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Joe Paterno's Son

Chokes Up After Game:

'Dad, I Wish You Were Here'

11/12/2011 12:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0_2l5zhgwx_0_s14r3zwgJoe Paterno's son -- Penn State's QB coach Jay Paterno -- just broke down during a postgame interview, tearing up as he addressed his father to the camera ... claiming, "Dad, I wish you were here. We love you."

Joe Paterno -- who was fired as head coach earlier this week following PSU's massive child abuse scandal -- did not attend the game.

Penn State lost to Nebraska 17-14.

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pretty disappointed in the viciousness of these comments towards a man who also made sure his students graduated and never had an NCAA violation in managing the students. Joe Pa has tried to conduct his life with integrity. Yes, this is horrible for all the young victims. We don't know all the facts. We do know Joe Pa acted. Could he have done more? How do we know... Unless you were there and knew all the facts - we should not judge. I'm sure all of us of encountered a serious act where we wish we had done more. But when a son simply shows some love for his father, we as a society should be more graceful. This family is hurting too.

Love to the young men and their families. May they find the help and support they need.

1084 days ago


His dad isn't dead and he wasn't raped by a grown man!
So crying about him being fired over the rape of numerous boys is asinine!
He's 85 and should've been at home a long time ago!

Sandusky merely had emeritus status - McQuery (6'5" former QB) could've easily physically stopped it. And Paterno, up until this week, had no fear of reprecussions from anyone for calling the cops on Sandusky - so there is no excuse for their apathy!

1084 days ago


@Hols Paterno is actually quoted saying he regrets that he didn't do more. You should read the Grand Jury testimony before you begin testimony of your own. It's his own admission that he failed the children. I could care less about his success as a coach. It's his success as a human being that counts. He had the power to do WAY more than he did. He failed. No parade for Joe P.

1084 days ago


Sandusky is out on bail! Isn't anyone besides myself worrying about what he's up to???

1084 days ago


I want to make sure everybody who has responded to my post are all very wrong and right at the same time. They basically said what I said.

To show what kind of person I am, I also believe Casey Anthony is Very Sexy and was not guilty and I would wife her up like she was my queen :)

1084 days ago


In my opinion. To these people: Football > Everything.

1084 days ago


Jay Paterno the quarterback at Penn. Is it possible he also knew about Sandusky? If so FIRE HIM.

1084 days ago


I have no sympathy for this guy. You'd better stop and think about what your dad was involved in. He held that secret for years, and still wouldn't have told anyone if it hadn't come out some other way. Shame on him and all those that knew what took place and covered up. Let him man up and take responsibility for what he didn't do.

1084 days ago

James L.    

this Sh7t is just plain weird! What kind of Backwater Groundroots Old White man Lemon Factory do they have going on out there withing the Cultish Penn State Athletic Organization!??

1084 days ago


I wonder if Dad let HIS son hang out with Sandusky a few years ago???

1084 days ago


@MSM - yes - he said he could do more. a good man would feel this way and be forthright about it because the act on the victims was so horrendous. again - you and I weren't there. why didn't he. hindset vision can often be 20/20 while when you are in it, it doesn't seem so clear. And I was not absolving the man of any responsibility.

however, the point of my comment is that people are attacking a son for supporting a father - and doing so viciously. He simply expressed love for his father. He didn't say the decision to fire him was wrong. He didn't try and absolve anything. He just misses him, and loves him. This world could use a lot more compassion.

1084 days ago

Fat Mike    

Geez, you people commenting are pricks sometimes.
How many of you have squeeky clean families? Should I judge and insult you based on what your relatives have done? (what they have done, not what they have been caught for)
F**king losers, the lot of you.

1084 days ago

buzz kill    

Booo Fu..in Hoo, cry me a river. Your old man didn't do anything about the molesting, why? Obviously he was involved, he most likely raped his share. He couldn't call police on someone who was doing the same thing he was doing, especially when they knew it.

1084 days ago


So i was curious about the charity/child traffiking sex ring (?) who was on the board etc. Hawkeye Nation has it up but the SECOND MILE website has taken down the list of members.THe rumors are running rampant that S/M pimped out some of the kids to members.ALLEDGELY who knows the transcripts talk about a trip to Texas with one of kids victim 8. or victim 7, but they are going to find out. , Remember the grand jury has been investigating this case since 2008 The people on the list for Second Mile are basically the heads of EVERY MAJOR CORP . PAtero and Sandusky have known since early this year that this was coming down the pike, plenty of time to prepare for the sh*t storm of all their lifetimes. So ya gotta know that they cleaned it up for us.

1084 days ago


Dear Allen,

There is no history of this kind of perversion in my family, be it the act or the cover up. Are you for real, or one of them?

1084 days ago
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