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Metta World Peace

Michael Jordan Betrayed

the NBA Players

11/13/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Metta World Peace says his childhood hero Michael Jordan left the NBA players high and dry in the never-ending lockout drama -- by forgetting he was once one of them ... and acting like every other stubborn owner.

Jordan -- the Charlotte Bobcats' big cheese -- is among a group of NBA owners who are taking a hard line with the players in the lockout negotiations.

According to MWP, the players don't hate His Airness ... they just feel like, "he didn't support us when we most needed him."

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I am Spartacus    

Artest is 100% right. Jordan as a player on the court is the greatest. Jordan off the court is a complete a-hole. We're talking about a guy who charged $150+ for his shoes, used his Hall of Fame speech as a chance to continue taking shots at people and has been the worst GM/Owner in the NBA.

When Jordan was a player he told owners, "if you can't make a profit then sell your team." He needs to take his own advice. Hands down the worst GM/Owner in the NBA.

1074 days ago


Jordan worked for cheap on his 1st several contracts.In hind site this enabled the BULLS to pay the rest of the cast...He didn't make huge money till the end.Kinda earned the paycheck at that point..

1074 days ago

I am Spartacus    


Airing It Out With Wiz Owner
Thursday, October 29, 1998
You don't want to be a Washington player if Michael Jordan plays against the Wizards this season. During the mass owner-player meeting yesterday, Jordan engaged in a heated exchange with Wizards owner Abe Pollin.

Jordan's showdown with Pollin and fellow Bull Steve Kerr's verbal battle with David Stern were the highlights of the 11/2-hour meeting, according to several players.

According to players, Pollin said about his fellow owners, "You just have to trust us."

Jordan fired back, saying, "You've got to trust our negotiators." Jordan also blasted owners for not bargaining in good faith in the offseason and said to Pollin, "If you can't make a profit, you should sell your team."

Asked early today about the confrontation, Jordan replied, "I'm not trying to disrespect Abe, and I wouldn't expect him to disrepect us as players, but if they're gonna make a hard stand, we have to make a hard stand. And quite naturally, you're gonna have some angry positioning, but you have to set that aside."

Kerr, meanwhile, drew Stern's ire after he called aspects of the owners' proposal "an insult." Losing his cool, Stern responded by saying that the players' demand to have 63% of income go to salaries was also "an insult."

1074 days ago

I am Spartacus    

If Jordan played these days, everyone would hate him. Could you imagine if Lebron James was seen in Atlantic City gambling the night before a playoff game against the Knicks? He'd be crucified for doing that. But that is exactly what Jordan did.

People mistake Jordan's on the court greatness for him being a good guy. The guy is a complete jerk off the court.

1074 days ago


Can you really take anyone calling themself Metta World Peace seriously? :-) Why shouldn't Michael Jordan look out for his own interests, seems the Metta World Peace [can he now just adopt the ampersand for his name and go by the basketballer formerly known as Metta World Peace] is looking out for his own bank account.

1074 days ago


This is just dumb Jordon's gotta watch out for himself it's not like those players care about helping him out any either. The players are idiots if they would of taken the latest deal it would have been better then any other leagues deal now the owners are gonna just hold out they have alot more money and have other forms of income.

1074 days ago


this *ss clown need to go back to school
because he is a total DUMB ARSE. I beleive
he must be a retard.

1074 days ago


Generations have been saying "THE MAN" is keeping them down.
Now MICHAEL JORDAN is "THE MAN"....interesting.

1074 days ago


STFU! They average NBA salary is 5.5 million dollars, for playing a god damn game. The NBA minimum is $500,000. Good luck taking your "degree" and getting a job earning that much. Players just need to suck it up, take the 50/50 split and play already.

1074 days ago


Jordan is a business man, and could care less what this guy who needs to change his name to get noticed thinks, and business make money not bad decisions like hoping for X amount more while losing X amount this season. Never get it back anyway, no matter what the owners players deal ends up being. Owners win! face it!

1074 days ago


Maybe Michael Jordan as an owner AND former player doesn't agree with you it doesn't seem like all the current players agree with one another.

1073 days ago


Michael Jordan has always been arrogant. Why would anyone, especially a N.B.A Player expect him to be outspoken as a supporter of their cause. The same players that put him on a pedestal are finally realizing "he is not that great".

1073 days ago

Jim in Cali    

I'm usually pro-player in these disputes but the NBA players need to get their head examined. Tough times going in the US economy and these guys think they aren't overpaid? There are millionares on the bench that don't even pay. Its crazy.

1073 days ago


This exemplifies the difference in the mindset of a player versus an owner.

Being able to play basketball really well does not qualify a person at ensuring that the bottom line of a multi-billion dollar industry is met.

In any event this situation needs to be resolved because no one is making any money while this bickering goes on.

1073 days ago


Okay!! TIME OUT OFF THE COURT!! And we are off the court!Don't even try to muddy Jordan's name in the blame game in this ugly lock out. More than 95% of these players today -- well, make that 99.9 percent ---can't even come close to qualifying to carry his jockstrap!!Jordan, as the top gate attraction not only for the Association -- but for all those darn TV Networks that marketed him and made BILLIONS in advertising revenue, along with the NBA --and MJ really never was rewarded for his On-Court, Prime Time, Big Time, Clutch time Championship Winning Mettle. Yes he got his share of the "Air Jordan" Endorsement dollars -- but really should have had a 50-75 Million a year contract with the Bulls -- but that didn't "fit" the team's budget. He alone truly set the tone for the "padded" contracts mediocre players get today. As an Owner he is protecting his "small" market team and I don't blame him. Perhaps some of these FAT corporations that own TV networks should consider pitching in to help the smaller market teams if these owners are crying "broke" -- and in today's dollars with some of these inflated salaries for mediocre talent -- they are!

1073 days ago
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