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Natalie Wood Death Investigation

Captain Says

I Was REALLY Drunk

11/18/2011 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111811_davern_videoThe captain of the boat where Natalie Wood spent the last moments of her life was extremely drunk during the critical moments before and after she went missing ... this according to the Captain himself.

Capt. Dennis Davern told us on TMZ Live ... he drank a lot of scotch and wine in the hours leading up to Natalie's disappearance. What's more ... Davern says Robert Wagner plied him with liquor in the hours after she vanished.  In spite of the heavy drinking, Davern says his memory of the evening is clear.

Take a listen as Davern explains the fighting, the sounds and what Wagner refused to do after Natalie disappeared.


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I'm shocked to hear alcohol was a factor. This was a drunken, alcohol fueld evening that obviously got out of control.

1071 days ago


Even though he is 81 years old, I wonder if Robert Wagner will EVER tell the whole, unvarnished truth about what really happened on the day that Natalie Wood died.

Hopefully he is man enough to come clean and fess up. He's a total coward if he doesn't.

1071 days ago


This plastered bastard is going to make a great witness for the prosecution.

Assistant DA: "Tell us what happened that night."

Davern: "It's all in my book."



1071 days ago


no mention of the luuuuudes man

1071 days ago


This guy has said nothing that hasn't been said before about what happened that night. Robert Wagner even said he broke a wine bottle. I don't know how the investigation was reopened based on what this captain has said. He's all over the place in his recollection. He admits he was drunk. He admits he was fuzzy on some details. On one hand, he says that he turned the music up really loud so that he wouldn't hear what RJ and Natalie were fighting about and he can't say for certain where they were inside or outside on the boat. On the other hand, the captain says that RJ was plying him with drinks.
I think the captain was drunk, Natalie wanted him to take her ashore on the dingy and he was too drunk to man the dingy, but he did it anyway and she fell overboard and he was too drunk and it was too dark to rescue her, he panicked, returned to the boat alone and drank even more.

1071 days ago


I always believed RJ was negligent and irresponsible for Natalie's death.

1071 days ago


All right, here's the latest line in the death of Natalie Wood.

Robert Wagner = 3 to 1 odds.
Christopher Walken = 10 to 1 odds.
The Captain = 15 to 1 odds.
Woods slipped and fell = 2 to 1 odds.

Personally, this is great PR to sell this book. Most of you have already made up your minds on this who-dunnit, so anything anyone says will go in one ear and out the other.
So just go with the odds and see if you get paid.

1071 days ago

Jimmy Riddle    

Davern's comments about calling the Coastguard make no sense,
There's no Coastguard boat at the Isthmus, although one might have arrived by the following morning.
They would get on the radio, on channel9, and call the Isthmus Harbor Patrol, who are on duty there 24-hours a day and could have made an immediate search for Natalia.

1071 days ago

Fat Mike    

What a bulls*it artist this guy is. He looks like he's about to croak and obviously wants to make a few dollars for his neglected family before he kicks the bucket.

1071 days ago


It seems as if we're entering an era were any crazy can make an unsubstantiated claim and it's treated as if the claim alone merits a story! Look at Justin Bieber! It seems to me that if the media gave these whack jobs less attention, we could pay more attention to the stories that actually seem to have legs.

1071 days ago


Is it so hard to believe that it is an accudent when everyone on the boat is drunk?

Because we all how know drunkenness brings out people's best judgement and olympic-gynmast caliber balance....

1071 days ago


I have been so drunk that my head felt like it was spinning, wanted to hurl even when I was laying down..not a good feeling. BUT, I remember everything about that night so I believe him completely. Unless you've blacked out, you can remember details.

1071 days ago


It is too late for an investigation, it was drug driven fueled up booze cruise. Unfortunately Natalie paid the price, if RJ was jealous of CW then why the heck was he on the "3 hour tour" I mean really would anyone spend the weekend with a person whom you suspect of having an affair with your wife! But I always thought her death was very suspicious, RJ seems like a decent fellow, however if you ever watch the classic movie he is in with JoAnn Woodward you can kinda see his evil side, it's a creepy mus*****ch movie.
And honestly why would he throw Natalie over for Jill St. John (phony), blah she makes me barf, and tries too hard. Natalie was natural...
Maybe Jill was driving the dingy! Sorry captain but your story does not hold water, you are very believeable but RJ fed you too many drinks...police can't do anything about that. Move on with your life and ask for forgiveness. Sounds like you try to do what you could...Too many drugs and booze...if there is solid evidence then it needs to be addressed for sure, Natalie deserves her day in court; anyone does that has wrongfully lost their lives...

1071 days ago


I think there's a combination of truths, lies, and speculation here that'll probably never be resolved.

1071 days ago


Drunk and clear memory do not compute.

1071 days ago
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