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Shayne Lamas Baby Photo

Meet the Press

11/12/2011 2:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Press Dahl Lamas-Richie
Her dad might run, but Press Dahl Lamas-Richie looks clean as a whistle in her first baby photo.

As TMZ first reported, "Bachelor" alum Shayne Lamas gave birth to a baby girl yesterday, with her hubby Nik Richie on hand for the big moment.


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I am Spartacus    

too bad her parents are both losers. TMZ stop reporting on anything related to these two. You realize you're supporting a guy who makes a living bashing the appearance of girls? Real classy.

Hooman Karamian is a douchebag

1076 days ago



1076 days ago


This baby is so precious! Too bad both of her parents are idiots. Nik Richie a.k.a Hooman Karamian is the biggest douchebag ever! He prides himself off of making women look like trashy skanks regardless of whether it's true or not. Stop reporting on this idiot!! He is a waste of space and a poor excuse for a human being.

1076 days ago


Nik must have nude pics of Harvey... TMZ is the only website that even mentions these losers, it makes no sense. Either nude photos or the Dirty is paying TMZ to post about them. NOBODY CARES... She is a dirty ho, and NIK is a s***bag with acne scars...why must TMZ pump these two up? Makes ZERO sense.... like I said its either nude photos or MONEY ..

1076 days ago


OMG...what a PRECIOUS little baby!! She is indeed beautiful. Hopefully being a father to a FEMALE will soften this dudes cruelty towards women...I am not going to state the obvious that he's a complete idiot but one can only hope that this little girl will not be brought up hating herself and her appearance because of what her father does for a living. It's funny to me that he talks about "dream killers" and women that get knocked up to trap and marry guy and that is EXACTLY what happened to him! HA! KARMA slapped his ass right in the face!!! He married a woman that is not even as beautiful as the ones he bashes on his website! She is by FAR from perfect! A baby RUINS a womans is NEVER the same again. I don't care WHO you are and how much weight you lose..there are "areas" on your body that never look the same again...He is in for a RUDE awakening when his wife plumps up in a few years...She's not gonna be in her 20's forever Nik Richie! Are you gonna trade her in for a newer, younger model when she's older and fatter!?? How does that look to your child? Shayne is attractive but she too has the same "flaws" that he points out on his website about other women (fat arms, soft belly etc)! And she used to be chunky till she met him....How long do you think she'll be able to keep up with her "appearance" chasing after a kid all day long (unless you hire a full time nanny)? Not long I'm guessing...WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD NIK!! You're in for a looooong haul! Hahaha! Karma is finally getting you'll see!

1076 days ago


QUIT POSTING ABOUT THESE LOSERS... something is up with this couple and TMZ. TMZ NEVER says anythign abd about these losers like they do everybody else, they also always refer to NIK ( idiot who runs the DIrty) as the head HONCHO..its kinda creepy....somehting isnt sitting right between the two partys

1076 days ago



1076 days ago


These areticles about the Lamas ho and the Dirty dirtbag prove that TMZ can be bought for a price... pay them enough and you to can be on TMZ every week...

1076 days ago


I bet he'd go ape-**** if someone posted something about his daughter!

Unfortunaely - Press is going to reap the seeds her father has sown!

1076 days ago


There will be no congratulatory remarks from me. Nik's site is designed to promote bullying. It is horrible that still today people are encouraging this form of behavior

1076 days ago

The Real JJ    

They really named the baby 'press.' This baby doesn't what's about to hit her amd her parents are just f***in idiots.

1076 days ago


looks ugly,its nose is tilted to the left,theres a refund gap between its eyes and it has hints of transvestiteism,i believe it has 2 sets of genitals,i heard that from a nurse at the hospital....the baby was also caught giveing head to the doctor after he spanked it....ohhhh i have so much more for you nik

1076 days ago


I agree 100%. The dirty has somehting on Harvey. Harvey is contantly posting about these two, always talking them up and basicaly pimping ANOTHER COMPETITORS WEBSITE... what does NIK have on Harvey is the question?

1076 days ago


i heard he told the doctor to put it back in for a few more hours because it didnt look done,he said weres the big boobs and blonde hair,but the wife explained that they will buy that next year

1076 days ago


Shayne is the granddaughter of the utterly beautiful,1950's actress, Arlene Dahl.I believe Arlene was married 7 times.Doubt that she would have ever stooped to nudity though.Notice how most of the descendants of rich celebrities seem to end up being worthless trash? The list is endless.Christin Brando,Brody Jenner,the Kirk Douglas grand son,Lorenzo Lamas.The list goes on and on.What a curse.I wouldn't wi***** on anybody.

1076 days ago
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