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Kris Humphries

I'd NEVER Sue Kim Kardashian

11/25/2011 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries has no plans to sue his estranged wife Kim Kardashian
Kris Humphries has no plans to sue his estranged wife Kim Kardashian over upcoming episodes of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" ... sources close to Kris tell TMZ.

A report surfaced this week saying Kris was planning on filing a $10 million lawsuit against Kim because of how he expects to be portrayed on the show and because he has a larger role in it than originally planned.

As first reported by Gossip Cop, Kris has no plans to sue Kim. Sources close to Kris tell TMZ he still loves her and their relationship right now is "cordial."

According to our sources, Kris is worried that the show will make him look worse than he really is ... but he understands he has no control of it.


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How can her after the new US magazine that just came out where she was victimized and he was a bad guy, cheater, etc....YEAH RIGHT KIM!!! NO ONE BELIEVES THE NEW US MAGAZINE. YOU MUST HAVE A friend at US or have a business deal with them.

1041 days ago


Too bad!!! Thats what you get for fooling with a Skankdashian

1041 days ago


bad decision kris. sue that skank. like someone commented, grow some.

1041 days ago


anyone here who wouldn't bang kim is sooooo gay!

1041 days ago


Kim, if you are that stupid to put all the blame on Kris in the TV show, then you deserve what you are about to get: low low ratings and losing ALOT of your fans. You should surprise everyone and take the blame for the divorce, which everyone knows YOU are at fault. Shame on you for trying to put the blame on Kris. Shame, shame, shame.

1041 days ago

The media jackals will do everything they can by cutting and splashing pieces together to show Kris Humphries in a bad way.Companies that has money invested in the Kardashian name will do anything to make them look good in the public eye.If the public are suckers to believe any of their crap.Then fools they will BE!.

1041 days ago


Wow...why doesn't he just lay down so everybody can kick him in the nuts and call it a day!!!!

1041 days ago


This poor schmuck is so clueless but I guess that's no surprise. Only someone with this sort of limited mental capacity would get involved with Kim Kardashian.

1041 days ago


He needs to sue the **** out that trash he was married to! He should get money for doing NOTHING just like she always has! KarTRASH is an IDIOT FAMILY and I'm glad that Kim did herself in! They're slowly losing everyone as a fan so THANK GOD we won't have to see the plastic freak anymore!

1041 days ago


Who cares about these two ..... enough is enough. Shes famous for sellign her own sex tape and being a cash cow pawn in her fame whore mothers quest media attention and he is a mediocre NBAS player who got caught in the nightmare. Stop paying them any mind and see how fast they all crawl back under thier rocks. Enough of them already.

1041 days ago

This has been written in contract the Kardashian sign. Thing that the people who made the reality if I do say IF! you can call it a reality show.Did not factor in was: How the public would react.The public out cry has been get these trashy people off the tube.Plus out of our lives.They serve no purpose other than to make the public relation firm look like ares clowns.Nothing you can or will be able to alter.How the public feels.This has been a nightmare for there handlers and other who are trying to make a sow's ear look pretty.

1041 days ago


Of course he has no control...Kimmie has full editing rights. Kris H need to buckle up, put on his crash helmet and prepare to get thrown under the bus. GAME OVER

1041 days ago


Ok at least half commenting here really think it was a real marriage and Kris Humphries will be edited to be the bad guy (read comment #18) With that said: Boycott the show this Sunday for "KRIS'S HONOR!" GO KRIS!!!


1041 days ago


Please...This sham wedding was in august, aired in October, plenty enough time to edit for the tv show hype. E! boasted the best 'ratings ever'.

Humphries was never going to sue (never had to) this is more Kardashian BS and still not working. Still backfiring.

Humphries had and still has nothing to worry about. This man has talent and a good career. Unfortunalty for Kim...Kris Humphries has 'CLASS' (money didn't buy his class and money still can't buy class).

1041 days ago


People removed the K's, now TMZ should follow!! Get them out of the news. They are a worthless bunch of fakes and freeloaders. I thought Kris was nice, but don't think so anymore. BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1041 days ago
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