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Selena Gomez' Dog Rocks Out

Nearly Dies

11/15/2011 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baylor. Dog adopted by Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Note to Selena Gomez:  Purina Puppy Chow is highly preferable to backyard rocks.

Selena had Baylor for less than a month, when the dog got violently ill last Friday after ingesting a bunch of rocks.

Selena tweeted the above pic moments after the 3-month old pooch fell ill ..."My baby is sick :( praying for his surgery."

But all bad things must pass, and that's exactly what happened to the rocks, so Baylor dodged the surgery bullet.

The adoption agency isn't taking any chances  -- They plan on contacting Selena once a month for the next few months ... to make sure she's properly caring for the Husky-mix.

Calls to Selena's rep weren't returned.



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I have a 15 year old poddle-bishun and she has been eating my other dogs poop,i give her chewable vit.,but doesn't help.and yes she eats it .no she is not hungry and yes she is well taken care of,but i feel helpless because i can't get her to stop.

1039 days ago


People ...DOGS WILL EAT ANYTHING.Ask any vet even the best loved and cared for pets especially puppies will do this .My dog used to swallow socks whole .He would grab it run then if you tried to get it he'd swallow it .

1039 days ago


Selena gomez <3 her poor dog rip

1039 days ago

JL Bradford    

If you don't have the intelligence, time or patience to
care for a pet properly, then leave them alone. These
show people are so into themselves: everything is just
to embellish their image. The 'pop' culture is oh so redundant,vapid and boring!!!!!!!!

1039 days ago


the poor pup but i know its not ur fault

1039 days ago

Husky lover    

Siberian Huskies (pictured) are high energy dogs. They often become bored and look for something to break that boredom and if teething, will chose anything that is hard. This teething problem is common among most puppies of any breed who are needing something to relieve the soreness.

1039 days ago

raquel luzolo    

i feel bad for her

1039 days ago


I'm confused by some of the comments suggesting that the dog died when the story clearly states that the dog passed the rocks and is now fine. The photo is a TwitPic Selena posted of her dog sleeping, it is not dead. Anyway, I'm glad Baylor is alright. Some dogs will try to eat anything they can fit into their mouths, so you need to keep a close eye on them.

1039 days ago


Its called CONSTANT VIGILANCE and people who are famous cannot properly care for thier animals when they are that busy! Unless you have hired a 24/7 dog handler you famous people should not own animals unless they are home for thier pets on a regular basis. Having a dog is like having a baby and if you dont agree with my comments then you clearly do not know how to take care of an animal. I dont go out all the time anymore because I am here for my dog morning noon and night. If I cant find a sitter for the weekend I cant go skiiing or on a trip or sleep over night anywhere. Puppies needs CV - CONSTANT VIGILANCE they are always eating things and putting things into thier mouths. Get a clue people - PETS are NOT for STARS unless you can afford to have a full time pet nanny!

1039 days ago


Glad that sweet puppy is ok. Puppies are like kids, they have to be watched and trained

1039 days ago


Well then none of you realy get it then. A puppy will try to eat anything it can eat. So yes she should have watch the puppy closer. But no one out there could say they not made a mistake like that with there own animals. It good that someone is going to keep an eye out on her so something like this don't happen again. So all you out there need to BACK OFF and let her learn

1038 days ago


once again, people don't get it. This has nothing to do with lack of supervision or neglect. I don't think you know how many dogs that are well taken care of, that we see come into the Vet E.R. with blockages from eating things they should eat. We performed surgery on a dog who swallowed his tennis ball... one dog had a corn cob he swallowed nearly whole causing a blockage, and yes, we've seen a lot of rock eating dogs.

You can watch your dogs like a hawk and you won't necessarily be able to stop every attempt at eating something they shouldn't. If that were possible... vet hospitals would be very slow.

Like I said before, it is all about what she does now. (For all those talking about the dog dying... he DID NOT die. He had surgery and is doing fine) after the vet does a work up to make sure it's not a nutritional or genetic issue causing the obsession with rocks, she will need to seek a positive reinforcement trainer who specializes in behavioral issues. she may also need to have as many rocks in the area removed as possible and re-landscape the area to make it more suitable for play time, or keep the pup on a leash (although, again, that is not necessarily going to stop a dog from swallowing something fast. I didn't see horse poop on the road till it was almost upon me, and before I could yank him away, my dog ate a nice glob of it.) so training will be the biggest factor.

People need to lay off this poor girl. what she went through can be very traumatic. I'm sure she didn't set out to adopt a dog and have this happen. This wasn't abuse or willful neglect. So cut her some slack.

1038 days ago

k bryant    

feed that dog instead of running behind justin beiber all the time

1038 days ago


Why was this puppy not being watched? Young puppies need to be watched just like a new born child.I hope Selena does not have children any time soon....

1038 days ago


Please please please please don't have kids!

1038 days ago
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