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Tito, Marlon and Jackie Jackson

We Got Screwed

Over Thriller Jackets

11/15/2011 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three of Michael Jackson's brothers -- Marlon, Jackie, and Tito (left to right) -- have filed a lawsuit against a guy who they say duped them into signing 1,000 replicas of the famous Michael Jackson "Thriller" and "Beat It" jackets.

According to a new lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- the 3 bros were promised $100,000 each for their signatures on replicas of the iconic, red, leather jackets that MJ wore in his "Thriller" and "Beat It" videos.

The brothers claim Steeve Bohbot and the other defendants were supposed to pay as soon as the ink was dry, but they allegedly changed the deal and said they would pay when the jackets were delivered to for sale.

According to the suit, Bohbot claimed there was a problem with delivery to Amazon, but the brothers say it was just a lie.

Bohbot's lawyer had no comment.


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No offense against Marlon, Tito and Jackie but why in the world would I want their signatures on a replica jacket?

1051 days ago


Why do these Jackson men always wear sunglasses? It's strange.

1051 days ago


OMG!!!! I am SO embarrased!!!! Of course, it is only rational that Tito, Marlon and Jackie would sign Thriller jackets b/c when you think Thriller, you think of these 3 leeches!!! Look at them exploiting an orphan. I swear to God, I wanna spit on their greedy, despicable faces! Not that that would shame them for a minute! Were they raised by wolves? The worst part of dealing with MJ death has been his SO-CALLED "Family". Why wont they just crawl back to whatever hole they were in pre-June 25!!!! I am disgusted, I am nausiated by these leeches!!!! I pray you choke on the money, leeches!!!!

Steeve Bohbot,GOD BLESS U! Screw them over, we got ur back!

PRINCE, run as far as you can, darling. The Jackson Family is a leech, they will suck the life out of you. THAT is why you and your siblings didn't spend holidays with them! Your daddy ran as far from them as he could. RUN KIDS! RUN FOR YOUR DEAR LIFE!!!!

1051 days ago


Ok TMZ, I get it. Michael Jackson was a big deal in the entertainment world. However, the rest of the Jacksons don't even merit a bad reality show; can you drop your habit of covering every stupid thing they do, or every greedy bite they take from their brother's reputation? Puh-leez.

1051 days ago


I would think whoever was dumb enough to buy a fake jacket signed by fake stars are the ones that got screwed over. Or maybe no one was dumb enough to buy them and that's why they didn't get paid. Perhaps they should have Michael Jackson's kids sign the jackets, I am sure their signature would be worth more than the Jackson Has Bins. Might have even sold a couple of the jackets that way,

If the Jackson siblings really cared for their brother perhaps they should exploit Michael Jacksons' name to make his drug fueled pipe dream a reality. You know the kids hospital. Instead they chose to do what they can't do on their own, support themselves.

1051 days ago


Tsk tsk, still using MJ for money. No wonder he put some distance between himself and the rest of the family. It's kind of sickening.

1051 days ago


Money grubbing losers!!

1051 days ago


It's disgusting how much they're constantly trying to profit from being related to Michael. Notice how Janet doesn't do that? God forbid if she were to die

1051 days ago

Beauty Queen    

Is there ever a story about this "family" that doesn't involve money? All they talk about is what money they didn't get, why don't they try giving for once!

1051 days ago


They didn't even have anything to do with the Thriller or Beat It songs or videos, so why would someone want their autograph on one of those jackets? Is LaToya gonna start autographing rhinestone gloves next?

1051 days ago


This kind of pisses me off. I decided to search this on amazon and sure enough there is the jacket. FOR $2350!!! REALLY???

It's part of the "J5 Collection". How about this. This is a "Beat It" and "Thriller" jacket. Made famous by the one and only Michael Jackson. This has nothing to do with The Jackson 5.

Why would they sign this jacket? It's like having Peyton Manning sign a basketball. Or like Peyton Manning signing a Patriots Jersey. It's stupid.

Are there really any people dumb enough to pay this kind of money for this. If I was to pay $2000 for this awesome jacket, please give me mine without the "Brothers" signatures.

1051 days ago

They R all Liars N Grifters    

Good for them, the money grubbing Jackson family!!!
No class, no dignity and totally CLUELESS.

1051 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

I'm ok with them milking their dead brother. Lord knows the pedo milked enough young boys during his lifetime to justify his brothers making money off of his name after the hero Dr. Conrad Murray put that sick pedo down.

1051 days ago


its disgusting the way jacksons act after there cash cow died.they have that dead body hooked to a milking machine and they are trying to find out which leaches relative can suck it the driest they are almost as bad as fat but kim

1051 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

That's nothing, you should see how many young boys Michael Jackson Screwed over promises of free Thriller jackets.

1051 days ago
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