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Selena Gomez

Puppy's Rocky Meal

All Works Out in the End

11/15/2011 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Selena Gomez's dog nearly died after ingesting a belly full of rocks -- but luckily for the pooch ... what goes in, must come out. Ouch!

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This story IS a few days old TMZ!!!!!!!
The puppy does have beautiful blue eyes though!
☺ it will be fine ~~

1072 days ago


wonder why a dog would eat rocks.
and he swallowed them whole too.

1072 days ago


Wow! Gives new meaning the statement "**** a brick"

1072 days ago


I meant to new meaning to the statement "**** a brick". Here is hoping the Beiber is not the daddy! The kid will be in his playpen eating rocks. Lol

1072 days ago


A puppy eating rocks is nothing new. Working in a vet E.R. this is something we see a LOT. You can watch a dog as closely as possible, but if he finds rocks small enough, they can swallow them quickly. it doesn't always have to do with neglect. She wasn't feeding the pup rocks. The important thing is what she does now. if this is on her private residence, she will need to remove the rocks and re-landscape the property, or if it's a rental, have the landlord do so... then she will need to put her dog in a positive reinforcement training with a licensed dog trainer, emphasizing stay, drop it and leave it commands.

1072 days ago


If you could supervise your pet to the point it with never EVER eat something it shouldn't (rocks, chocolate, corn cobs, other poop, ect.) then Veterinary clinics would be really, really slow. However, they are not. Good pet owners who are very responsible come in every day with a once in a life time oops moment. ('the dog got off the leash', 'I only looked away for a second and the ham was gone', 'I forgot to close the garbage lid and he grabbed a chicken bone') People need to lay off this poor girl. what she went through can be very traumatic. I'm sure she didn't set out to adopt a dog and have this happen. This wasn't abuse or willful neglect. So cut her some slack.

BTW... dogs who obsessively eat non-food items like feces, rocks, clothing, could have dietary or genetic issues that need to be regulated through special supplements... or, in cases of rescues, could have behavioral issues that need to be seen by a trainer with an expertise in behavioral training using positive reinforcement methods.

1072 days ago


Why did she film the dog when it was in distress? To make up for it, I guess she was told to pose for a photo-op hugging her little pup after the vet had treated him. She's a stupid little bitch, obviously,and a puppet of pr men.

1072 days ago


I'm sure she didn't let her puppy eat rocks on purpose. Who knows if she was even there when the pup ate them? It's an accident people!
I'm glad the puppy is ok and I'm sure she'll be more careful in the future. Alot of people don't realise that a puppy needs to be watched much like a two year old. Even then they will still get in trouble.
Selena's heart is in the right place.

1071 days ago


Hahahahaha silly dog!!!! My dog is a different breed, Shih Tzu, and she tries to eat rocks all the time!!!! I know how Selena feels!!! Puppies don't know any better!!!

1071 days ago

Big Daddy    

Having never owned a dog, is this a common occurence with puppies? It's a beautiful animal. Love the eyes:)

1071 days ago


1071 days ago


1071 days ago

Big Daddy    

Why is it I don't get confirmation letters anymore? It's hard to comment.

1071 days ago

Big Daddy    

I had posted my questioin early on in this article. I do wish my comment/get a letter thing would get fixed. It takes the fun out of this site when questions, comments aren't done in a timely manner. Can someone at TMZ please look into this? You don't have to post this, an email if time is permitted would be wonderful. Thanks I'm back to where I can't go anywhere, so looking to you folks for entertainment.

1071 days ago


i don't understand. Baylor is alive?? please answer. :( :( he is all right??

1002 days ago

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