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Conrad Hilton

Booze, Marijuana in Car

11/23/2011 3:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Hiltons Car Crash -- Alcohol, Marijuana in the Car
Conrad Hilton
-- Paris Hilton's 17-year-old brother who crashed into a parked car last weekend -- was driving with wine bottles, zig zag papers and a bottle of medical marijuana in his vehicle.

TMZ broke the story and posted surveillance video of Conrad slamming into the car in Brentwood, CA., at 12:45 AM Saturday, after leaving a nightclub in West Hollywood.

Hilton left the scene after exchanging information before cops arrived on scene.  Cops told TMZ Hilton would not be cited or arrested.   And Hilton's dad, Rick, told TMZ the accident occurred as his son tried to avoid a dog in the road.

But now we've obtained photos of Hilton's car after the crash, which show a bottle of medical cannabis, zig zag papers and 2 unopened wine bottles. 

A neighbor who was first on the scene tells TMZ ... "He was taking a piss in the driveway of my neighbor ... he said, 'I'm sorry sir.  I am drunk and I have done a very stupid thing.'"  The neighbor adds, Hilton pleaded for him not to call the police or his parents. 

The neighbor says he asked Hilton why he was driving drunk, and he said, "Because I'm a f**k-up.  You cannot call my parents.  They're on vacation, I'm 17 and out past curfew."

The neighbor says Hilton "smelled of weed and alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot."

And there's this ... The neighbor says Hilton dangled his wrist in front of him and said, "See this bracelet.  It costs $11,000.  I can pay for everything."  Another neighbor confirmed the story.

The neighbor says someone in a BMW came by, picked Hilton up, and drove away.

Cops tell us ... there's nothing they can do once someone leaves the scene, because there's no way of proving the items inside the car weren't placed there after Hilton left.  As for Hilton leaving, cops say he did so legally, because he left the appropriate identifying information.

See surveillance video of the crash below:


No Avatar


Apparently, the only thing more ****** up than Conrad Hilton is the LAPD.

1033 days ago


This is so effed up, He gets away with being a minor, DUI and recklace driving and cops have no need to pursue all because he left before they got there. The cops werent trying to look the other way when they wanted to question Tiger Woods when he crashed into a tree. This is when I pull out my race card.

1033 days ago


He was going at least 45mph to 50mph. The rate of speed can be figured out by the rate of movement which can be obtained by utilizing the background (of cars) as a template for speed verification, much like the speed lines you see on a highway which is meant to be seen by a helicopter. I Know the location of which Conrad Hilton Jr.'s incident happened very well. There not posted for those kind of speed's, So we can add WREAKLESS DRIVING , into the mix.

1033 days ago


why does he get a prescription ??

****cheese bastard

1033 days ago


another hollywood brat

1033 days ago


Yet another case of someone rich and/or famous getting away with anything they want. Thank you justice system of the United States.

1033 days ago


... And no one was surprised....

Lesson to all the youth out there! Throw your name at the victim or the car you hit and LEAVE THE SCENE! YOU GET OFF TOTALLY FREE AND CLEAR!

1033 days ago


P.S. There are pictures of him on smoking weed. His parents should lose custody and he should be placed in foster care. That might bring him down to Earth for a bit.

1033 days ago


Anther example of what great parenting skills his parents have. They raised a bunch of drunk dopers.

1033 days ago


Ah, another Hilton meets the public. I'll bet that dog planted the stuff in his car! Alas, the cops are right. If he did what he was supposed to do before he left the scene, and since no one was injured, that's how it is. Hiltons are good for the damage, that's for sure.

For those who wish dire straits to California, it may be a shock for you to learn that the state has many other people that don't live in Hollywood, and go about their lives as regular people. Besides, if the state were destroyed, what would you celeb worshippers do with your time?? Anyway, since you sent such lovely wishes to Cali, happy holidays to you too.

1033 days ago


This is the result of 30+ years of separation of wealth. Pretty soon, it'll be forgiven for the rich to murder anyone who's not in the 1%. If you vote Republican, you have no right to complain. (Not that the Dems are much better these days) Two separate societies with two different set of laws! Copy and paste for the doctor ordered to pay $100 million to the children of the pedophile who died when the star struck doctor obeyed his wishes

1033 days ago


I'm sure a poor, black inner-city 17 year old would have been treated exactly the same by LAPD.....

1033 days ago


Oh great, another self-proclaimed "f-up". The kid needs to slow his roll. There will be no bracelet dangling in jail.

1033 days ago


typical rich dirtbag..too bad his parents did such a bad job raising him.

1033 days ago


nikky hilton is the only normal one.
i'd love to bang her.

1033 days ago
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