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Jim Jones

I Made Peace w/ Juelz Santana

After Our Ladies BRAWLED!

11/22/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112111_jules_videoRapper Jim Jones tells TMZ ... he's managed to smooth things over with rapper Juelz Santana -- after their respective lady friends beat the holy crap out of each other on a reality show recently ... insisting, "I wish it had never happened."

Jones was passing out 5,000 turkeys to families in need at Ricardo's Restaurant in Harlem yesterday -- when we asked about the smackdown of the century on VH1's "Love and Hip-Hop."

In case you missed it -- Jones' fiancee Chrissy Lampkin tried to HEADSTOMP Santana's baby mama Kimbella Vanderhee in one of the craziest fights in the history of reality television (watch below).

Jones says, "I wish that it wouldn't have happened ... but things happen." He added, "I spoke to my brother about it, we cool ... shout to my lady Chrissy. It's all good."


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*Giving out 5,000 turkeys was the only meaningful part of this story.

1064 days ago

The Real JJ    

Sad to say but, all VH1 does is profit off black people not acting right. MTV and VH1 barely play music anymore.

1064 days ago


Dat bro looks like bad breaf.

1064 days ago


Good for Jim Jones giving back but, on his wifey I think she is loud/crazy because of being insecure. Juelz baby mama is a air head! Out of respect though Chrissy should of never layed hands on Juelz baby mom's seeing how close Juelz is to her man Jim Jones. That could of destroyed there friendship

1064 days ago



1064 days ago


saw the video and CHRISSY sucker punched her.. Wow, Chrissy your so tough to blindside someone with a punch. I agree that making that comment at that time was inappropriate but I also understand her wanting to clear the air before the woman found out, she just picked the wrong time. However, it wasn't Chrissy's business. Oh and asking a man to marry you is PATHETIC.... Chrissy you are such a loser..... There is a reason his ass didn't ask you to marry him... Grow up and smarten up...LOSER

1064 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

You can take the rat out of the hood but still a hoodrat.

1064 days ago


Jim Jones, u need to listen to what yo Mama says bout that Mad dog of yours, keep her on a short leash. She does nothing but make u look like a chump.....she's trash dude.

1064 days ago


Crissy is a old a** sh** starter.She TOO OLD to act like that!She didnt even give that woman a chance when they first met all she did was talk sh** about her and criticize her. She wants these women to be afraid of her and that to me is straight insecurity.She was just pissed off cuz Kimbella is a beautiful woman and she didnt want the spotlight taken off her.Crissy mad at the world cuz Jim mom dont like her loud ghetto a** and the fact that after 7 years Jim hadnt proposed to her so she had to propose to him and make herself look like the f****** idiot she is.And she STILL didnt get a definite answer.B**** look desperate as hell and if she really wants to get pregnant she might wanna hurry and find another rapper cuz as old as she is those eggs might turn into capers.Then what she gonna do make a fu***** salad?Cuz seems to me Jim isnt trying to go there but can you blame him?What pisses most people off I think is that wasnt her battle.That was between Emily and Kim.And Emily raggedy a** always trying to play the victim.I agree that Kimbella could have told her in a different setting but she told her and really she didnt have to.But like Emily said I would have taken that to the grave.Well that statement shows exactly what kinda person she is and what else will she be taking to the grave?Thats the difference between Kimbella and Emily weak a**.She knew that Crissy is wild and hostile like the fu**** TALIBAN!And that Crissy would get at that woman and she could sit back and watch and play the victim.Bit** you grown fight your own battles!Better yet go fight Fab sorry a**! She has known for MANY YEARS that Fab was cheating on her.But yet SHE CHOSE TO STAY.B**** you look stupid as H***.But she wanna be mad at the women that slept with him.He is the one that didnt claim her and yet knowing that she still chose to climb in bed with his nasty a**.What kind of woman is she?You are just as sad,weak,and pathetic as any of the women that he slept with and talk sh** about.Her and Crissy are always quick to call someone a groupie or jump off but Crissy has ****** most of the rap game and the NBA!Here are a few.....Darrin "Dee" Dean, Ruff Ryder Ceo, Latrell Sprewell, and Jamaal Tinsley.So who is the groupie?And for those that say Kimbella is an airhead get your facts straight Kimbella was a pharmacist and not the kind that Jim Jones and the rest of dipest are but a pharmacist that is licensed and works in a pharmacy!Not to mention she has a Masters Degree and for those ghetto bit**** like Olivia,Crissy,Somaya,and Emily I dont mean degree in which you fry your chicken.But a degree that she went to school for.Something you all should try at some point in your lives!

1064 days ago

Jack Roland    

This is normal, the girl is black. fake.

1064 days ago


Chrissy should be up on charges no question. She went in for the head shot and could have done major damage. If it was you or I we would be in cuffs on aggravated assault.

1064 days ago


Real females do not act like this. I hang with my girls all the time, I hang with my husbands friends wives/girlfriends all the time and we NEVER get into any of the stuff these chicks get into. The reality show stuff is just a show. That mess does not happen in real life in real worlds of real people. OK AT LEAST NOT IN A CIVILIZED WORLD. These reality shows are really showing women in the worst kinds of ways and most women do not even act like this. It is sickening and it is sad that is what our children are going to grow up watching this mess and think this is how we are supposed to act. I can't stand the fact that these females sell themselves down the river for some hot mess that is not even that serious

1064 days ago


I LOVEeeeeeeeeee Jim Jones Baby mama lol She is a REAL chick and that girl deserved it and some lol ...

1064 days ago

Its me     

Class, wow what class for women

1064 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Come on people what do expect from "TRASH"!

1064 days ago
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