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‘Extreme Couponing’ Star

13-person, All-Nighter

Black Friday Shopping Spree

11/24/2011 12:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joni Meyer-Crothers
Forget waking up at the crack of dawn to beat the Black Friday crowds -- Joni Meyer-Crothers from TLC's "Extreme Couponing" plans to kick things off the night before with an 11-hour shopping spree ... and an entire team of expert bargain hunters.

Joni tells TMZ, her plan goes into effect nearly immediately after her 25-person Thanksgiving dinner today -- starting at midnight ... her husband Jamie, armed with shopping list spreadsheets, will hit Game Stop with 2 friends. While they're there, 2 other friends will hit Toys 'R Us, and 5 will go to Walmart.

While they're all busy, Joni and her 2 daughters will head to Kohl's. The entire team will then rendezvous at J.C. Penney's, and march through Target, Meijer, Learning Express, Costco, and then ... the mall.

If all goes to plan, Team Joni will have all its shopping completed by 11am.

But Joni’s not going on a shopping bender for her health -- she tells us, all the items she buys will be wrapped and donated to 4 needy Toledo families in the name of her charity, Miracle Christmas.


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These people must have some type of mental illness.

961 days ago


i hate extreme couponers but i actually think the ones that are donating what they get or at least the majority of it are great they are helping food banks and other foundations for that i give them props the rest of them that are always at my wal-mart in the middle of the night getting all this extra junk just to stock up and taking the only checking line ARE annoying but i guess they do what they have to do.....

961 days ago


What are the odds that while they're all out shopping, somebody cleans out the house?

961 days ago


Joni Meyer-Crothers is a total loser. On Thanksgiving this is what she does. She feeds the corporate greed the Occupy movement is all worked out over. But it's going to help needy families. Does that justify all this out of control greed? What fools people in Hollywood are. When is there going to be an Occupy Hollywood. I just cannot believe Joni wasted her time dong all that shopping in 11 hours. My prediction: 9/11 Sales are coming soon and people like Joni Meyer-Crothers will be first in line to dishonor those who died in the Twin Towers in order to get a great deal on a large screen TV.

961 days ago


Its people like this that make me sick and is the reason I can't be home for the holidays with my family. Yes I work retail, not my career choice, its what is paying the bill. If people would stop showing up so early then people like me could actually go home and spend time with their family instead of having to stay away for the holiday because the is no justification to travel. Why don't I ask for time off you might say? Retail industries are on blackout from November-New Years=No vacation request. Think about this next time you are out shopping.

961 days ago


I think that its very nice of her to donate the stuff she gets. I think that all couponers from that show should donate the stuff to the needy! And I also think that they should create a special line at the stores for these couponers too!

961 days ago


******* stupid, like the one idiot who got 87 jars of mustard?


dumb is as dumd does.

961 days ago


I this it is great that she is shopping for others and giving it all to charity! All of these other people on here who are saying she is dumb are just heartless. You are what is wrong with the world! You are going to bash a person trying to make her community better? Pathetic

961 days ago


This show is so disturbing. These people clearing the shelves of items other people may want or need and taking it all back to their storage rooms. Backing up check out lines, wearing out the weary check out worker and screaming with glee on all they saved on things they won't be using anytime soon. Enough toothpaste, tomato sauce, paper towels, last a year or more. It's nice that she'll be donating this to 4 families, but is that what she and most of these "couponers" do most of the time? It's hoarding.

961 days ago


All those who are criticizing the couponers -- you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. My hubby and I kept a just in case stockpile that got quickly depleted after I'd been out of work since 2008. Now that I have some work coming in as a substitute teacher, I'm starting to work on building up the stockpile again. When you live somewhere like New England, which can have some brutal winters, a stockpile is pretty much a necessity. If you're courteous about it, couopning can save you a ton of money if you know how to do it right.

961 days ago


This IS an illness that is made to appear harmless with donations. Weird.

961 days ago


This is just creepy...I never understood why people would wait until the last 6 weeks of the year to go Christmas shopping instead of doing so throughout the year.

961 days ago


Those who just voted down my comments -- how cynical of you. I used to think the whole stockpiling thing was "silly," too, until recent I wish I had that stockpile again. Would have saved me money on my grocery bills.

961 days ago


Get a job..

961 days ago


Bitch is lying.

961 days ago
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