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Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer

McQueary May Be a Liar

11/15/2011 6:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe AmendolaJerry Sandusky's lawyer says he thinks he found the boy who was allegedly raped in the shower that has become the flashpoint for the scandal, and the man -- now in his 20's -- is saying it never happened.

Joe Amendola told Ann Curry on "Today" ... prosecutors have never given him the names of the accusers, but he believes he's found the alleged victim, and if indeed it is him Mike McQueary is lying.

Amendola also concedes, "It is possible Jerry did this [molested kids]" and if he did he should be punished. 

And Amendola echoes what Sandusky told Bob Costas last night ... it was bad judgment for him to shower with young boys, especially when there were complaints as early as 1998.

The New York Times is reporting ... around 10 additional alleged victims have now come forward.

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Sonya in Tx    

This is what gives lawyers a bad name...

1052 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Reading, it again the sentence actually says "."...Mike McQueary is lying."

Tsk. Tsk.

1052 days ago


So this Sandusky creep is out on a free bond with no monitoring and no house arrest - so he is free to go find his victims and pressure them or pay them off to lie. Ugggh. I wouldn't mind some vigilante justice on this one! As for McQueary - why didn't he tell the grand jury he stopped the assault? He actually is a liar. And a pathetic human being.

1052 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Ten additional victims have come forward. No doubt, there will be more.

1052 days ago


karlew: 57 minutes ago

He just loved the company of boys, liked being around them, enjoyed showering with them and lathering them up, but there was nothing sexual about it. How stupid do they thing people are? Really who would believe a grown man hanging out and showering with young boys is innocent? Oh wait........... Ok who but a Michael Jackson fan would believe this?

Now you see this ****** up comment you left here, before you make any such statements you should go and check the facts first, buts its people like you with their quick to judge ****** up stance that are the worst. You do realise that quite a number of so called "alleged victims" stepped forward in Mr. Sandusky's case, well even now another 10 "victims" have come forward. Yet it is amazing that no one ever went to the police, told their parents and so on, and all of a sudden BAM now its their time to speak, weird!!! Anyhow should this be true than this is your typical stereotype Pedophile profile, meaning he has been doing this for decades and numerous "victims" are envolved (typical pedo goes through 200 victims in their lifetime) yet you put this man in the same category than MJ. Two families out for money in a time frame of 10 years between them!!! One of them, that received the money from the INSURANCE COMPANY OF MJ, against MJ"s consent, cause they were worried about the loss of money to the tour operators that this might have caused, shot himself after MJ died. The other denied nothing ever happened quite clearly in a taped video, which they did not know it was taped, praising MJ to high heaven, if not for him their little boy would have died, only to come forward AFTER THE BASHIR do***ent aired, claiming molestation on dates that Mr. Jackson was not even in the country. It has been clearly proven, that the last family was a con artist family as they have been trying to extort monies out of other celebs. who fortunately saw through their scam, falsified claims against a Major Store after the Mother was stopped in the car park by Security Guards for shoplifting, went home bruised herself and shouted rape a whole week afterwards. Has been receiving Government benefit fraudulently. Do you want to hear more???? Mr. Jackson was proven innocent of all charges in a COURT OF LAW! Dragging him through this as its now knows 'THE BIGGEST SCAM IN THE HISTORY AND THE MOST DEHUMANIZING MAN HUNT IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND, costing the Tax Payers Millions of Dollars, for what SCAM ARTISTS!!! Now there is the difference between Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sandursky. I do not know if Sandursky is guilty of the crime, unless those "alleged victims" will go to court with this. Until then the old saying applies "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY". I sincerely hope that this does not happen to you in any form or way, I am sure that you would like to believe in a justice system, should you ever require it. Judging in the eyes of public opinions certainly would not help you there. And yes I am a Michael Jackson Fan, and made it my point to study the cases.

1052 days ago


This guy doesn't even know who the Fed are questioning...SHUT UP!!!

1052 days ago


Wait, didn't the alleged incident with the boy in the shower that McQueary saw happen in the 2000's? Then, that CAN'T be the right boy, because he was around 10 at the time. Can't be in his 20's now.

1052 days ago


The interview sandusky did with Bob Costas last night reminded me of the MJ interview with Martin Basheer... "No... I am not a pedophile... but I DO like to hang around (horse play with) little boys and SLEEP/SHOWER with them"... SERIOUSLY? And IF McQueary DID "stop" the act he TESTIFIED TO A GRAND JURY he witnessed WHY is it not part of his (SWORN) testimony in the grand jury transcripts? Hasn't he just "admitted" to PERJURY??? WHY would he "leave out" of his testimony that he DID stop it? THe whole thing walks like a duck and talks like a duck...

1052 days ago


Nothing like trying to put a positive spin on a terrible situation!! Feel so sorry for all the young boys who lives have been changed for ever!!

1052 days ago


1st) why hasn't that red headed effin POS been fired yet? 2nd) F Penn State ALL their employees who covered this up.
3rd) Why hasn't the judge been removed from the bench?
4th) Tear down that statue of Peterno..its just gross now.
5th) CLEAN HOUSE..from admin to the cops to the janitors

1052 days ago


Since his wife was so blind I wonder what else happened in that household I hope he did not molest his adopted and foster kids.

1052 days ago


The Sandusky legal team is in a WIN-WIN $ituation. They will get paid big buck$ regardless, if he's found innocent or GUILTY.

1052 days ago


The only difference between Sandusky and Amendola is that the lawyer was smart enough to wait until the child was of 'legal' age. According to the New York Post, Amendola got a 16-year-old girl pregnant when he was FORTY NINE. So, yeah, makes sense that he would come to Sandusky's defense.

1052 days ago


Not only does Sandusky sound like a complete liar, this lawyer is probably going to lose clients for defending him.
He's saying the witnesses are liars and all the victims will recant.

1052 days ago


From the Judge->Police->Penn State-> All should be held accountable........ I hope those boys get every cent from Anyone they can Sue....

1052 days ago
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