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Prince Von Ahole


by Zsa Zsa's Daughter

11/30/2011 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince von Ahole claims he's the victim of a ferocious elbowing attack -- and the alleged elbower is none other than his 64-year-old step daughter ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

TMZ has learned ... von Ahole has filed a police report -- claiming Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter, Francesca Hilton, made like Ludacris and threw some 'bows during an altercation at Prince's Beverly Hills mansion on Sunday.

Prince tells TMZ ... he had originally welcomed Francesca into zee house to see her mom, when she suddenly turned on him and shouted, "Why do you keep her alive for your own personal benefit?!"

That's when Prince claims Francesca got violent -- and fired an elbow into his stomach.

Prince says Francesca left the home and he went straight to zee police to file a report -- and now he hopes cops will launch an investigation into the matter.

TMZ spoke to Francesca's rep ... who claims Prince is "fabricating the story to get media attention."

The rep adds, "This pathetic behavior is just one more publicity stunt on behalf of Von Anhalt at the further cost of a mother/daughter relationship and the legacy of Zsa Zsa Gabor."


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Sadly, I believe him on this one. Francesca is evil.

1061 days ago


Good! It's about time someone put their foot in his ass!

1061 days ago


TMZ is the only "media" that ever runs stories about VonAHole. Even the British tabloids on their slowest news day wouldn't run this story. HL must have the hots for VAH. You could chop his "media whoring" off at the knees but stop running this crap.

1061 days ago


Zsa Zsa's daughter is HOT.

1061 days ago


And he was standing within 1.5 foot of personal space on this lady because...? or is her upper arm longer than that? Seriously. C'mon. There's no love lost there never has been. So why was he in elbow distance of her? If I had a creep that close behind me I'd nail him in the gut with an elbow too.. if my leg was too short to nail his goods with a kick up and backwards. Just saying.

1061 days ago


If the Prince does what Francesca wants him to do & allows Zsa Zsa to die, Francesca will file charges & sue the Prince. She'll claim the Prince was negligent, did not take care of her mother & allowed her to die. She'll sue for Zsa Zsa's entire estate. Francesca is crazy.

1060 days ago

Blue Lake    

Knock off the disrespectful Ahole bit. It wasn't funny the first million times. Fact is, he's been taking care of Zsa Zsa for years and deserves a lot of credit. Grow the eff up, TMZ.

1060 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

That's Zsa Zsa's daughter, ew, she looks liked she just stepped out of a filthy Occupy Beverly Hills tent. Prince Anhalt(he's not a real Prince he dubbed himself Prince) is a clown. Don't know if I like him or not, or what, but he amuses me. His mazzer, fazzer, brozzer German accent is kind of cute, for an alte caca like him. Didn't he have "Arnie" over to his house? I wish I was a fly on that wall, or rather eine Fliege an der Wand.

1060 days ago


I agree TMZ needs to stop the Von Ahole routine. It's childish and stupid and offensive. But I also wonder if Zsa Zsa have any quality of life left. Are they prolonging her death unnecessarily? Does she still have the ability to decide for herself that she wants them to do everything to keep her going? I'm not sure we're doing very sick, very elderly people any good when we continue every possible thing to keep their bodies alive. There comes a point when patients are ready to go and it's up to family members to allow them to pass peacefully.

1060 days ago


Exactly what country is this guy the Prince of? *******vania?

1060 days ago


not a fan of violence of any kind
that being said
I must say
he had to have been right on top of her-
like maybe 6" from her in order for her elbow to have any impact or force at all
far too close
tells me that he probably yelling at her right up in her face or threatening her or lording his control of her mother over her for her elbow to reach him with even a modi*** of force and not just brush him lightly
that tells me she should call a lawyer- head to the cop shop and have him charged with menace threatening her (or whatever applies) and let them know that her elbowing him was in self defence and fear of a menacing/controlling maniac!!
I'd buy that!
she loves her mother so much it must be terrible being so powerless over what this idiot choses to do to prolong her life for no good readon
I'd be livid too in her shoes!

1060 days ago


I for one can't stand the attacks on this poor man. People have ridiculed him and cut him down when they don't know what he goes through each day taking care of his elderly wife. He has been by her side through thick and thin. I think he has shown the public pictures of her to keep her relevant in the public's mind. He does it for her fans. If he was an real A-hole he would be out partying with young women and spending like a drunken sailor. But most of the time he is taking care of a woman that probably doesn't know who he is anymore, which is sad. The daughter needs to just butt out for she is starting to look like a vulture circling the carcass before its time. Why is it that the ones that DO NOT take care of the elderly parent before they die are usually the first one in line with their hand out looking for their share when the parent passes. Disgusting!

1060 days ago


What does she mean by saying he's keeping her alive for his personal benefit? I wasn't aware that euthanasia was allowed for human beings. Am I missing something? Or, are the rich really different than all of us?

1060 days ago


TMZ needs to hire some mature adults. Calling people names means you're a bully. TMZ is a BULLY. They need to take a real good look at themselves. At this point I'd rather read PEREZ....and I think I will from now on. Just lost a reader TMZ.

1060 days ago


That's what you get when you use her mother. btw change your name to KING OF A-HOLES. Cause that's what you are.

1060 days ago
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