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Herman Cain

Rethinking Presidential Run

11/29/2011 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Herman Cain
Herman Cain told his staff this morning ... he's considering dropping his bid for the presidency -- this according to the National Review.

Cain made the announcement during a conference call this morning, one day after yet another female accuser -- Ginger White -- came forward ... claiming she had a 13-year relationship with the married Republican candidate.

Cain denied the allegations during the conference call, but said, "Obviously, this is cause for reassessment."

There were four other women before White, who accused Cain of sexual harassment -- but Cain said Ginger might be the straw that breaks the camel's back ... claiming, "With this latest one, we have to do an assessment as to whether or not this is going to create too much of a cloud, in some people’s minds, as to whether or not they would be able to support us going forth."

Cain admits he knows White, but had only been trying to help her out financially ... as a friend.


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No Democrat, person, group or otherwise would need to do anything to derail Cain. He poses no threat to any of them, in fact for the Dems it would be a cakewalk election if he were the Repub nominee. Cain never takes responsibility for anything, everyone else is to blame. He makes Palin look credible....This Canadian looks at Cain and just sees slime, slime and more smarmy slime. And to all those that are going to jump on me for being Canadian...I could care less, so save your breath. You political theater looks real stupid to the rest of the world.

1027 days ago


Duh, he didn't have a chance. His wife avoids social situations (we think we're learning the reasons now :) ) But there's no way she could have been a First Lady as she's non-social. C'YA

1027 days ago


It's such a pity that Herman "The Ho" Cain seems to be running scared!!! His latest accuser must really have some "SERIOUS" dirt on his AZZ!!! He should have known his opponents would be "BEATING THE BUSHES" looking for someone who's willing to throw his azz "UNDER THE BUS" for the "RIGHT" price. I don't blame him for wanting to "THROW IN THE TOWEL". This may have been an affair his wife didn't know about and the "INTIMATE", "SORDID" details just may "TORPEDO" his marriage. There's no point in running for President, if your wife decides to "DUMP" you!!! Even the most "devoted" wives have their "BREAKING POINTS"!!!

1027 days ago


What were you thinking years ago. If you were an outstanding husband, man, father and gentleman, you would not be in reports. You look like a Lt Franklin from VT-4,from 1988-1989, Pensacola, Fl. He had your same character. I believe these women. Just admit it and move on. I am not voting for you. True or not. If Lt Franklyn comes forth so will I, and this will go on forever, As a man you should always have respect for a women, one birth you. Now What did you say about the President, Who is looking pathetic now. What you did in the dark came to light. Shame on you. Go sit down and write a book. Why now!

1027 days ago


It is not like he lied where he was born.

1027 days ago


Hard to believe his wife is so naive. Good riddance to Herman Cain, worst liar of 2011!

1027 days ago


Why is everybody all up in arms? Nobody was going to put that country fried fool in the white house anyway.

1027 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Yes Herman....stop the bleeding.....

1027 days ago


Don't quit Cain! You have my vote. Innocent until proven guilty.

1027 days ago


Not surprised...most politicians are cheaters, including Newt G. Read more juicy gossip about the Cain Train @

1027 days ago

His famous 'O.K. Libya' interview. Cain as president?

Imagine this:

Q.: Mr. Cain, the World Trade Center in New York is under attack. An airliner crashed in one of the towers.

Cain: O.K. New York (pushes his water bottle 5 cm forward)... An Airliner - towers - New York, correct?
An Airliner is such a thing that can fly an transports people and such?

Just whant to make sure we are talking about the same thing before i say i'd agree or no i'd not agree.

I'd not agree that an airliner can attack New York for the following reason:
... ermm
no that's a different one (adjusts his tie)... ermmm ..
(moves his chair, turns about 30 degree to the questioner, got his jacket right)

S... i got to go back (to school?) to see ... ahhh got all to stop to turn around in my head (O.K. but already turned your chair, what's in your head that is still left behind... what's in there? Something with a viscosity of water?)

Specifically what are you asking me that i agree or not disagree with New York?
(a double negation might be understood by some people as a affirmation! O.K. yes, go back to school! )

Q.: (realizes that he has to phrase his question in a more simple way...But by trying so, he talks in multi-clause sentences and throws in something
about Bush foreign policy, specific example, Obama administration, controversial within his
own administration, which, unfortunately makes it even harder for Cain to follow this convoluted mess of 'words' )

Cain: (nods in that way like a student does when the professor is focusing him while explaining quantum mechanics )

Here's what i would have done. I would have done a better job of determining who the! (Well, yes boy, do your homework right, before throwing bombs on some people, find out who they are)

And i m sure that our intelligence people had some of that information.
(Yes, that is always important to know, that some people with intelligence might have some information, that's what you helped you through school, and that's what helps
presidents too. Help US Good!)
Based upon, who made that opposition (good point! If you want to know who the opposition is,the answer should be based on who made the opposition)
O.K.???... (...Cain still does not believe that we understand him correctly, and repeats:)
Based upon, who made that opposition. (Ahhh we got it !?, do we???)

What follows now is a incoherent mess of babble in almost complete sentences
which concludes: What's the nature of the opposite? (Based upon, who made that opposition, of course)

God forbid that this tard ever comes near to the White House!

1026 days ago

Jay W.     

Affair or not, Gina White is a low life! So the f... what he helped her financially and she returned the favor with some fun filthy affection. The only thing Cain is guilty of is infidelity (if allegations are true). Gina is a low life s.*****. bag piece of sh.. that waits until now to come forward for her 15 minutes of fame.

1026 days ago

Jay W.     

Also... 13 years Gina? But you don't care for him? You knew he was married. It takes two to tango. This lady needs to rot in hell.

1026 days ago


Cain just drop out before your story turns into a Tiger Woods Scandal..

1026 days ago



1026 days ago
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