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Rebecca BLACK

Friday, Friday, Friday!

11/25/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


What better way to celebrate Black Friday ... than with the girl the day is named after -- Rebecca Black! Check out some of these pictures taken over the course of her prolific 9-month career.

Fun, fun, fun, fun.


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i sensed full of envy and jealousy in here, why is that? that girl did not brag that she is best in singing yet and her song are pure wholesome pop genre, not those others you adore that contains pornographic lyrics with vid that you can consider semi porno because of their skin showed too much and speaking of skin mainly their butts gyrating to the tune of their song. besides what can you expect a kind of pop song intended for rebecca's age bracket? a shakira? nope, and those auto tune, you dislikers are dumbier than rebecca black listen to this great pop artists that hit the charts, thier auto tune is much complicated or shall we say advanced type they are are using. lastly, you can not topple the word determination by hate and criticism it will grow even stronger just like fire sprinkled with a gasoline.

1062 days ago


I think she's an adorable young lady who was fortunate enough to break through in a major way. I'm happy for her success!

1062 days ago

Florida Gator Killer    

Why do white people hate kids so much.IF your not rapping them your killing them

1062 days ago


Why are you promoting this trash, is it really that slow of a news day TMZ? Anyways, here's an interesting bit of gossip I heard on Nick Cannon's radio show about this skank azz ho. Apparently when she appeared on America's Got Talent he was rolling in a posse and talking down to the other youtube stars who appeared on the show. Nick dished the details to Perez Hilton about how Miss Black acted like an arrogant snob and talked down to the show staff and acted like a diva pig. Typical TMZ.

1062 days ago


if you don't like her or care for her why click to see what it is? like honestly does hurting someone over the internet make you feel better?

1062 days ago


Nobody named any day after this kid. Her music stunk; let her go back and have a childhood.

1062 days ago


Somebody would be grateful if she were to donate her teeth (including jawbones) to some poor accident victim in need of a full-face transplant. No ?

1062 days ago


take it easy, she is just a 9th grader. I graduated from the HS that she went to for 3 days or something and the kids were so mean to her she was pulled out. The high school is full of snobs and spoiled kids who drive BMW's to school. Lets lay off the bullying. I use to be one who would make smart ass comments to the band and to non athletes looking back, its not right. Wish this girl can find some peace.

1062 days ago

Dave G    

this girl is a TOOL!!!!! she needs to go away. far, far, far away!

1061 days ago


I guess I should not hate her for making a terrible song and Video, Its the Industry, Talent is no longer an option to be in the spotlight for a moment. Will it last?

1061 days ago


I guess I should not hate her for making a terrible song and Video, Its the Industry, Talent is no longer an option to be in the spotlight for a moment. Will it last?

1061 days ago


She seems like a nice kid; too bad she can't sing. She should use some of her money for singing lessons. Gotta admit the song is catchy, though.

1061 days ago

some guy    

Hmm, another talentless b*tch in the media. Hey, any of you over the age of 25 remember when being a performer meant having some actual talent? Not an auto tune program and a sh*tty song.

1059 days ago

Endy Imam    

The traffic and lines of Black Fridays are hard enough... before REBECCA BLACK MAKES IT WORSE!!!

1058 days ago
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