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Pauly D

You're in the Army Now!

11/26/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D in the Army
We've seen how Pauly D handles grenades, but now we know he does with a giant machine gun!

The "Jersey Shore" star visited Fort Irwin, CA last week as part of filming for his upcoming reality show. He spent his time running a training course and even firing off a few rounds.

If the whole DJ thing doesn't work out, maybe Pauly can enlist.


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1063 days ago


The loser is too old... and stupid.

1063 days ago


Enlist U.S. military? They cannot take the responsibility for giving this douche bag a weapon. Maybe they could use him as a dummy in the Air Force, for testing catapult seats.

1063 days ago

Joan K    

He is getting too old for this and I doubt they would want his dumb azz.

1063 days ago


The two soldiers next to him are out of uniform. When you are on a firing line or near a weapon firing, everyone needs to be in their proper uniform of eyeglasses, hearing protection, body armor and helmet. And if you are in a rocky area like they are you also need your elbow and knee pads. These soldiers need to realize that wearing your proper gear will save you and your buddies in combat

1063 days ago


Tell that little wanna be Jersey bitch to go in a whole. You have got to be kidding me!! He is WORTHY of standing in the shadow of my husband how IS a soldier!!! None of them are!!! They are a disgrace and don't deserve to wear a uniform that has been worn by so many that have fought and died for.

1063 days ago


He is a disgrace to out country. This should have never been allowed. Our tax dollars paid for this douche to degrade out country by wearing that uniform.

1063 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Pauly Pauly, when you hit your mid 40 or 50's you're,going to look back at all your pics and say oboy what's up with my hair?

1063 days ago


I have lost my respect for the army.idiot.wasting tax payer money on this moron

1063 days ago

Scotty G    

I have worn the uniform for 22 years, and then I see this... They need to get him out of that uniform before I do. Only people who make a real sacrifice for their country get to wear it, not some schmuck using my tax dollars to make more money for hair gel. Shame on the post CDR for letting this BS go on!

1063 days ago


I'm currently serving in the army, and it angers me to see this idiot HANDED the same uniform that I sacrificed and suffered for. Why is the army allowing this POS to play dress up? Someone please inform this waste of skin that if he'd like to wear the uniform, he should raise his right hand and swear to protect this country and the people in it like the rest of us.

1062 days ago

Florida Gator Killer    

This is a travesty,what a way to make a mockery of the military.And the fact they found time to let this loser on a military base is beyond me.Who does he know in the miltary that even get him on a base?

1062 days ago


Now that DADT is repealed, maybe Paulie will think about enlisting.

1062 days ago


Why do people watch this no talent azz hole and the rest on that gross show? If you see yourself in them, you're really in trouble.

1062 days ago


As the wife of a soldier, I will say that they will let ANYONE fire a machine gun. I've done it (with no training), and with the proper paperwork and approval, they let kids as young as 12 do it on family day ranges.

I will say, however, that with all of the product he wears, he probably didn't need a helmet.

Go Pauly! :)

1062 days ago
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