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Jim Jones

I Made Peace w/ Juelz Santana

After Our Ladies BRAWLED!

11/22/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112111_jules_videoRapper Jim Jones tells TMZ ... he's managed to smooth things over with rapper Juelz Santana -- after their respective lady friends beat the holy crap out of each other on a reality show recently ... insisting, "I wish it had never happened."

Jones was passing out 5,000 turkeys to families in need at Ricardo's Restaurant in Harlem yesterday -- when we asked about the smackdown of the century on VH1's "Love and Hip-Hop."

In case you missed it -- Jones' fiancee Chrissy Lampkin tried to HEADSTOMP Santana's baby mama Kimbella Vanderhee in one of the craziest fights in the history of reality television (watch below).

Jones says, "I wish that it wouldn't have happened ... but things happen." He added, "I spoke to my brother about it, we cool ... shout to my lady Chrissy. It's all good."


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I find it quite ironic that negative insults were made on Chrissy's behalf. She's a fighter for the 'underdogs.' Contrary to popular belief, Chrissy is very much a lady, dresses appropriately and acts accordingly. Keep in mind, Kimbella was the young lady who refused to wear underwears, had an affair with Fab, & disrepected Emily and Juelz Santana. This woman is a grade-A Narcissist! Chrissy was the only woman perceptive enough to see right through her. Ask why they were never friends despite the business kinship of their respective partners. Chrissy may be hot-tempered, but of course with good reason! Kimbella, on the other hand, she feels nothing...for no one, and that is scary!

1060 days ago


I have just started watching this show and everyone is attacking Chrissy. She is the only person that keeps it real. I don't agree with the fight with Kimbella but she was so inconsiderate to say that to Emily in a toast. Yandy is fake and needs to be checked, because that mess would not fly in the real world. She really keeps things going with everyone and knew that by giving Chrissy the book that was like a dig. If she was really tight with Jim & Chrissy she would not be at the club dancing to Mama Jones' song. if she was such a great manager she would have informed him about the show and not have missed out it because f her feelings. this just goes to show you that she manage business and pleasure. As a professional I always handle my business and place my feelings aside.

Kimbella and Olivia seem like they will do anything to be down and have joined Yandy's train. I can't wait to next week to see more.

1057 days ago


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1053 days ago


love and hiphop is a great title but a terrible way to represent love most reality shows the loudest person is the star but in hiphop the loudest is a form of disrespect to the family of hiphop as a hole as for ms.old ass lampkin you and your immature man tat dont know the number one rule a lady that disrespect your mother dont get in the family and a man that disrespect his mother get kicked out the family so you ms.lampkin and your man need to go to charm school the hiphop way or the hiphop family as a hole should kick you both out for disrespecting the love and class that hiphop has become. hiphop is like stages of how we over came slavery we dont have to keep fighting with one another if we got to fight fight ms. lamkin im young in the real world young people are educated smart and dont have time for what you represent as a women and a lady of the hiphop world i dont know who told you its cool to fight divas but you have no class let the truth be told to me you look like a black rosie odnnel with a mole so what that say about you is your attitude match your uglyoutside lady you need to meet some real divas and have one on one coversation but you dont talk just listen.just because your 40 somthing your lacking wisdom and your man is still young and immature.

1047 days ago


I love Chrissy Julez baby mama is a piece of trash, if she was sincere in telling Emily she slept with her man while she was pregnant first thing that was not the right place, second thing something like that you do in private one on one with the person, what that dog was trying to do is really make Emily feel small and mess with her self esteem. I love my Chrissy she did the right thing by whooping her ass. The bitch was not even wearing underwear and I thought I was looking at the hudson river.

1044 days ago


Crissy obviously has some latent lesbian tendencies and acted them out through aggression on the beautiful Kimbella! Shame on Crissy!!!

1043 days ago

Ackee N Saltfish    

Chrissy is rude and a bossy,manupilative.Pissy Chrissy need a good beaten from a Jamaican sister and she will be cool down after the trashing..I do hope the rest of the gals them start to stand up to her.The all act afraid of her..Pissy knew she and Yandy would be going down normally pissy fight there on the spot with omeone else..Who calls their man? Jim need to wake up and smell the good blue mountain coffee and smoke good sensi mena instead of the wacky bush he puffed on and check pissy and let her know he is not pleased with her behaviour..Pissy wears the pants instead of Jim..I never see a woman fight her man's best friend woman..They leave each alone if their is no getting along...I do hope kimbella's man Juelz tell pissy how he feels and don't give her another chance to do it again to her..Any woman disrespect a man's mother there is no blessings on the relationship,that ship is going to sink oneday..Jim better listen to his mother and stop force her into what she is not pleased about..Mama Jones need to stand up to what she believes in and stop the pretence..She is the mother,she brought jim into this world.Jim will always need her and noone can take her place..Who goes around and beat on people because they think someone disrespect someone.Argue it out thats all.Pissy thinks she is "Bull buck and duppy conqueror".Pissy need a elbow into her over white teeth..Pissy jealous of the other who are sexy.she doesn't have any sex appeal at all.She sabotage Somaya after Jim told her ok..Jealous Pissy Chrissy..Whats good for the goose is good for the gander..She is a street thug in heels..Pissy Chrissy is Miss King pin that set up for one to be robbed..She act has if she has no skeleton in the closet..I heard her said that when she met Jim she had her own apartment and a car,sad story..Many women have their own apt n a car pissy that doesn't put you above..Have you ever worked for a living? than run the street and robbed people..Pissy stop the nonsense and treat the others with respect and stop using Jim as a pawn to the others as if they don't respect you Jim is not going to hepl those who need his help...Get a live and Repent of your sins and read your Bible and become a new creature in life

1008 days ago

Ackee N Saltfish    

Pissy Chrissy is no fighter for the underdog.She is a street thug who runs the street and think she has the right to take on what is not hers..She is as cold as ice..I use to wonder what happen to her in her young days until I read the article on line. I now see where she is..Take a hog out of pen,hog will never stays away from the mud..Pissy need a good trashing and left naked for Jim Jones to come clean up..

1008 days ago

Ackee N Saltfish    

Well! well! Pissy chrissy going to Jamaica hope she doesn't behave like that there.I know she will get a horse whipping there,her face in the concrete not Kimbella..Pissy Chrissy be on your best behaviour there.Jim won't be able to defend you or push anyone's face in any camera to apolised to you..It is all fake how she invited Mama Jones because she gets a ring..Wake up Pissy Chrissy! You should show that woman love from day one.You ain't have no mother you should have taken her as a mother instead you disrespected that woman called her a b--ch on national tv..I hope Jim find a good Jamaican woman behind your back down there and go back and get her..I know he will get the love and respect and Mama Jones will be loved and taken for a mother with respect. Please leave the street thug in Jamaica to learn some lessons..Pissy Chrissy cannot love,she runs the street too long she get so hard as concrete inside and she cannot show emotions.She is tough as steele,jealous and conniving,coveteous...Set loose Jim and be liberated with your gut feelings..I am warning you,listen to you intuition and free yourself,listen to your mother..She is only putting on a front to please you but deep down inside she is crying out..Mama Jones voice your opinion and be firmed,give Jim some tough love instead you make him like a mama's boy...Chrissy pissy will always be on the defense that is what she knows and she don't care who she steps on to get what she wanted..She has alot to talk to God about..Seek Repentance Chrissy Pissy...

1007 days ago

Ackee N Saltfish    

Jim, How can you make peace with your friend? and not his woman and asked that tough street thug woman not to do that again..Just don't make sense to me..That is your brethren and that is his woman..You need to dicipline that gal of yours..She will let your best brethren walk away from you..Discipline begins at home,seeing she live her life on the street and you picked her up and said you love her,train her to be adaptable in this world..I hope Juelz let you know how he feels about the fight,I hope he is a man and not a buoy,that is his baby mama...Chriss pissy pus never burn her by bringing fort a child into this world to beating everyone in site that shows disrespect;that is the King pin ways of doing things..Jim train her and speak out and stop acting as if Pissy has big secret for you..Be a man and stop allowing her to tell what to do and who to go to for letting your feelings out.You so fool you go where she sent you,to her aunt Cookie man...Be a man stop being a BUOY.

1007 days ago



967 days ago


his wife is a trip

966 days ago
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