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Ashton Kutcher

Last Ditch Effort

To Save Marriage

11/21/2011 8:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore
Less than two weeks before Demi Moore announced she would divorce Ashton Kutcher, he threw a Hail Mary to save the marriage ... in the form of a lavish, eco-friendly gift. 

According to our sources, Ashton contacted a high-end car company, to buy a new set of wheels for Demi's birthday. We're told Ashton picked out a 2012 Lexus LS 600h L -- and paid North of $100,000.

The car Ashton Kutcher bought Demi Moore -- a Lexus LS 600h
Our sources say Ashton wanted a quick deal -- bagging the luxury hybrid on November 9, just two days before Demi's birthday.

If it was meant to win back Demi ... clearly it didn't work. We don't know if Demi accepted the vehicle or if Ashton was able to give it back to the car company.

On the upside -- 22 mpg!


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Really Ashton, you thought a car would win Demi over? Wayyy dumber than I thought.

1068 days ago


TMZ is getting less believable by the day.

1068 days ago

DJ Blur    

money can't buy her love, silly.

1068 days ago


Don't you see how ugly the American culture is? Clueless, selfish, vulgar-speaking people walking around lying and cheating, and then whining and crying when they have to live with the consequences. It is a childish Intelligence. You are supposed to be teaching your children how to grow into responsible adults, so that they can have a good life and feel fulfilled. Clearly, there is not enough love, money or fame in all of stupid America to fulfill Ashton Kucher.

1068 days ago


PFFT she has millions he thinks a little 100k car is going to cancel out his infidelities and public humiliation? PFFT bye bye Ashton, Demi is going to date a real man..maybe George clooney..they wouod make a cute couple..she needs a man not a boy, she's a legend.. He is a little *** boy who played pranks on celebrities, everyone in hollywood thinks he is a dooche bag, and now he is failing miserably on 2 and a half men

1068 days ago


Bribery gifts don't work. It's like an abusive guy who tries to send roses. Fail.

Plus, only 100 Grand Ashton? Come on dude, the Kardashians got their 16 year old a 90 Grand Range Rover. Demi is almost 50, so do the math, her vehicle (according to hollywood materialism) should be at least valued at 300 Grand.

Nothing like trying to buy love. It's the Hollywood way.


1068 days ago


He better have the car dealer on speed dial, if he is going to gift a 100K car to a woman every time he cheats on her. "Oh honey, I f'd another woman in the hot tub the other night, here's the keys to another car" cha-ching.

Seriously, what an insult to Demi's intelligence, thinking he can buy her back with a car?

You been PUNKED Ashton! By yourself.

1068 days ago


A car (or any gift no matter how big) could ever be enough to fill the hole, in a relationship, that cheating makes. Rich people should learn that.

1068 days ago


That's about 1 days pay for Mr. Funny!
Who's The Punk'D now?

1068 days ago

Dakota Breeze    

Ashton your every bit the dweeb I always thought you were...Demi can go buy her stupid own celebrities are so shallow thinking materialism solves everything. If it's true you had an open marriage,and their was 3somes going on then maybe the best solution to save a marriage was not to allow the 3rd person in your bedroom.Anyone who disrespects their partner that much shouldn't expect any less than what you ended up with...that includes Demi...Don't sow the seeds of the Devil,and expect Gods blessings.

1068 days ago


Money cant fix love idiot.

1068 days ago


22 mpg and that's a hybrid?

1068 days ago


coco, he is not funny. He is turning into another Charlie Sheen. If he thinks money can fix his marriage after cheating, he's not that rich. Rich is having a healthy marriage surrounded by trust, love and respect for each other, that is worth more then what he may make in one day.

1068 days ago


I am really shocked at the inference of Demi needing women in the marriage. Right there is the clincher, what was sacred in this marriage?? It's alright for her but not him? I was doomed from the start.

1068 days ago


Really? A car? I guess it's much better than the STD you and Sara Leal got her for her 6th wedding anniversary. File this under too little too late d~bag.

1068 days ago
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