 6 ounces.

Shayne and Press are both doing well.  11/11/11 -- She's one lucky little lady.


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Don't know who they are and I certainly don't care.

1044 days ago


6 pounds 6 ounces
do the MATH

1044 days ago


Her moms a whore Nik, you know that. You also know the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. She totally made herself look like a groupie whore on that reality show she did with her family a few years back.

1044 days ago


to bad her dads a goof!

1044 days ago


DUMB NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1044 days ago


Press??...Roflmao...ha ha

1044 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Shayne's washed up and can't get work so she wants to be a Dina Lohan and is starting early.
All your insults aren't affecting these two so forget it. Shayne doesn't have a soul. She's one of these women who thinks insults are coming from jealous people. She think people insult her because they are jealous of her. Even though there is nothing to be jealous of, she thinks people (especially women) envy her fake hair color, her short legs and loooong torso, her large face with her misshapen eyes (one eye is HUGE compared to the other). Shayne thinks she is better than everyone because she is a Lamas and she thinks everyone is jealous of her being a Lamas. I know. Bizarre. But that's how she is. LOL
Hooman's nastiness comes from a DEEP-rooted insecurity about his ethnicity which is why he changed his name and has bleached his hair blonde to try and be anything BUT ethnic (which he is).
Hooman also is brutally insecure when it comes to women which is why he has a website that insults them. But, honestly, why does anyone feel bad for the women he insults? They are whores with their fake boobies and overly slutty poses. I don't feel sorry for them. I honestly doubt Hooman would insult nice, decent girls. He doesn't think he has a chance with nice decent girls so he takes out his anger on slutty girls who are easy targets.
They are both pretty horrible and unattractive. Their daughter will neither be attractive or smart. There is absolutely no way since neither Shayne nor Hooman have nice features and Shayne has a horrible body with short legs and a looong torso. Shayne has vomitous looking eyes (totally unsymmetrical) and her hair must have the consistency of straw at this point. She's been bleaching since 13 years old.
Hooman has nice eyes but his NOSE - OMG - the ethnic shnoz on that guy is absurd and vomitous. As are his ears. And he's short. Gross.
Don't look for these two to get divorced any time soon. Hooman's incredibly insecure & will stick with Shayne. Shayne controls that relationship & I doubt that she would dump Hooman because she KNOWS she can't do any better & I'm sure Hooman does whatever she says out of insecurity. And if anyone will dump anyone, it will be Shayne dumping Hooman just like his ex woman dumped him. But neither Shayne nor Hooman are good people so they belong together. And I hope they stay together and keep all that nastiness to themselves.
This is who they are. Shayne grew up the daughter of a vapid and superficial whore and is just like her mom and...will look just like her mom as she ages. And her mom is so old looking and crypt like - you should google a pic. Shayne's dad upgrades every few years - his new piece is younger than Shayne.
Finally, kiss kiss Shayne I know you're reading this. LOL. Whew - that felt good!

1044 days ago


Shayne is a hoe

1044 days ago


For someone that likes to ridicule other people, and point out every single physical flaw...I think he forgot to include his own wife in the list. Dude, one of her eyes is a different size than the other. Pretty wonky looking.

1044 days ago


He's one ugly dude and she looks like she needs to lay off the plastic surgery. She looks like Heidi Montag, but Heidi actually looks decent next to this chick.

Her dad was attractive in his youth. What happened to her?

1044 days ago


His real name is HOOMAN? LOL. Why the hell does he go by "Nik Richie"? What ethnicity is he? The guy is fugly as hell. This pix isn't as bad as the other pictures I've seen of him.

That guy is one UGLY dude, but she's no stunner either.

That child is going to be one f'ed up kid.

By the way, I never knew who either of them were until TMZ started posting on them and I read the comments section. I guess they've learned well from the Kardashian types -- using the social media to get publicity. Both of them are nobodies. And their Zlist celebrity will burn out quick.

1044 days ago


This child was not BORN, it was ripped out by a surgeon.

1044 days ago


He is such a piece of sh*t. They should have the child taken from them. They are both "dirty" nasty people. He thinks he is changing peoples lives by ruining them with lies.

1044 days ago


One more thing...The kid is probably going to turn out and be a slut just her mother. Wouldn't be suprised if we here about that in 18 year or so. Probably be a video of her somewhere on the internet. I'm surprised her daddy isn't is some gay video somewhere.

1044 days ago


Stupid parents!!!

1044 days ago
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