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Conrad Hilton

Booze, Marijuana in Car

11/23/2011 3:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Hiltons Car Crash -- Alcohol, Marijuana in the Car
Conrad Hilton
-- Paris Hilton's 17-year-old brother who crashed into a parked car last weekend -- was driving with wine bottles, zig zag papers and a bottle of medical marijuana in his vehicle.

TMZ broke the story and posted surveillance video of Conrad slamming into the car in Brentwood, CA., at 12:45 AM Saturday, after leaving a nightclub in West Hollywood.

Hilton left the scene after exchanging information before cops arrived on scene.  Cops told TMZ Hilton would not be cited or arrested.   And Hilton's dad, Rick, told TMZ the accident occurred as his son tried to avoid a dog in the road.

But now we've obtained photos of Hilton's car after the crash, which show a bottle of medical cannabis, zig zag papers and 2 unopened wine bottles. 

A neighbor who was first on the scene tells TMZ ... "He was taking a piss in the driveway of my neighbor ... he said, 'I'm sorry sir.  I am drunk and I have done a very stupid thing.'"  The neighbor adds, Hilton pleaded for him not to call the police or his parents. 

The neighbor says he asked Hilton why he was driving drunk, and he said, "Because I'm a f**k-up.  You cannot call my parents.  They're on vacation, I'm 17 and out past curfew."

The neighbor says Hilton "smelled of weed and alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot."

And there's this ... The neighbor says Hilton dangled his wrist in front of him and said, "See this bracelet.  It costs $11,000.  I can pay for everything."  Another neighbor confirmed the story.

The neighbor says someone in a BMW came by, picked Hilton up, and drove away.

Cops tell us ... there's nothing they can do once someone leaves the scene, because there's no way of proving the items inside the car weren't placed there after Hilton left.  As for Hilton leaving, cops say he did so legally, because he left the appropriate identifying information.

See surveillance video of the crash below:


No Avatar


TMZ needs to send this well-researched story to the LA Times... hell, even the NY Times. They'd love this haves-vs-havenots real life article.

1026 days ago


guess the Hilton chauffeur is gonna be in big trouble... & how did the people in the BMW know where to come to pick him up ???

1026 days ago


so because it's a hit and run, and the police can't do a damn thing because Conrad left the scene, what are the owners of the smashed up cars supposed to do? They'll have to pay for the damages themselves because the Hiltons will never admit to it. Now their insurance rate goes up. And not to stick up for Lohan, but when she left the scene when the wrecked her Mercedes in 2007, how were the police able to go back at her?

1026 days ago


Seriously? I've got to move to California.

1026 days ago


As usual, I expect the DA, and the Judge assigned to this case to go wild and have a hissy fit over this minor (in California at least), infraction, and search vainly for their 15 minutes of fame on the Media pages and TMZ will help them most happily.

All the while ignoring the illegal immigrants who had the major part in supplying this drugs to the populace.

This is sick when they ignore the real criminals and focus on a spoiled kid who can pay for his misdemors and forget all the criminals who create the problem in the first place.

I bet most of the more virulent retorts on this page are people "USING".

1026 days ago


Great. Another reason to hate this worthless family. Dumb ass kid is going to start a chain reaction of people freaking out about medical marijuana. Why does TMZ care about these people? Being famous for having money is absurd.

1026 days ago

South Beach    

I'm a "tough love" parent, but what struck me most about this story is how clearly unhappy this kid is, just by how he describes himself. Obviously a case of having everything he wants, and very little of what he NEEDS.

1026 days ago


so if he killed someone and left the scene, would they pursue him then? give me a break. he's seventeen; illegally obtained alcohol and marijuana and was totally reckless behind the wheel. all 4 kids have been in you think maybe the parents are to blame? are they ever around? sad.

1026 days ago

AGENT smith    

Conrad, Pear Asp Hilton is no role model. LindsaY LOHaN is a good role model for responsible driving.....

1026 days ago


Are the cops is LA really this dumb?

1026 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Occupy Hilton!

1026 days ago


One day we the people will start a revolution again.
If it was one of us we would be locked up for having weed in the car. but it's okay if a rich kid has it. NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW. NOBODY!

1026 days ago


dunt n b 1 want 2 tok abote linds

1026 days ago

Mrs. Gossip     

In other words another this is another story of a rich white person getting off scott free.

1026 days ago

clam ronson    

Oh look...... TMZ just erased all of andyconda's posts. Again. God, Harvey - what a faeg.

1026 days ago
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