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Penn Cops

McQueary Never Told Us Jack

11/16/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike McQueary
never once went to the Penn State campus police OR the State College PD after witnessing Jerry Sandusky allegedly rape a 10-year-old boy in 2002 -- this according to reps for both departments. 

According to CBS, neither police bureau has any record of being contacted by Mike McQueary -- despite recent claims McQueary made in an email ... "I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police."

In the email, McQueary never specifies which police department he spoke to.

A University official also told CBS, she had no knowledge of any police report ever filed by McQueary.

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He should be out of a job! Paterno is out, this guy should definitely be out!

1074 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

He's an as covering sack of ****.

1074 days ago

Fat Mike    

Gingers have no soul!

1073 days ago



1073 days ago


this Mike McQueary he is such a liar that. He's just trying to cover up for himself.they should definitely fire him immediately.this boy he didn't do nothing to help a 10-year-old boy. He should've got a towel and got that boy out of there immediately.Mike He's the one that has to live with himself not helping that 10-year-old boy.

1073 days ago


If this were true, I think he would have mentioned it to the grand jury when he testified under oath to them.
No one believes him.

1073 days ago


Yeah right. This is becoming clearer. The reason Curley and Schultz were charged with perjury could be that they were told by JoPo to tell the campus cops to bury the report because they were handling it "in house". Of course Curley and Schultz lied because that is illegal. That is the reason the board was all too fast & happy to fire JoPo at 10pm. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Anyone who been to an "old" college knows that the campus cops spend more time hiding dirt that would make the college look bad, then ever pursuing real justice.

1073 days ago


Opie Went to Sheriff JoePa..He said "Sheriff JoePa, I have a problem." What is your Problem, Opie? Well, JoePa I seen something in the shower. I think it may have been rape, Joepa. Your Creepy Friend Otis(jerry) was doing this little boy, from what i seen before I ran out of there. JoePa what should I do. Well, Opie I will take care of it. Don't you worry about a thing. Goodnight JoePa thanks for taking care of it for me. Night Night Opie. See ya tomorrow.

1073 days ago


For a Ginger who said NOTHING when watching a child get raped, he sure has a lot to say now.
Like being a redhead wasn't torture enough this guy get's to be forever linked to a child sex case.
His daughter has a bad father!

1073 days ago


Well to the moron's defense police didn't do their job either. It was a systematic failure. He also said he had discussions with the police not that he had contacted him unless I missing something in the e-mail. I assume he meant when the police investigated he spoke with them then, if not this guy is a liar. Which does the case against Sandusky grave harm as he is a witness for the prosecution.

1073 days ago


I just can't get over this guy! Didn't he have any feeling for that 10 year old boy after seeing that grown man raping that child? As big as McQueary is he could have beat Sandusky's but! And where was that little boy's parents while their son was in the shower being attacked by a pediphile? This whole case is so disturbing!

1073 days ago


This is the one guy that should have gone to police because he actually witnessed the sex crime. This is the guy that should have been fired.

1073 days ago


And in other news, (all over the net) Sheriff JoePa, Sold his Home to his Wife for ONE DOLLAR...a Month before this Scandal Broke..Covering up his Assets..YEP COVERing UP.All Right..

1073 days ago


There seems to be great confusion. That 28 page report was a summary report. It was not an exact copy of all testimony given to the grand jury over the course of months. That would be hundreds if not thousands of pages. As a summary, they only hit on the points they needed for the first hearing, not a through vetting of all the testimonies. I have no idea where some of you think you read the exact full testimony of McQueary, but it was not in the 28 page report.

1073 days ago


Could he possibly be charged with accessory to a crime?

1073 days ago
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