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Neal Schon & Michaele Salahi

Laughing at Tareq's

Legal Threats

11/20/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi may want $17 million from Neal Schon and estranged wife Michaele Salahi -- but judging by their demeanor yesterday, all he'll be getting ... is laughed at.

As TMZ first reported, Tareq fired off a letter to the two ... threatening a lawsuit and demanding they cough up dough for humiliating him with their torrid affair. 

We spotted the new couple arriving into Dulles International for Michaele's first trip home since she ... left home. They laughed about Tareq's threats, with Neal saying, "I think some people need to get a grip and move on."

Doesn't seem like that's happening any time soon.


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These people are pucked in the head fame whores who are ruining the Journey name.

1068 days ago


Actually, there have been lawsuits for 'alienation of affection' , that have been won, but those are state specific. A big win was in North Carolina a few years ago. But neither Virginia, nor D.C., Nor California accept that law.

I wonder how long Neal Schon will stick around when Michaele's Muscular distrophy, which she supposedly has, gets to her.

1068 days ago


Once these two wake up and realize they are aging nobody's and their 15 minutes of fame were never really there then hopefully they will spend the rest of their lives regretting what they had done. They are shameful and when they come down they are gonna hit HARD. They are total camera whores and thats all they ill ever be. Journey sucked. Never liked anything they did.

1068 days ago


she laughed because it wont be her money he gets if he will be the man she is leaching off of now

1068 days ago


They are all jerks in regards to how they have handled this split and affair. But Neal is at least the most impressive, even if he has acted like a jerk. Journey was a fantastic band almost entirely due to whoever wrote those songs and Steve Perry's drop dead, incredibly gorgeous voice. Not so much because of Neal's guitar skills. But he still was fairly good. He is light years from a Jimmy Page or BB King, that is for sure. But hey, he was with a very successful band and has stuck with it and probably has quite a few nickles to rub together. Personally, I think it sounds like this may be a true love match. If so, then damn those crazy kids, go be happy.

1068 days ago


OK. So they're laughing. But Schon is knocking bottoms with a skinny skank and Michaele's catching Neil Schon's love ick. Plenty of laughs to go around, if you ask me.

1068 days ago


I can't imagine how horrible it must have been to be married to this Tareq person. He is the biggest tool ever. I don't condone divorce and cheating at all, but being married to such a puss must have been pure hell.

1068 days ago

Ozzie X    

17 million is nothing compared to how much Michaele will clean Neal out of in the next 5 years.

1068 days ago


That Tareq has always seemed creepy to me, a poseur and a scammer. I didn't think much of Michaele either, but now she seems different -- she and Neal look genuinely happy. Just the undignified, petulant, immature way Tareq is carrying on tells me she was probably miserable for a long time trapped with that nut. These two have a second chance at love, and I sincerely hope their happy lasts. NEVER thought I'd be rooting for Michaele...

1068 days ago

She's baaaack    

I'm not necessarily one of those people who can "read" people by the way they act or the things they say but this whole thing was about as much phony bull_zhyt as it comes. Do you think there is already trouble in paradise? Wait until the shine wears off and Neal cant get it up again, and even if he can she needs half a tube of KY to help him out ... or in

1068 days ago


hollywood is a messed up place,i would of killed this sob if he took my wife and laughed at me on tv,i guess thats the difference between bensonhurst broolyn and fairytale land

1068 days ago


He should win the lawsuit. Its not funny. Best thing is she'll do the same to Neal Schon and Neal wil do it to her too! Once a cheater always a cheater and we ALL will sit back and laugh at them.

1068 days ago


Meanwhile, WE'RE all laughing at these morons!

1068 days ago


You won't be laughing in Hell. Just saying.

1068 days ago


I think the biggest laugh here is on Neal Schon, he actually believes Michaele is genuine and in love with him. No fool like an old has been!

1068 days ago
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