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Kendall Jenner

A Really, Really Sweet 16 Present

11/14/2011 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kendall Jenner emerged from her sweet 16 dinner last night (with sister Kim among the guests) to find her present -- a brand new, bow-tie wrapped Range Rover -- waiting for her outside.

Must be nice.



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Boy, these people really are a bunch of publicity whores. "Look everyone. We gave our 16 year old a really expensive SUV for her birthday."

1076 days ago


It may make me sound petty, but first off, this family has done nothing to be worthy of any media coverage except whore themselves out in front of the public all the time and they've proven, with this sham wedding, that nothing is too low if it will make them money and famous.

And second, I hate seeing spoiled brats getting cars like this. I bought my first car. Daddy and mommy never gave one to me. I won't give one to my kids. Instead, we are teaching them the value of money and hard work. I absolutely can't stand people like this or stories like this. Makes me sick.

1076 days ago


Stop supporting anything to do with those nasty Kardashians; it’s time for them to go away. They are a scourge on society and terrible role models for our youth. Just think: Father helped a murderer go free (he hid duffel bag of bloody clothes and defended O.J.), Mother is a proud adulteress, Kim is famous for pornography in which she let a man urinate on her, Kourtney has flaunted having a child out of wedlock, Rob is a bum (has never worked), sponging off of others, and the entire family lies to the public claiming what is scripted on their show by Ryan Seacrest is reality. And the most disgusting part of all is that they are about nothing other than excess, they have no redeeming qualities to offer society at all. Making a mockery of the holy union of marriage (for publicity) was the last straw. They are disgusting and it is time for this to end. They are very damaging to our youth and society.

1076 days ago


Its an awesome SUV, and she should feel blessed to own it but, seriously I dislike this entire family. Bruce Jenner is the only one that has any type of tact. I find it amazing that Kris Sun a sex tape into an entire empire.

1076 days ago



1076 days ago


Yippie! Does Kim's arse come included as an airbag?

1076 days ago


Wow! I alway*****e when I see teenagers with a better car than mine. I'm totally hating right now lol

1076 days ago


just another a here family to keep thier family in view ...never mind ...its a bad view ..

1076 days ago

Mike L    

Spoiled brat.

1076 days ago


These people just feed off spending large amounts of money and making it publicized. Fame wh-res.

1076 days ago


The girls cute but she's dressed just like Kim which is kind of growing in the wrong direction.
But anyways, even if I had a trillion dollars, if my kid were turning 16 he or she would not get a car. I would make sure that my child earned it by doing extra work, chores, good grades, volunteer work, extra curricular activities. Even help put some $ down for it or make him or her pay for the insurance every month out of their own pocket. Why? Because it teaches kids responsibilities. My parents gave me lots of stuff when I was a teen until I discovered that nothing is free when you're an adult and now I work hard for the things I have. When things fell on my lap, I didn't take care of them. Now that I work for what I have, I value everything I have. Hopefully this girl Kendall will cherish the gift she got and also learn to be a responsible and generous adult.

1076 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Now that Rob has been out in the 'real world/DWTS' he looks embarrassed and I don't blame him!!! Giving a 16 yr.old a range rover!!!! Too much!

1076 days ago


I just puked in my mouth..

1076 days ago


hey kendell your families deception for money paid for it

1076 days ago


If anyone knows any TMZ bigwig, can they please ask them to stop reporting on the Kardashians. I actually enjoy hearing about celebrity gossip, but these people can not sing,dance or act. I can't seem to figure out why they our famous, or deserve this attention. If we would all call our local TV/newspapers, and ask them to stop reporting on these people, maybe they will go away.....

1076 days ago
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