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Daddy Yankee Sued

You Made My Eyeballs Bleed!!!

11/20/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Daddy Yankee
Daddy Yankee
is being sued by a concert promoter who claims his eyeballs were BLEEDING from stress after the rapper bailed on 10-show concert tour in Argentina just two days before the first show.

According to a new lawsuit filed in federal court in Florida, Diego Hernan De Iraola claims he paid Yankee $820,000 up front for a 6-show tour ... and Yankee was on board.

Iraola claims he later struck a deal with the rapper's camp to expand the tour to 10 shows ... and they agreed that Yankee would be paid an additional $480,000.

Iraola claims everything seemed hunky dory ... until days before the first show, when Yankee's people suddenly demanded the $480k up front ... or else Yankee would pull out of the tour.

Iraola claims he PROMISED he would get them the cash once the rapper arrived to Argentina ... but the promise wasn't good enough for Yankee's people ... and the rapper backed out of the ENTIRE TOUR just 2 days before the first show.

Iraola claims he was humiliated by the cancellation -- and was so stressed out, he began to experience nosebleeds, high blood pressure ... and even began to bleed in his eyes.

Now, Iraola is demanding Yankee return the $820k ... PLUS he wants a ton of cash for all the damage he's caused in his personal and professional life.

Calls to Yankee's camp have not been returned.


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say no to IGNORANCE    

Well< I guess is a lot better for TMZ to report on no talent Kim Cash$$$ Let me illuminate a few people about Daddy Yankee...Not only did he start the whole Requeton movement he single handed brought his new style of music to the masses!!!! His innovator in his genre and has made millions with his real talent and hard work!!! So PLEASE, before you start ridiculing someone’s career that you have no clue about....IMFORMED yourselves

1033 days ago


Just another C-rapper the world could live without. Please, someone, put a bullet in his head.

1033 days ago

Not Jew    

Hey yanks check Daddy yankee - Ven conmigo Ft. Prince Royce 40 Million views on youtube.. Just Sayin' LOL

1033 days ago


haha so much haters/losers on here its to funnyy

1033 days ago


I'm not here to insult anybody, but I think that it is not fair sayin' somebody is irrelevant, when you don't know who the guy is... I don't know how a guy who had collabs with Lil Jon, Pitbull, Nicole Scherzinger,, Sean Paul, Ricky Martin, Pharell Williams, Lloyd Banks, Snoop Dogg and many more can be irrelevant... how can you consider a guy irrelevant when he had a Platinum Record in the USA, certified by the RIAA? This guy has a Latin Grammy and his last 4 Albums were on the positions 29, 13, 9, 26 on the Billboard 200... Allmusic & The Rolling Stone magazine always rated him and his records positively...
Maybe you don't know him and you don't care about him... but there are millions of fans of this guy around the world...for example... I live in Germany and I'm a big big fan!!!
I'm just asking for respect, that's all...

1033 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This guy is a Latin one-hit wonder. And since he isn't doing much..or ANYTHING really, then I guess he thought it would just be easier for him to take the money and run.

1033 days ago


Lol... I haven't heard this dude on the news since his song "Gasonlina." I hear him time to time in Spanish shows, but not American shows.

1033 days ago

rob e     

first of all why in the hell would you give a low class ghetto pisa any kind of money up front..2nd daddy yankee is a want to be poser.i would get the best lawyers in the entertainment business and sue every penny from his low life ass.he is a freaking straight up looser..

1033 days ago


If you don't speak Spanish you won't know who this guy is.
He sings Reggaeton music. This guy music sucks now a days but was a hit 8 years ago.. that is all

1033 days ago

justin bieber    

Daddy yankee is gay

1033 days ago


Another latino artist wannabe black. Find your own identify!!!

1033 days ago


if you dont know who daddy yankee is is cool you must not be hispanic.
BUT he was named one of the most influential People by TIMES magazine and by CNN.

1033 days ago


First of all people, Daddy Yankee is not a one hit wonder from many years ago, it is one of the biggest rapers outside of the USA. And yes people there is such thing as OUTSIDE THE USA! As in THE REST OF THE WORLD!

In this case, the artist is completely right. I work for a big production company coordinating tours and we always have to pay a deposit before going on sale, and the complete deal before they even board the plane. So this promoter deserves it. Nobody will ever incur in so many expenses without getting paid. Same as a catering service the meal before getting the check.... Not gonna happen...

1032 days ago


Daddy Yankee is actually pretty famous not only in South America but also here in the United States among the Hispanic community. The 'Gasolina' song was actually not his only hit since he has had many more up until now. I'm actually glad TMZ posted up something for us Hispanics to actually ENJOY reading about. Thank you TMZ!

1032 days ago


All of you people are idiots. Why would you even comment. I bet if it was willie nelson you would know who that is....Right!!!! But Daddy Yankee is one of the best in latin music known as Reggaeton... Dont like it then shut the F*** UP Get a life stop reading........ Go blow yourself!!!!!

1032 days ago
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