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Kim Kardashian

Placed on Australian Immigration

Watch List

12/1/2011 4:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian Australian Visa
Australia might become the first Kim Kardashian-free country on Earth ... after their Immigration Department has reportedly put K.K. on a watch list following three separate visa-related incidents. 

Her most recent trip sparked an inquiry, claims the Daily Telegraph, because her visa application says she was a tourist ... when in fact she was there for a heavily-promoted business appearance.

The paper says the trip caused the Department of Immigration to review past trips ... and found she'd done the same thing in 2007 and 2010.

According to the Telegraph, Kim's future visits will be heavily scrutinized. The Immigration Department, while not commenting directly, told the paper, "If people do breach conditions of their visa, then the department can counsel them or cancel that person's visa."



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LOL. I, a KK basher, suddenly find myself being bashed by other KK bashers, because an earlier comment I made (bashing KK) was mistook by some as a defense of her. Oh my.

1026 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Th Australians were onto her the last time she was there she did not get good press, and when she was interviewed about her "clothing line" they kept asking her about her sham wedding the ho couldn't answer the questions and Khoe kept jumping in trying to get back onto their cheap clothing BS. Then when the public found out she was supposed to be getting 150K to appear at a race track they raised hell about this no body getting so much money so the vitamin company paying her had to say she was getting 75k or less but of course she left Aust and came back to the US. The press in Australia have amusing ways of describing people and things and she sure was the joke of the day there

1026 days ago


TMZ POSTED A STORY, recently, about KK and sister Khloe in Australia promoting their line of handbags. It was, without question, a business trip which Australian Immigration has ample reasons to investigate and perhaps even deny future "visits."

1026 days ago


I hope every country bans her including American I can't stand any of those fame whores and gold diggers. Bruce Jenner looks like wax really FUGLY

1026 days ago

Joan K    

Poor little, I mean big azz Kimmy, Karma is a biotch

1026 days ago


Funny!!!!! U can't stay on top FOREVER!!!!!

1026 days ago


what is new ? this people will NOT leave the tabloids ,we had the spoil boy in DWTS and now the news is that her nasty sis is pregnant? WHOOOOO CARESSSSSSSSSSS one more kid and not even talking about marriage this woman don't even love this guy the way she treats him is absolutely hilarious! he is with her for fame and money he don't even have a job!

1026 days ago

Gsharon 710    

IT is only beginning miz kim. Anyone who does anything to support anything Kardshian will feel the heat. Not only stores with her junk, but those who choose to support a liar who has no idea what marriage is about.

Look out Lion's gate...Tyler PERRY. When fans make you, they can break you. There are many talented decent people out here to use in your movie, but of course, it seems you were using Kim, and you both are washed off many lists across America.

1026 days ago


Evading what??Was she a "tourist" in Dubai,as well?Rather fishy,don't you think? She had plastic surgery to minimize her ethnic features.Khloe is like a pit bull.The nasty mouth on that girl.How does one become that way? Especially someone who was raised in wealth and opulence?She has said dreadful things to and about her mother.Very disrespectful creature-ill bred.

1026 days ago


hope all the countries she travels to follow australia's watch list. wouldn't it be SWEET if one of them arrested her. now that would be a magazine or newspaper i would buy with her picture on it.

1026 days ago


Kim: "I told you to keep me on the front page of TMZ no matter what! Any PR is good PR.
TMZ: "We are doing all we can keep feeding us bogus news and we will keep posting it .... please do not ask us to spell anything correctly OK?"

1026 days ago


Oh Nooooo...My Dingo just ate Kim Kardashian but he was supposed to be on a low fat diet. Oh the humanity.

1026 days ago


The Aussies are seeing the real picture,,this Douchebag is a money grubbing LIAR! Boycott E! Seacrest productions, kardashians and Hiltons

1026 days ago


why can't we do that here?

1026 days ago


say it isnt so kim lied no but she is so pure and angel like.satan was a angel at one time and she is a fat ass liar

1026 days ago
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